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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Puffle Catalog CHEATS :)

The Puffle Catalog is updated with PUFFLE HATS and a NEW NAME :) You find the Catalog here inside the Pet Shop :)

FOOD :) Stock up on tasty treats for your Puffle. Head to your igloo to find out what snacks your pet likes best! Bunch of 5 carrots 20 coins, Bunch of 10 Carrots 40 coins, Pack of Puffle O’s 200 coins, Box of Pizza 40 coins, 2 Boxes of Pizza 80 coins and 3 Boxes of Pizza 120 coins :) ALL Penguins can buy Food for their Puffles and non Member Free Playing Penguins can buy Super Toys for the Puffles they have Adopted :)

…Pack of Bubble Gum 50 coins, Box of Cookies 100 coins, Double Dish 80 coins and Water Bottle 50 coins :) Bedzzz :) Give your Pet a soft area to snooze. They’ll find sweet dremzzz in these bedzzz :) Brown Bed 250 coins, Yellow Bed 250 coins, Red Bed 250 coins, Blue Bed 250 coins, Purple Bed 250 coins, Pink Bed 250 coins, Orange Bed 250 coins and Green Bed 250 coins :)

…White Bed 250 coins and Grey Bed 250 coins :)

…Water Dish 50 coins :)

Puffle Hats :) Help your Puffle express its unique personality with a stylish hat! Sombrero 200 coins, Pirate Hat 200 coins, Princess Cap 200 coins, Candy Cane Cap 200 coins and Propeller Cap 200 coins :)

…Tiara 200 coins, Headphones 200 coins, Gear Hat 200 coins, Jester Hat 200 coins and Crown 200 coins :)

Toys :) This furniture will inspire your Puffle to play! Running Wheel 150 coins, Puffle Washer 450 coins, Salon Chair 400 coins, Large Scratching Post 250 coins and Puffle Igloo 400 coins :)

…Mouse over this Page to find the Hidden Secret Puffle Condo 280 coins :)

Super Toys :) Treat your Puffle to a Special Toy! Important: Each Puffle species will only play with its own Toy. To Play, drag each Toy to Your Puffle :) Red Puffle’s Cannon 200 coins, Blue Puffle’s Bouncy Ball 200 coins, Green Puffle’s Propeller Cap 200 coins, Purple Puffle’s Disco Ball 200 coins and Yellow Puffle’s Director’s Chair and Camera 200 coins :)

…Black Puffle’s Hot Sause 200 coins, White Puffle’s Skate 200 coins, PINK Puffle’s Trampoline 200 coins, Brown Puffle’s Rocket 200 coins and Orange Puffle’s Wagon 200 coins :)

Houses :) Give your Puffle a comfy spot to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy Igloo :) Orange House 500 coins, Green House 500 coins, Purple House 500 coins, Yellow House 500 coins, Brown House 500 coins, Blue House 500 coins and Pink House 500 coins :)

…White House 500 coins, Red House 500 coins and Grey House 500 coins :)

…The End :)

…The earlier Puffle Catalog were called Pet Furniture Love your Pet :)

How to add a Puffle Hat on my Puffle?

Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo :)

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