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Friday, October 14, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 312 :)

Halloween is Coming…

Gary the Gadget Guy needs help investigating haunted igloos. The most spine-chilling Halloween Party ever is starting Oct. 20. Gary has detected an unusual amount of spookiness. “If my calculations are correct, this will be the BIGGEST and CREEPIEST Halloween yet. Prepare for a ghostly scavenger hunt, monstrous monster contest, and a substantial number of living sleds!”

“For those brave enough to join the hunt, I believe these ghosts are easy to lure out of hiding,” said Gary. “They have a particular weakness for candy!” “If this problem gets any bigger, I may have to set up a ghost catching headquarters. Many igloos seem to be haunted already! Especially the new Trick-or-Treat igloo.” To spook-ify your home, first find the igloo in the Igloo Upgrades catalog. Then decorate with Halloween furniture from the Better Igloos catalog.The ghost hunt, the Igloo Contest, and the CREEPIEST Halloween Party EVER begins Oct. 20! Get Connected: Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Sneak Peek Video!

Get Ready for the Halloween Igloo Contest!

Start decorating your igloo now! The Halloween Igloo Contest opens Oct. 20!

Attention spooky igloo fans!  An Igloo Contest is being held this month, to celebrate the approach of Halloween. Here’s all the info:

When is it? Decorators can submit their igloo design any time between October 20-25. A new Halloween edition of the Better Igloos catalog came out today, to help you get started.

How do I enter? When your igloo is ready for the judges, click   to enter the contest. Don’t change your igloo after you submit it,give the judges a chance to see it!

Any advice from the judges? The judges will be looking for creative designs. Small igloos, big igloos, it doesn’t matter what size. It’s all about creating the spookiest Halloween igloo!

Start saving coins now, and check next week’s newspaper for more contest details.

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now Igloo Upgrades Catalog Prepare for the Halloween Igloo Contest with the new Trick-or-Treat igloo. Igloo Upgrades Catalog CHEATS :) And Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

Starting Oct. 20 Halloween Party Get ready for the BIGGEST and CREEPIEST Halloween Party yet!

Starting Oct. 20 New play at the Stage!  Night of the Living Sled: Live!

Oct. 24: Anniversary Party in the Coffee Shop! Get the rare party hat!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Oct. 19. Fence Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: Oct. 20-Nov. 2

News Flash :)

Thanks to new training, pets are letting their owners know just what they need. Look out for new messages from your puffle! Head to your igloo for a crash course in pet care from the Puffle Handler. PH the Puffle Handler in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
What Halloween costume should I choose? –Jackie O. Lantern

Dear Jackie O. Lantern,
Finding the perfect costume is tricky indeed—especially with so many interesting looks in the Gift Shop. Recently I've spotted some penguins mixing and matching items in curious ways. How about starting with a costume from the Penguin Style catalog, then adding an item from a past party?  The Headless Horseman is particularly frightful. But adding a Squid Lid makes for an exceptionally unusual costume! Why not dress up your puffle too? There are lots of hats in the Pet Shop to choose from. All my puffles have charming pink hats—just like me! Whatever Halloween look you choose, keep an eye out for more items during the party. I hear there will be even more spooky looks to try on!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

It’s…it’s…aliiiiiiive! Night of the Living Sled: Live debuts at the Stage Oct. 20!

Dear Aunt Arctic,
Will there be a new play at the Stage soon?–P. Layfann

Dear P. Layfann,
I’m happy to announce that on Oct. 20, Night of the Living Sled: Live will make its Stage debut! To get you the details on the new play, I spoke with a big fan of the movies, Gary the Gadget Guy. “Night of the Living Sled 1, 2 and 3 are the finest horror films of our time. I am exceedingly excited to see these Halloween classics ‘come to life’ onstage.” “Thankfully the script remains faithful to the originals. I plan to see it as many times as I’ve seen the movies.” There you have it! Be sure to join in the spooky sled action when Night of the Living Sled: Live debuts Oct. 20!

Secrets Classified All About Cadence!

Think you’re in the know when it comes to the island’s most famous dancer? Think again! Check out these little-known facts about Cadence:

  • Cadence’s nickname is DJ K-Dance.
  • She has a purple puffle named Lolz.
  • Cadence loves to be LOUD! Some of her favorite catchphrases include ‘Epic win!’ and ‘Ice cold!’
  • Cadence is friends with Franky from the Penguin Band. They love to collaborate on new DJ3K tracks.

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 311 :)

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