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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Card-Jitsu Party BUG INFESTED!

The Disney Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party is a Shameful Bug infested event that once again show that Club Penguin totally has lost control over their own Online Game! Login BUG! Blue Screen BUG! Password BUG! Frozen in the Game BUG! Connection was lost when you enter a room BUG! Connection was lost when you Play BUG! Club Penguin Login BUG!

…TONS of Music Bugs! The Haunted House Music is Played in the New Dojo for Water Ninjas and Fire Ninjas and when you enter the Room it is called the Haunted House! And due to the connection BUGS I LOST the Fire Training Plates item I earned!

…When I try to read the Newspaper I got STUCK in the now so Familiar Forever Loading BUG and must Log off! And then I have to deal with ALL the Login Bugs AGAIN!

…SHAME ON YOU DISNEY CLUB PENGUIN for releasing ANOTHER BUG FILLED EVENT and with that RUIN all the EXCITEMENT I had for this Party! MORE BUGS will surly be added here…

UPDATE: MORE BUGS! In All Dojo Card-Jitsu Mats have this Tool Tip BUG! **** Thanks Vongxm for telling me about this Card-Jitsu Mat BUG!

…and the NEW Play at the Stage Battle of the Ancient Shadows is BUG FILLED TOO!

…When battle in the Stadium the Fish will ONLY send away Snowballs no matter what sign you standing on!

…And The Migrator is visible in the Beacon Telescope! Thanks Toby7237 for telling me about that :) I wonder if this is a Bug? It’s a little EARLY for Christmas Holiday Decorations…I wonder what BUGS The Christmas Party and Rockhopper’s Coins for Change will have?

UPDATE: Ninja Training Plates Special Dance BUG!

By the Way the EPF Assignment is still not here! BUG! And the Home Page is NOT Updated with the Ninja Party as it were in the Commercial Video…another BUG!

And in this Post Membership Required to Enter NEW Dojo! You will find ANOTHER BUG!

UPDATE: The Newspaper Bug is Fixed and so are the Stadium Bug and some Music Bugs! I guess Club Penguin works on cleaning up the MESS they created!

UPDATE: The Newest Ice Cream Apron doesn't work at the Coffee Shop Tables! BUT the OLD Apron Works! GREAT the Apron the MOST Penguin will have has a BUG!

UPDATE: The Blue Fish Pin is GONE! It should be here at the Snow Forts! Thanks Blue92713 for telling me that :)

UPDATE: In the Club Penguin Times issue 316 we can read: Starting November 24, Martial Artworks Catalog Card-Jitsu battles…In your own Igloo! BUT The catalog is NOT Updated!

UPDATE: Gary is Online! BUG! And as ALWAYS the Notification slows down and lag my Computer!

UPDATE: Someone forgot to add color to the Flames in the Fire Helmet on the Card-Jitsu Party Login Background! Thanks Icequix for noticing that you have a GREAT eye for details :)

UPDATE: If you click on Pets or Puffle games on the Map the Pufflescape icon is BLUE instead of Purple…BUG!

UPDATE: I can’t Login to Club Penguin!

Blue BUG in Server Sleet!

I met Sensei in Big Snow and BUGS!

ALL Penguins have NOT got the Field-Ops 57 EPF CHEATS!

We STILL have the Halloween Music in Pet Shop BUG Nov 27, 2011!

I met Sensei BUG in Big Snow AGAIN!

I met Sensei BUG in Blizzard!

Where is the Field-Ops? BUG!

I met Sensei BUG in Beanie!

Puffle Quiz BUG!

Payday in Club Penguin December 1, 2011 :)

FINALLY Field-Op 57 BUG is Fixed :)

Field-Ops 58 EPF CHEATS :)

Rockhopper on his way OR…

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Spy Phone message from Rookie!

Littletias Playing Card-Jitsu :) BUGS!

Santa Beard BUG!

Card-Jitsu Mat Animation BUG!

Weathered Path BUG!

Card-Jitsu 1 days Left BUG!

Ignore List MAJOR BUG!

See Ignored Penguins talking BUG!

Ignore List Stage and Sled Race BUGS!

Club Penguin Countdown BUG!

Why did Club Penguin Lose the BAFTA Awards 2011?

Ninja TOTALLY Vanish BUG!

Field-Ops BUG!

Card-Jitsu Mat for SALE :) BUG!

FUN with Friends :) And BUGS!


Liviibobs said...


Echo006 said...

I found a few bugs, I lost connection then server timeout and when you go into the Dojo room it will say Loading Haunted House that is why it has the music

Fairycl said...

Dear Saraapril and friends,
this bug is driving me crazy and i havent been able to see the card-jitsu party at all! IM GOING CRAZY IN SAD AND MADNESS!
Peace out from Fairycl

Superqamicp said...

I think CP wants us to quit

Dragonben10 ♥ said...

Mine is going ok now. Before it was driving me insane!!

Anonymous said...

When you use the fire headband and suit, you can flip and do a ninja pose! If only my clothes and username didnt dissapear when I did it....


Anonymous said...

BUG!! the pet shop has halloween music!

Anonymous said...

The pet shop now has the halloween music!

BenKaz said...


Anonymous said...

Saraapril, the bug about Rockhopper's ship, The Migrator, has been fixed. Look in the telescope and see for your self.

Anonymous said...

New Bug -.-

My inventory is empty. I have no coins and some stamps are missing and my penguin is over 15000 days old -.-
I hope that CP will fix all the annoying bugs soon.

Anonymous said...

What about the pet shop music bug???? At the pet shop, its the halloween music!!!!

From, Bluerules115

Annas said...

When I play there is a white screen where the dock should be! I can see my penguin and other peoples penguins. I can use the map and everything else, but I can't play hydro hopper or go to the town, dock, and beach. When I want to leave the room I have to use the map. Also some of the clothes just bought disappeared! I got all 5 shirts in all the colors from the build your own t shirt pages of the penguin fashion catalog. All of them are gone but 1 and buying all of them took a while.

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