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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I met Aunt Arctic in Abominable :)

HURRAY! I met my Aunt Arctic Again :) She was very CROWDED BUT this time I could talk to her and give her a Flower  :)

…EVERYONE talked at the same time…LOL :) Puffles and Hearts for Aunt Arctic :) My computer was so slow that I couldn't follow her to the Book Room BUT it doesn't matter I know there are TONS of other Penguins up there that will be so HAPPY to meet her :)

…I have Decorated my Stamp Book in Honor of my Aunt Arctic :) This is how it looks like :) A Flower as she LOVE Flowers :) The 150 issue of Club Penguin Times Pin :) Hot Chocolate to drink for her Sweet tooth :) A Puffle to represent ALL her furry Friends :) And a Compass to Thank her for always Guiding and Helping us :)

Aunt Arctic Stamp and NEW Background :)

Club Penguin 6th Anniversary CHEATS :)


64penguin2 said...

I met Aunt On Zipline!

slidey78356 said...

hello saraapril,
i met Aunt Artic but it did not let me get her background so now i have her stamp but now im backgroundless i pressed it many times and also all the penguins i was with didnt get it ethier ive been looking to contact support but you cant mobile link has taken over the help so i cant contact them can you please tell me where to find the help button if s thankyou


1w34e said...

Hi Saraapril. Congratiulations On Meeting Aunt Arctic. I Think It Was Really Kind Of You To Make A Pretty StampBook Cover For Her, Decorated With All Different Symbols That Represent Her, It Was Very Creative. She Is So Lucky To Have Someone As Kind As You. I'm So Glad She Released A New Background And Stamp, I Better Get Tracking! Good Luck Finding Her Again And I'll Hopefully See You Soon In Club Penguin. From Your Friend 1w34e :)

Azerty15 said...

Hey saraapril i got some TIPs for how to find aunt artic :)

first of all u must start playing club penguin in de early morning when lots of server are with 1 BAR filled and then u must join a server with 3 or more bars and i just waited for here and then she came in zipline =D and abonimable ( i met here twice this morning :) )and i had login problems :(

Hyperace said...

nice stamp book cover! each thing represents something she does!

Peanut Butter Jelly Guy said...

You are so lucky, I just got home for school and now I will track Aunt Arctic with friends.

Saraapril said...

Hi slidey78356 I'm Sorry to hear that you and other Penguins didn't get the Background! You can email Club Penguin here: Club Penguin Email

Anonymous said...

Please help me to find her! :(


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