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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have Server Hopping to Find Gary and when I FINALLY Found Him in Server Big Surf I got the Friend List BUG and couldn't add him! This is so NOT FUN!!! Somewhere in this Crowd is Gary BUT due to the Brilliant idea from Club Penguin to REMOVE the AWESOME Users in Room Feature it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find Gary and click on him!

…and due to the Notification FAILURE System I kept get Spammed with Notifications and Stuck in the Room!

…I found Gary the Gadget Guy again in the Haunted Mansion and I managed to click on him BUT when I clicked on the Add Friend Icon NOTHING HAPPENED!


Add Gary as Friend BUG, Saraapril

…And the Chat System didn't work EITHER! I was STUCK!

…I searched for Uncle Gary…

…and found him :) BUT I still couldn't send him a Friends Request!

…He were busy with his Experiments…

…I had the same problem in the Monster room!


…Whany gave me the advice to Log off and then Login again…Thanks Friend BUT if I do that Gary will be GONE LONG Before I can Login again OR the Server OR Room will be FULL!!! And it’s still NO GUARANTEE that the BUG will be Gone! Bye Uncle G this was NOT FUN!

…CONGRATS Disney Club Penguin! When you added the New BUG FILLED Friends List and Chat Features you managed to RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!

For MORE Bugs and Fact about these NEW BUG FILLED Features see this Post New Chat and New Friends VIDEO by Billybob!

UPDATE: I emailed Club Penguin about these problems and this is what they answered:

I'm sorry to hear that you were unable to add Gary to your buddy list. Although we would love to add him to your list, we currently do not have access to buddy lists and are unable to add specific penguins to buddy lists. I would like to assure you, we are currently working extremely hard to fix the loading problems that have resulted on Club Penguin with the integration of new content and we hope to have this fixed soon.

Kind regards,
Club Penguin Support

Thanks for the answer Matthew but I’m still SAD!

UPDATE: I can’t add Gary SOLUTION :)


Mr Pokenom said...

That's EXACTLY What Happened To Me When I Found Aunt Arctic!! It Was SOO ANNOYING BTW I Was Trying to Get Her BG!!! :O But I Went On A Different Computer And It Worked! :D You Should Try THAT! :D
-Mr Pokenom

cute kirby22 said...

sara can i meet you in cp
server berg

cute kirby22 said...

can i can i meet you in cp?

cute kirby22 said...

in snow forts

Peanut Butter Jelly Guy said...

I met Gary yesterday and I added him to my friend list and now he is on my friend list. Sadly, most of the times my friend list says he is offline and once I stood right next to him and it still said offline, and when he is online most of the times I can't see the place and he is in another server and not mine.

Anonymous said...

I tried three times every way I could think of and could not add Gary. Very frustrating! I think because the room is so crowded. When I go on a low server my friends list works. Maybe I will try a different computer next time.

Anonymous said...

there is a bug show everyone members!
its annoying because you cant know if you can go to members places or not

Anonymous said...

saraapril this happend to me too exept there was a crowd around gary so i typed in his name and it said you must meet g to add him i was sooo mad

Fishandfries said...

Call Club Penguin, not e-mail, CALL. I think they open in 2 or 3 hours. They can be VERY helpfull sometimes.

Anev4e said...

Saraapril please add me! I'm Anev4e.

Fishandfries said...

I just remembered! I tried adding Gary, but it never said anything like "Would you like to send Gary a friend request?" so I thought I never added him, but when I looked he was on my list. Try looking. He will be at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

I think there will be many hiccups as Billybob calls it. It's getting better though.

Winthrope said...

It works I added him you probably need to clear your cache.

Unknown said...

WHAT THEY REMOVED THE USERS IN ROOM THING? im going to send cp an email...

Anonymous said...

i'll send you a friend request after club penguin fixes all these bugs. i can't even log in!!

Jewelbird said...

Hey saraapril

Could i meet you on cp?
Server: bobsled
Room: snow forts

Hope to meet you!


Jewelbird said...

Oh btw new beta team games

Puffle Owner said...

I emailed Club Penguin and quickly got a response:

Thanks for sending us your feedback about the new buddy system on Club Penguin.
I definitely agree that the 'Users in Room' option was really helpful and I can understand how you might want to see it brought back! I will be passing your feedback along for consideration but I can not guarantee that this feature will be re-released.
As for adding Gary, he will be online until the party ends on November 2nd so you might have an opportunity to meet him again. If you are able to click on him, you can add him as a friend and get his background!
I hope you will write us back if you have any other suggestions or concerns. We are always glad to help!
Club Penguin Support

Hopefully the list will be back soon!

Indy 4321 said...

That happened to me too! I tried to add him but it didn't work! I also couldn't get his background or Aunt Arctic's background either! This is not fun "BUG Penguin"
Best Fishes - Indy 4321

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