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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Code Unlocks FAQ :)

Help from Disney Club Penguin :)

Where can I buy Club Penguin toys?

To find out what Club Penguin toys and products are available in your country and where to get them, check out this page:

What kinds of toys are there?
There are 6.5" Limited Edition Penguins, 2" Mix N' Match Figures, Club Penguin Puzzles and Posters, 4" Pet Puffles, an Igloo Play Set, Club Penguin Books, Games, and so much more! To see all the Club Penguin toys, books, and games that are available, check the Toys link on the homepage.
Where can I get a Code?

Codes are found with various Club Penguin toys and books. Look for this icon when you purchase a toy or a book. Then go to Club Penguin to find out what sort of treasure you've unlocked. Some toys come with a special coin that has a code on it. Keep this coin safe and use it when you're ready to unlock your items.

Where do I enter my Code?

Go to Login with your penguin name and password, then follow the instructions. Or if you don't already have a penguin, first create a free account. If you need additional help, check out the How To Unlock Items page here. Uh-oh! This link is REMOVED! BUG!

 My Code doesn't work. What now?
Check to make sure you have entered your code exactly as it appears on your special coin. Or, if it's a word from a book, be sure you've typed it exactly as it appears. If you enter the wrong code five times, you'll have to wait to try again. If you continue to have difficulties, please contact Support.
When my membership expires, will I lose the items I unlocked?

Items you unlock with a code or book will ALWAYS be accessible, whether you have a membership or not.

If I don't have a Club Penguin membership, can I still use my Code to unlock items?

Absolutely! Everyone can unlock items online - all you need is your penguin account and your toy code.

I didn't get a Code with my toy. What do I do?
Some Club Penguin toys and products do not have codes with them. Here is a list of all the merchandise that have codes you can use to unlock items online.

  • 2" Penguin Mix n Match Figures
  • 6.5" Limited Edition Penguins
  • 9" Limited Edition Penguins
  • 4" Puffles
  • 5.5" Puffles
  • 10" Jumbo Puffles
  • 2" Puffle Clip Ons
  • All Vehicle & Playsets
  • Air Hockey Set
  • Trading Cards
  • EPF Card Game
  • Nintendo DS Games
  • Wii Game
  • Pin Sets
  • Select Books
  • USB
  • Select Sporting Goods

If you have one of the above toys but do not have a code with it, please contact Community Support and they will be happy to assist you.

What does my Code unlock?

Codes can unlock lots of rare items in Club Penguin. From clothes to accessories, they can also unlock exclusive items, secret rooms, puffles, special features and abilities in games.

Books will unlock a unique item and coins you can use in Club Penguin.

If you have a Toy Code, it will unlock access to the Treasure Book where you can choose from the BIGGEST selection of items that you can use in Club Penguin. It's packed with long-time favorites, and never-before seen exclusive items. (Hmmm…there is NOT so Much in the Treasure Book after the Update)

If you have purchased Club Penguin Trading Cards, you can unlock additional cards and powers that will enhance your game play and put you on the fast path to becoming a ninja.

The items in the Treasure Book are different since the last time I was here. Why did they change?

New items are added to the Treasure Book from time to time. Don't worry though - items are not removed. And you'll always find the items you've already unlocked in your inventory.

Under this label you will find TONS of Club Penguin Toys and items to Buy Club Penguin TOYS :)

How do I Unlock items online? Club Penguin :)

WARNING! READ THIS! Unlock items Online FAILED! What to do?


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