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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Club Penguin Weekly BUGS!

Club Penguin has as always managed to create BUGS while Updating! My Friends List is Gone AGAIN and…

…so are the Friends in my Mail Catalog! This is so BORING! Will Disney Club Penguin EVER learn to Update without creating BUGS?

…add to this ALL the other Bugs that still are not Fixed in Club Penguin! And on top of that the Daily Problems to Connect, the Disconnect Bugs and the stupid Frozen and lagging Bugs…Please Club Penguin get a grip BEFORE you totally ruin your own Game!

Club Penguin BUGS!

More Bugs will probably be added soon…sigh…

UPDATE: MORE Bugs Found! (Is ANYONE Surprised?) In the NEW Better Igloos Furniture Catalog  we can create our OWN Furniture OR…You have found a (an) undefined Would you like to pick it up? For FREE? Thank you so Much! Yes Please :) BUT…

…instead of getting a piece of Furniture you will get STUCK in a FOREVER LOADING BUG and you must Log off…Thanks Funnybum554 for telling me about this Bug :) REALLY Club Penguin? This OLD Bug AGAIN? Sigh…starting to sing a song…When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? 

UPDATE: And here is ANOTHER BUG! The Lanterns are Wall items BUT you will NOT find them under the Wall items Category in your Inventory! Thanks Funnybum554 for telling me about this BUG! I found my  Lanterns at the Bottom of Furniture items and in the Middle under ALL items! Really Club Bug? How hard can it be to code the Lanterns to go to the right Category? Do you want the answer? That is SUPER EASY!!!

UPDATE:  Club Penguin managed to fix the Postcard Catalog Bug BUT chose to keep the Halloween cards! News Flash! HALLOWEEN is OVER! It is time to REMOVE the Halloween Postcards AND…

…The Halloween Party Banners!

…HURRAY! The Costume Furniture Bug is Fixed…OR…

…NOPE! I still get Stuck in the FOREVER LOADING BUG!!! AHHHHH!!!!

…I logged out and Logged in again and THEN…I LOST CONNECTION! No comment…

…When I logged in again I could buy a Costume Curtain item BUT of course it can NOT be found under Wall item Category as it should! AND when I Voted and clicked on Submit on this weeks Penguin Poll I got this weird BUG! I Closed the Browser and next time I opened it and Submitted my answer the Bug was Gone :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin TRIED to fix the Monster Muzak Bug Thanks Shampooh28 for telling me this :) BUT FAILED to add the Non Member Message and instead they sending Penguins to another FOREVER LOADING BUG!

…And Club Penguin managed to Move four of the Lantern items to the Wall items Category BUT FAILED to move the Green Lantern! Hmmm…HOW did they miss That? LOL :) What an INCOMPETENCE! UPDATE: FINALLY Club Penguin fixed the Green Lantern Bug it took them over two month!!! Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

…The Costume Furniture Curtain is now added to the end of the Wall items Category! In the New Field-Ops 55 we got ANOTHER BUG! Right now we just have the letters R, PU and A in the description BUT It should be Recharge, Power Up and Avoid! Field- Op 48

UPDATE: Global Citizenship Kazakhstan BUG! 

UPDATE: Trust Club Bug to NOT Test that ALL the items can be bought! If you try to buy a Create your Furniture Blue Floor Cushion with bamboo Pattern you will get STUCK in a FOREVER LOADING BUG! And you Must Log off…ENOUGH! I think it is Time for you Club Penguin to start do better Tests BEFORE you release things instead of expecting us Penguins and Bloggers to find the Problems and report the Bugs to you! You have a Staff that get PAID to do this work so STOP Being so LAZY!

UPDATE: Two MORE items will give you the FOREVER LOADING BUG! The Brown Couch…

…and The Brown Couch with the Flower Pattern! I wonder how long it will take for Club Penguin to Fix this Bug so we can BUY ALL the Create your Furniture items OR if they just will ignore the Problem as they so often do?

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…


Funnybum554 said...

Cp, I know your trying hard, but please, the bugs are getting annoying... I hope you can figure these out.
And to you Saraapril, YOU ARE THE BEST BLOGGER ON CP! I check this everyday!

Thanks Friend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Saraapril,
I know that all of these bugs are frustrating, but I think that penguins would be more upset if they didn't release something on its release date, rather than releasing it and there being many bugs. They annoy me too, but I know Club Penguin is doing there best, so we should give them our patience. :)

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