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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friends FAQ Club Penguin :)

What does Friends do?
Friends helps you connect with your buddies. You can add more friends than ever before, and you can use to keep track of your favorites. You can also make friends with famous penguins like Captain Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic!

How do I add a famous penguin to my Friends?
When you meet a famous penguin at an event or party, click on them to bring up their player card and click .

How do I ignore other players?
If you want to ignore another player, click on them and then click the on their player card. Ignoring a player will block that player from your view and block any messages or emotes that player sends.

How do I see which penguins I have ignored?
To view your Ignore List, click on the and then select the .

How do I make friend requests?

You can make a friend request by clicking on them and selecting the or by typing your friend's name into Friends (type their name exactly as it is written).

How do I accept friend requests?

To accept a friend request click on the notification that pops up at the bottom of your screen, or open your Friends and click on the notification tab to see all your friend requests. If you have more than one Friend request an will display how many requests you have.

How do I create 'Best Friends'?

When you have added ten or more friends to your list, you can mark your favorites as 'Best Friends'. Open your Friends and click the next to your friend to make them a Best Friend.

Can I search for friends?
Yes! You can search your list to find friends you have already added, or you can search for new friends that you have not added, if you know their name. Start typing their penguin name in the white bar at the bottom of your Friends. If your friend is already on your list they will appear when you begin typing.

If you want to search for a new friend, type their full penguin name and click 'Find'.

How do I remove friends?
You can remove a friend by clicking on them in your Friends to open up their player card. Then click the to remove them from your Friends.

How many friends can I add to my list?
You can add up to 500 friends!

You will find more info and Links on this Post: New Chat and Friends VIDEO :)

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Icequix said...

Cool now we know te exact number of friends we can have, 500!!!, its really awesome and that JUMP buttom its curious... i want to jump servers soon Waddle on!!!

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