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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Club Penguin Times issue 320 :)

Coins for Change is Coming!

Coins for Change is Coming!

Join Coins For Change—and help change the world starting Dec. 15. Generous penguins everywhere are starting to save for Coins For Change. Last year we filled the whole Lighthouse with coins!” said one construction worker. “We hope everyone can give even more this year. After all, we can make a HUGE difference to others around the world.”

“Each year our coins help decide how we support three special causes,” said the worker. “Together we protect the Earth, build safe places, and give medical help to others around the world.” “This is the fifth year of Coins For Change, and we’re going to raise more than ever! If we fill the Lighthouse, I’ve heard that the donation will double—to $2 million!” “Even my puffle is helping! We’re earning coins together in Pufflescape.” Start saving now—Coins For Change starts Dec. 15.

The Ice Rink is Back!

Figure skaters and hockey players are sharing the ice at the Stadium.

Sparkly ice dancers are skating circles around hockey players at the Stadium. “I’m practicing my jumps,” said one figure skater. “Check this out!” she said as she landed a triple axel—right in front of a hockey goalie. “Yeah, it’s great,” said the goalie. “I just wish those figure skating outfits weren’t so sparkly. They’re so bright, I can’t see the hockey puck!” Get the latest skating gear in the Snow and Sports catalog at the Stadium. Lace up your skates and hit the ice!

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now! Snow and Sports Catalog Hit the ice with hockey gear and new figure skating outfits!

Starting Dec. 15 Better Igloos Catalog Warm up with a cozy new fireplace furniture item.

Starting Dec. 15 Rockhopper Arrives! Yarr harr! Yer Captain be comin’, mateys!

Starting Dec. 15: Get festive at the Holiday Party!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Dec. 14.
Next pin hidden: Dec. 15–Dec. 28

News Flash :)

Arr! Captain Rockhopper be sailin’ this way for Coins For Change! Pirates—explore the Migrator, and play Treasure Hunt startin’ Dec. 15!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,Why are puffles called puffles? –N. Ames

Dear N. Ames,
Believe it or not, ‘puffle’ is a made-up name. In fact, when the first puffles were spotted around the island, penguins just like you came up with the name! When we held a contest in November 2005, several penguins thought ‘puffle’ was a perfect name—and I couldn’t agree more. What better word to possibly describe our furry little pets? Of course, if someone tried to describe a puffle to me before I’d seen one, I’d probably just chuckle. But once you see a puffle up close, the name certainly seems to fit. Thanks for the question! I’m always in the mood for a little puffle trivia.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Play games with your pets to earn more coins for Coins For Change!

Dear Aunt Arctic,
How can I earn more coins for Coins For Change? –Chip N.

Dear Chip N.,
It’s wonderful that you wish to help such a worthy cause. There are many ways to earn extra coins. For example, try bringing puffles into your favorite games. I recently braved Jet Pack Adventure with my trusty green puffle by my side. I’ve found they can be a big help getting coins that are hard to reach. If you like parties more than games, why not throw a fundraiser in your igloo? All you need is a donation station, and a few friends. Remember—every coin counts. Thanks for your generosity!

Secrets Classified Cart Surfer Tips and Secrets :)

Cart surfing is great fun, and a quick way to earn coins for Coins For Change. Here are a few tips from surfing experts:

  • Mix up your tricks to maximize points. Try not to do the same trick twice in a row.
  • Grind around corners to boost your score! Press , and then hold or to grind.
  • Sometimes it pays to crash on purpose. It’ll make the game go longer. Plus it gives you more time to get 350 coins, and earn the Cart Master Stamp!

More soon…

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