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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farm Animals Party :) FUN with Friends :)

THANKS to EVERYONE that came to the Farm Animal Party :) It was so Much FUN to meet you all and Talk, Dance and Play TOGETHER :) Farm Animal Party INVITATION :)

…All Cows to the Barn :)

…The Roosters are HUNGRY and so am I LOL :) Candy Apples to EVERYONE :)

…They are YUMMY :)

…FUN talking with Friends :)


…THANKS to ALL Farmers that helped Feed the Cows, Roosters, Sheep, Dogs, Cats and all other Animals :)

…Time to end this Farm Animal Party and waddle to the Beacon to Send Postcards :)

…To the Beacon :)

…Sadly I had the Postcard BUG so I couldn't send Postcards this Time! BUGS ARE NOT COOL!

…Sorry Friends I really wish Club Penguin could fix all the BUGS! As you wish I will open my Igloo instead…


…My Puffles and I are so HAPPY that you could come :) Help yourself to Ice-Cream, Candy Apples and Yummy Blueberry Jam :)

…Then we had FUN TOGETHER at The GREAT Puffle Circus :)

…This Unicycle TOGETHER Trick is very Hard and almost impossible to do without falling off BUT we did it! GREAT WORK EVERYONE…LOL :)

…Time for next Room but first I will change outfit…There! Thanks for waiting :)

…Time for a Yummy Hot Chocolate Treat :) I LOVE the Yellow Car Table :)

…Let’s make the Snow Cone Pin :) And a BIG THANKS to EVERYONE that entertained us all with different kinds of Circus Acts :)

…THANKS Mayaal this is the BEST Milkshake I EVER Tasted :)

…AND the YUMMIEST Ice Cream, Snow Cones, Cotton Candy and Popcorn too :) THANKS EVERYONE :)

…THANKS for all the FUN Friends :) See you all another time in Club Penguin :) Waddle on :)

Club Penguin Fair Party CHEATS 2011 :)

Under this label you will find MORE FUN with Friends :)


Eugenia said...

Hey Saraapril i found a bug on club penguin... it's a white screen bug i had it yesterday and now i still can't go on club penguin!!! <:(

Jessied24 said...

hey that's me going SMILE! in the second picture!

Colorbird10 said...

I can see myself in the first picture! Colorbird10!!!

Peanut Butter Jelly Guy said...

Some of the bugs make it harder to party but still the party was great and I had very good time. I hope you will make another party for Club Penguin Anniversary Party, and until then I hope Club Penguin will going to release the new Buddy System with (Almost) unlimited friends. Waddle on!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the party
i am in the picture there are little group of penguins doing smile :)

Coolgirl670 said...

I'm sorry i couldnt go to your party.


juanito29434 said...

i love the party u trow and im in the pictures.i wish u sent a postcard

mariocrossing1CP said...

I am on one of the pictures! :)

Sam98783 said...

I see myself XD! I had alot of fun but lost you after the puffle circus.
Then i had to go so i was only there fore about two thirds of the party. I wish we could have shared postcards! I am also friends with Gammer6 :)

mariocrossing1CP said...

By the way, can I use one of your pictures? I gave a link to this post.

Saraapril said...

@mariocrossing1CP Thanks for asking :) Yes you can :)

Piglet254 said...

I had to leave when you went to the beacon. I really wished I could of seen your igloo. :( -Piglet254

Bram Akker said...

i do moon smile in the last pic of your igloo :) Saraapril, your the best ever. i wish there was a saraapril background... LOL :)

Greetz, Bram Akker

Smiley34710 said...

Really sorry I couldn't go Saraapril! :( But I WILL come next time, as long as it's a good time...


Indy 4321 said...

I wish I was there, but because I am in Australia it would have been very early in the morning. I hope you had fun friend :)

Superqamicp said...

I was superqami i saw ya

Superqamicp said...

i am in one of your pictures too! the one with green hat and green duck and green colour

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