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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 314 :)

Creepy Casting Calling and New Game for Puffles!

Creepy Casting Call!

Join the movie crew on the set of Night of the Living Sled: Live!

Filming of Night of the Living Sled: Live! has begun at the Stage. “Shooting a remake of this cult classic is a  dream come true,” said the movie’s director. “But right now it feels more like a nightmare. My crew keeps running away! In fact, the Living Sled is the only one left on set!”

“The whole crew’s been scared away by the Living Sled,” said the movie’s director. “And there’s still lots of scenes to film!” “To pull this off, we need actors, caterers, make-up artists, hairdressers, extras—a full movie crew!” “If anyone is reading this right now, please audition at the Stage. We need talent!”

New Games for Puffles!

Construction on now! Pufflescape adventures set to begin Nov. 3. Pufflescape is coming! Construction workers are helping puffles build a new game in the Pet Shop. “We’re digging a puffle-shaped tunnel into the underground,” said one worker. “Once we’re done, our puffles can start racing through underground caves! And begin exploring exciting new terrain.” “My puffle can’t wait. I think he can smell all the Puffle O’s down there!” Help with construction now—Pufflescape rolls into the Pet Shop Nov. 3.

Upcoming Events :)

On Now! Scavenger Hunt Catch the candy ghosts on the Halloween scavenger hunt!

Starting Nov. 3 New Game: Pufflescape New adventures for your puffle in the Pet Shop!

Starting Nov. 3 Penguin Style Catalog Calling all sushi chefs! Get your chopsticks in the Gift Shop.

Nov. 3: Halloween igloo winners announced in the newspaper.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Nov. 2.
Next pin hidden: Nov. 3–Nov. 16

News Flash :)

The Halloween Igloo Contest is now closed. Igloos all over the island were splendidly spookified! Judges will announce the winners Nov. 3.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
How do I make music for my igloo? – Dan C.

Dear Dan C.,
If you’re feeling creative, try mixing your own igloo music in DJ3K. To start mixing, first pick a music track. ’Festival’ is a personal favorite. But the new ‘Monster Muzak’ track is sure to appeal to the ghoulish Halloween crowd. Once you’re ready, press the record button. Add some blips and bloops. When you’re happy with the way it sounds, press the stop button. Then simply save your track, give it a name, and head home to your igloo. Your new track will be waiting for you! Just click the measuring tape, then the cassette, to select it. Be sure to invite all your best buddies over for a dance party!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Sensei instructs his student in the art of Card-Jitsu.

Dear Aunt Arctic,
How do I become a ninja? – Nina Ja

Dear Nina Ja,
Those wanting to become a ninja should speak with Sensei in the Dojo. I recently sat down for a chat and a pot of tea with the ninja master. “I welcome new students to study at the Dojo. There, ninjas challenge each other in furious games of Card-Jitsu. And may learn to master the elements.” “Fire melts snow, snow freezes water, water extinguishes fire.” “Ninjas earn belts to show their progress. When ready, challenge me to earn the legendary Ninja Mask.” “Your question has given me much to think on. I must find a way to teach more about this ancient art…”

Secrets Classified All About Rockhopper!

Think you’ve heard everything about the Captain of the Migrator? Think again! Check out these little-known Rockhopper facts.

  • Rockhopper discovered the adventurous red puffle.
  • He likes stinky cheese.
  • He built the Migrator with his bare flippers.
  • He’s afraid of heights!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 313 :)

More soon…

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