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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

Welcome Everyone :) The Card-Jitsu Party is here and so far it has been a BUG PARTY! Hopefully Club Penguin can get a grip soon and fix the problems and do the work they should have done BEFORE releasing it! On the Map you will find a Card-Jitsu tag! Click on it and…

…These are the Snow Forts On our left you'll see the gate to the Fire Dojo on our right is the Water Dojo gate During the party both Dojos are open for everyone!  Straight ahead is the Stadium Lets put on ninja suits and head to battle! How to Play Card-Jitsu FIRE :) How to Play Card-Jitsu WATER :)

…I like that Card-Jitsu Mats are placed around Club Penguin so we easy can play the Original Card-Jitsu Game and the little Animation  that is added before every Game is so COOL!

…If you click on the Notes at the Water Ninja Stone or Fire Ninja Stone you will get this message: All Access Battle Pass! Card-Jitsu EVERYONE is invited to Play Card-Jitsu Fire and Water until the Party ends. Card-Jitsu All Access ends December 6, 2011. A Membership will be required to play. I have got this Message sometimes when I logged in too…

…Welcome to the Stadium It's been transformed into a huge Card Jitsu arena!

…Let's choose a side and join the match :) This is a FUN Place to work TOGETHER :) If many Penguins play in this room the sign with most Penguins on will be Fired :)

…This is the Beach! Home of the Lighthouse It's a great place to relax in the sun Once we're ready to get back to the ninja action we can head through that archway…

…Welcome to the Dock We can play a game of Hydro Hopper or head to the Fire Dojo It's open to all ninjas during the party! ALERT! The Fire Gate you see in this Picture is not the way to the Fire Dojo! That’s the Ninja Headquarters…

…Follow me to…Oops! Nothing here…LOL :)

…This is the Ninja Headquarters! Membership Required to enter NEW Dojo! Water Ninjas aim for blue targets! Fire Ninjas aim for red! When we've won our prize we can celebrate with a cup of tea or a delicious fish fresh from the grill :) Ninja Training Plates Special dance ANIMATED :) Throw some Snowballs at the Ninja dummies too for FUN :)

…Here's the Town! Looks like some Fire Ninjas have decorated it! We could go to the Coffee Shop for a hot drink or start a ninja dance-off in the Night Club! Need some ninja gear? We can get some at the Gift Shop next door…

…No Decorations in here but…Welcome to the Gift Shop! Let's grab some ninja gear and try to blend in Hey that coat rack looks like a good hiding spot Ninjas vanish! Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

…This is the Coffee Shop Right now it looks like a tea shop! We can play a game of Bean Counters or ring the gong for service A green tea latte please!

…If you wear an Apron and then Dance you can serve at the Tables :) Coffee Apron :)

…Old Ice Cream Apron :)

…Pizza Chef Apron :) If you want you can wear the Chefs Hat too :)

…Baker Apron :)

…Popcorn Tray :)

…Here's the Night Club We can start a ninja dance-off test our skills at DJ3K or head upstairs to the Arcade!

…This is the second floor of the Night Club Check out the neon lights! Here you can play your favorite arcade games like Thin Ice, Bits & Bolts, d Astro Barrier! Look at the Fire Sign Through the Floor :)

…This is the Plaza! Let's check out puffles in the Pet Shop, join the shadow creatures on the Stage or grab some sushi at the Pizza Parlor :)

…Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing Battle of the Ancient Shadows! Old rivals meet again! Pick a costume from the trunk and join the fun :) Battle of the Ancient Shadows CHEATS :)

…This is the Pizza Parlor Or should I say sushi restaurant?! We can play Pizzatron 3000 or grab a seat for some sushi Waiter! An order of squid rolls please :)

…You can serve at the Tables in here too :) Old Ice Cream Apron :)

…Coffee Apron :)

…Baker Apron :)

…Pizza Apron :)

…Popcorn Tray :)

…and BUG Apron!

