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Monday, October 24, 2011

I met Aunt Arctic in Belly Slide :)

I met Aunt Arctic in Server Belly Slide and then my Screen FROZE! I had to log off and login again and Luckily she was still there :) TOGETHER we had so Much FUN guessing who the Penguin she described is :) Rockhopper :)

…Cadence :)

…A few of us followed Aunt Arctic to the Book Room :) This Book Room is like a gallery and the Best thing about this room is all of you :)

…Aunt Arctic made sure that we didn't miss to pick up her NEW Background and then she told us how Special this Party is as it’s Club Penguin’s 6th Anniversary TODAY :)

…Then Aunt A asked if she could interview us :) Sure you can Aunt Arctic I’m HAPPY to answer your questions :)

Aunt A: What do you think about the Yearbook?

Saraapril: I LOVE the Yearbooks with Club Penguin History and I LOVE the Pretty PINK Book cover it has this Year :) Club Penguin Yearbook 2010 – 2011 :)

Aunt Arctic: Did you try some cake?

Saraapril: Yes but only a tiny bit as it looks so Halloween disgusting! Club Penguin 6th Anniversary CAKE :)

Aunt Arctic: Wonderful! Answers :) What would you change about the Party for next time?

Saraapril: First I would like a Prettier Cake decorated in PINK and Green :) Then at the Town I would like to have Fireworks that spelled out HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and Glitter rain and Confetti both at the Town and inside the Coffee Shop :) I think the Music should be HAPPY and upbeat and a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Igloo shaped as a Cake and a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Banner and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Balloons and Glitter Rain to decorate the Igloo with and an Anniversary Pin :) And then I would LOVE to have Anniversary Hats for ALL my 20 Puffles so we ALL could Celebrate TOGETHER :)

Aunt Arctic: A wonderful suggestion :)

…Then she asked if we enjoy the newspaper? Yes I do Aunt Arctic I LOVE all the info in Club Penguin Times BUT I think it is annoying to have to scroll to read it!

…Suddenly Aunt Arctic disappeared without saying Goodbye! She would NEVER do something rude like that so she must have got the same BUG I got earlier! I had just Twittered to tell EVERYONE where to find Aunt Arctic and I feel so Sorry that this Bug Happened BUT don't get sad I will find Aunt Arctic again and Twitter where she is so you ALL get a chance to meet her :)

Aunt Arctic Stamp and NEW Background :)

I met Aunt Arctic in Abominable :)

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: I met Aunt Arctic in Server Berg :)


Borisko99 said...

I never met Aunt Arctic. I Tracked her for a whole day and I2ve got nothing :( happy for you!

Sheesh4 said...

Awesome, Saraapril! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with Aunt Arctic! And yes, Aunt Arctic would NEVER disappear rudely, so I also think that she got some type of "lost connection" bug. :)

Aunt Arctic said...

Thanks for the interview Saraapril! :) It was a pleasure.

From Aunt Arctic

Saraapril said...

You Welcome Aunt Arctic :) It was so Much FUN to talk to you again :) I'm ALWAYS HAPPY to answer your Question :) Waddle On and HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY to you and Club Penguin :)

Anonymous said...

saraapril can u help me find aunt arctic? i ask penguins i server hop and everything and i get nothing! you're really lucky :( ~Millie 8451

Fruitystar14 said...

I'm sure Aunt Arctic enjoyed interviewing you because you have lots a good things about you :)


P.S I wish I was there to tell Aunt Arctic my Answers but It can still happen :)

Cloroxclean said...

Lucky, Saraapril I met her twice but every time I saw her I got a bug to where I couldn't get her background. I told CP but they didn't do anything. :(


Agua1 said...

Hey sara1 I know this is a bit old but how do you meet a mascot with not a lot of people crowding him or her.... I have been trying to do that but they are always crowded any suggestions? Thanks! agua1

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