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Monday, October 24, 2011

I met Aunt Arctic in Server Berg :)

As soon as I found Aunt Arctic I sent a Twitter Message to help ALL Penguins to meet her :) Aunt Arctic is so kind and asked if we get our 6th Anniversary Party Hats :) How to get the 6th Anniversary Hat CHEATS :)

…I’m so HAPPY to meet you again Aunt Arctic :)

…We waddled up to the Book Room to look at the Yearbook :)

…and to Talk and drink tea TOGETHER :)

…She asked us many Questions and we answered and asked HER Questions too :)

…Aunt Arctic’s Favorite Games are Find Four and Mancala :)

…Aunt Arctic had to go as it’s so MANY Penguins that want to meet her on this Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party :) Well friends I’ll be heading off for now take care everyone I enjoyed myself very much Have a Happy Holiday :)

…Bye Aunt Arctic THANKS for coming to the Anniversary Party and Celebrating TOGETHER with us :) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Club Penguin :)

…I’m so HAPPY that some of my Friends got here in time to meet Aunt Arctic too :) If I can send Postcards? Yes :) Please stand so I can click on you and remember that I can’t see you while sending Postcards…

…This is the Postcard I choose to send as Club Penguin didn't made an Anniversary Card this Year BUT Today is Club Penguins BIRTHDAY so I think this card is suitable :)

…I tried to send Postcard to everyone that asked but some of you had More then 49 Postcards in your Mailbox so therefore I couldn't send one to you…

…WOW! EVERYONE of you want a Postcard? I think I need to earn MORE Coins to afford this…LOL :)

…I took a Screenshot there EVERYONE is quiet so you easier can see your and other Penguins that were here :)

…THANKS for the FUN EVERYONE :) Waddle on and see you again another Time in Club Penguin :)

Aunt Arctic Stamp and NEW Background :)

I met Aunt Arctic in Abominable :)

I met Aunt Arctic in Belly Slide :)

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin :)


Colorbird10 said...

LUCKY! :( I never found her and still searching

Anonymous said...

how do you find her like that your really good at tracking i have found aunt arctic also but only once


Icequix said...

HI saraapril, this time i just wanted to say hi, and ask you a question, when is gary comming?,i know he is comming during this party but, he is LATE, anyway, i love this anniversary party hat its very diferent from the others, i think you already know, waddle on :)

Saraapril said...

Hi Ned167 :) I Server Hopping to Track Aunt Arctic and other Famous Characters:)

Dorian1453 said...

Hey Saraapril I'm not sure if you've seen this or not but at the Cove every 5 minutes I think there's a sea monster that can be seen in the water. :)


icequix said...

hello saraapril again, this time i have another bug to post, i just love aunt arctic's background, i love every detail, but a star at the top left of my BG, mmm, this actally a bug you should check it out also all the frame is werid, like in the wrong place, its not to important but i hope club penguin fixs it, and her BG would look prettier, good bye and waddle on!!! ( you cant notice it because your member medal :), but i did because i saw a nonmembers player card, but still the BG is in the wrong place)

BbobbyBlue said...

Last night on Avalanche in the coffee shop and then she moved to the book room and drank tea. Everyone was so excited and giving her ideas for the newspaper.
She said she hasn't interviewed Klutzy yet, but was looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

i met aunt artic today

Raspberry950 said...

Hi Saraapril, have you met all the famous penguins and got their stamps? Because I read all your posts of meeting famous penguins and try to do what you do to find them, but it fails.

Waddle On :)


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