…Welcome to the Forest Ahh it's so relaxing here Let's sit by the stream for a while then check out the Ninja Headquarters. I LOVE the Serene Music at this Party :)

…Here we are at the Cove! Let's pour some tea under the cherry blossoms then Catch A Wave at the surf shack :) This room is like a Dream come TRUE! I think I will spend LOTS of time here watching the pretty cherry blossom petals flying around in the gentle breeze and…

…enjoying the sighting of the Pretty Fishes :)

…This is the Courtyard. It was covered in snow for many moons! Enter the Dojo and take the path of the Ninja. Look at the New Signs Sensei have added over the Ninja Hideout Dorr :) ALL Penguins can Enter the Secret Ninja Hideout during the Party even if you not are a Ninja Yet! Talk to Sensei about Card-Jitsu :) Tips: Click on the Fire or Water sign three times to go directly to the Dojos :) Detail: The Cloud over the Waterfall is GONE!

…Here we are in the Dojo We can become ninjas by playing Card Jitsu To earn our belts we need to train Only the dedicated will succeed so let's get started! Ninja Shadows at Dojo ANIMATED :)

…Welcome to the Ninja Hideout! During the Card Jitsu Party Fire and Water Dojos are open to all ninjas! Let's head inside grasshopper…

…BUT first I want to show that this BUG is FIXED :) Earn your Belts :)

…Welcome to the Fire Dojo atop the Volcano! Here ninjas learn to master the element of fire, by playing Card-Jitsu Fire! Talk to Sensei over there to learn more!

…Welcome to the Water Dojo. At the Waterfall you can earn your Water Suit. Only the most powerful ninjas will succeed!

…That’s was Almost ALL! But don’t leave yet I still have some things to show you :) Safe Messages:

Card-Jitsu Party
Let's grill the fish!
Sushi please!
Ninja training in my igloo!
Want to battle?
Let's meet at the Dojo
Aim for the blue targets!
Aim for the red targets!
Noodles here!
Ring the gong!
Hi Sensei!


…and Jokes :)

What did the ninja say when he saw a volcano? Holy smoke
Why did Sensei jump in the lake? Because he wanted to test the waters!
What goes up when rain comes down? Umbrellas!
What part of Sensei disappears when he stands up? His lap!
What's as big as Sensei but doesn't weigh anything? His shadow!
What did the Fire Ninja say to the volcano Have a lava-ly day!
What is the best kind of water to dance on Tap water!
Why did the ninja pour water over Sensei? He wanted to make a big splash!

…Thanks for taking this Card-Jitsu Party Tour :) Have FUN and Remember TOGETHER we can Change the Weather!

…AND let’s hope this doesn’t end up in another Club Penguin Environment Catastrophe! Here you can take a waddle down Memory Lane and read more Climate Change – What have you done Sensei?

Party Stamps to Earn: Happy Room :) Snack Shack, Explorer, Target Champion and Sensei :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Much MORE info Here Card-Jitsu Party is HERE CHEATS :)


Piglet254 said...

Sara, you can also serve popcorn too! -Piglet254

Disney175 said...

Saraapril, I like it how you said "BUG apron" It's really funny but it is a bug.


Saraapril said...

THANKS Piglet254 :) I have added Pictures of that :)

Nate1629_1 said...

I like how you serve food! I like it when you actually serve pizza on the table! I have to try it. :)

Coolgirl670 said...



Superqamicp said...

I saw u at Server Snow Forts u were havving fun with your friends

Cloroxclean said...

In the Comic Maker you can see PH's new look. You see the entire outfit.I thought I would let you know.


Jazz Spitter said...

Do you think that nons will get to keep the ninja suits after the party, provided they have all the pieces?

Jazz Spitter said...

There is a shadowy figure behind Sensei in the home screen. Could that be a Shadow or Snow ninja?

Anonymous said...

Saraapril, wheres the pin?
I can't see it at the snow forts anymore.

Bro said...

Saraapril, have you met sensei yet? I have! :D

SUmmer said...

Hi Sara, great blog!
Please, could you help me? I don't know how to get the Snack Shack stamp in this party. Could it be because I only have the ice-cream appron? I've standed on the fish carts and served (with the emoticon too) but it didn't work :\

Also I've searched for the pin but it disappeared :S

Thanks so much for your help!

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