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Friday, December 2, 2011

Field-Ops 58 EPF CHEATS :)

I’m so ANGRY at Club Penguin right now! It took the lazy People at Club Penguin Tech Team a WEEK to fix the Field-Op 57 BUG and when I FINALLY got it I lost Connection and the Assignment was GONE!

…When I logged in again I got a NEW Assignment!

…With the Card-Jitsu Party still on, I think this is a great opportunity to test a theory of mine. Sneak into the Fire Dojo, find a hidden signal, and decode it. We have Sensei’s permission to do so. I don’t NEED YOU to ask Sensei for permission as I’m a FIRE NINJA! He told me LONG time ago that I’m Welcome to the Fire Dojo ANYTIME! And by the way during the Card-Jitsu Party ALL Penguins are Welcome there! Card-Jitsu Party BUG INFESTED!


…click on Spy Phone…

…Passcode Required Mini Game AGAIN! DONE!

…Message from Dot: Great work Agent! If you're reading this message, you managed to sneak into the Fire Dojo and decode it. I've always wondered who would be better at stealth - a ninja, or a stealth agent. Maybe I should learn Card-Jitsu to find out.

…I think you should hurry over to Club Penguin Tech Team and make them do THEIR WORK for once!

See earlier Disney Club Penguin Field-Op 57 BUG!

…Club Penguin has NOT Blog about this Field-Ops BUG at their What’s New Blog and with that they prove that they trying to keep us in the Dark about this Bug Problem that have effect so MANY Penguins! More info about this Disney Club Penguin FAILURE:

Where is the Field-Ops? BUG!

Payday in Club Penguin December 1, 2011

FINALLY Field-Ops 57 Bug is FIXED :) NOT!!!


Hyperace said...

in the beginning, you said " took the lazy people at the Club Penguin Teach Team..."

don't you mean Tech Team? not Teach Team?

hope i helped!

from your biggest fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril, did you notice something? look at the back of your penguin when you wore the Snow Flake Costume. It is white! -Lebron2423

Anonymous said...

Rockhopper is coming home! Look through the telescope and you will see him! -Lebron2423

coolboy075 said...

Saraapril, I think the messages for the EPF are just nothing. Is it just a bug or a glitch?

P.S: Do I have to call CP Club BUG?

Anonymous said...

Also, Rockhoppers ship has been spotted, from the beacon telescope!
-Mrzero3 for telling you, but credit to Deanz101

Anonymous said...

Hi Saraapril,
I have a question. How many EPF Medals do you have at your Career?
Your friend,

millie 8451 said...

lol hi uncle bug that made me laugh. shame we have all these bugs. :( ~Millie 8451

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