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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why did Club Penguin Lose the BAFTA Awards 2011?

Club Penguin was Nominated to the BAFTA Awards in the Web  category and when the result came it was clear that Club Penguin LOST! Why? BAFTA Award Nominee Club Penguin :) Because this award is based on KIDS opinion about the game! Not any smart marketing company opinion! At the BAFTA Award it is the over 400.000 Kids’ Vote that counts!

…On the BAFTA award the children from England have had their say and this year Bin Weevil won NOT Club Penguin as last year!

…CONGRATS to Bin Weevils YOU WON! And Congrats to Moshi Monsters 2nd Place and Girls go Games 3rd Place :) 

CONGRATS to BAFTA AWARDS from Saraapril :)

WARNING for Fake Saraapril! Saraapril in Bin Weevils and Moshi Monsters is NOT me they are Imposters!

So why doesn't kids like Club Penguin so much anymore? The answer is very simple Club Penguin has WAY too many Bugs that they refuse to acknowledge and when you contact Club Penguin Support they give you ignorant answers at best and many times they are plain Rude and LIES!

For example this is what I got Yesterday December 6, 2011 when trying to get help with a Bug!

From Saraapril:

Hi :)
I did some test and to do that I un friend a penguin now that penguin don't get a request and I can't add that penguin again! Is this a bug or can I add that Penguin later again? If so when?
Thanks for answer :)
Saraapril :)

Reply from Club Penguin:

Hey Saraapril,
It's great to hear from you again!
How many penguins do you have on your Buddy List? If you have over 500 friends you won't be able to add that penguin again because you've hit the limit for your Buddy List. This is the same with every other penguin including the celebrity penguins. We are working to allow the Buddy List to hold over 500 friends!
I hope this has helped you out. Should you have anymore questions or concerns, feel free to email our team at anytime.
Have a great day,
Club Penguin Support

From Saraapril:

Hi Michelle :)
I have under 300 Friends on my List...Please HELP!

Reply from Club Penguin:

Hello Saraapril,
Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I was able to remove a buddy from my Friends List and then add them a again while they were online. Please try logging off and back on then adding this penguin back to your Friends List. Also, check to make sure that the penguin you are trying to add is not on your ignore list. If they are, you will not be able to add them back.
I hope this helps. Please write back at anytime if you have any further troubles. We are always here to help.
Snow long for now,
Club Penguin Support

From Saraapril:

Hi Kristine :)
Sadly the Ignore List is FILLED with BUGS! Please read more at this post you will find links to all the bugs there :)
If you not allowed to open this links at support please send this to someone at Club Penguin that can
Thanks :)
Saraapril :)

Reply from Club Penguin:

Hi there Saraapril,
I understand that there are a few bugs you have found with the Ignore List, however, you are still able to add or remove players from your Ignore List. Is the player that you are trying to add back to your Friends List on your Ignore List? If this player is there, you will need to remove them from the Ignore List in order to add them to your Friends List.
Also, if the other player is not online when you send the friend request you will need to wait for them to log on and accept the request before they will appear on your Friends List.
We will need you to reply with your answer to the question above in order for us to look into this further for you.
Kind regards,
Club Penguin Support

From Saraapril:

Hi Kristine
I understand that you didn't bother to look at the links as if you had done that you had understand the problem and not asked that question...anyway let's try this again...
In that link you will find three other links and the information on those four links will clearly explain the problem! We are NOT able to add or remove players from Ignore List due to all the Serious Bugs! Please remember that the Ignore Penguins feature is there so Penguins can protect themself from bullies and now it doesn't work! PLEASE don't ignore this MAJOR BUG AGAIN!

Reply from Club Penguin:

Greetings Saraapril,
I can assure you that Kristine did take a look into the link you provided. Currently we are not experiencing any bugs that would prevent players from adding previously ignored penguins to their friend list.
The only way this will not work is if that player is still on your ignore list. If you have checked your ignore list to make sure they are not on it, and you still cannot add them to your friend list please reply with the penguin's name. From there we can look into what may be causing this issue for you.
Club Penguin Support

Answer to Kelsey: REALLY Kelsey……REALLY! DON’T LIE TO ME! If you and Kristine had read the information I sent you would KNOW that the Ignored Penguins are NOT ON THE IGNORE LIST!!! AND that there INDEED ARE LOTS Of Ignore List BUGS right NOW!!!


…AND as I have done tests and added random Penguins to the Ignore List I can’t give you their names BUT if you had READ the posts with information I sent you as you CLAIMED TO (Liar) you would know the names of two of them! Here are the Links in this Topic AGAIN!

Ignore List MAJOR BUG!

See Ignored Penguins talking BUG!

Ignore List Stage and Sled Race BUGS!

And on this link you can read about WHY we need this Ignore and Remove Penguins Feature!

This is NOT the first time I got answers like this from Disney Club Penguin sadly they very often FAIL to address a topic correctly! Here is ONE example of their lack of competence Unlock items Online FAILED! What to do? And here is another White Puffle IcePrincess back BUT…Club Penguin Bug has proved themselves Incompetent! 

I LOVE Club Penguin and it breaks my Heart to see how THEY Disney Club Penguin THEMSELVES RUIN and destroy my Favorite Online Game! I started to play Club Penguin August 2007 and from the start I have sent in bug tips to help Club Penguin! June 3, 2008 I started this blog and I have made lots of posts to help them understand the bug problems but sadly they most often are too Ignorant to listen…For example Disney Club Penguin’s Servers are STILL NOT SYNCHRONIZED! Read more here: Fatal Error! Secret of the Igloo Contest Bug SOLVED! 

Add to this ALL the Login Bugs and “I Lost Connection Bugs” that make it hard and many times IMPOSSIBLE to even play Club Penguin! AND items Bugs and…Club Penguin BUGS! Most Bugs are Club Penguin’s Fault BUT they have an annoying habit to answer “clear your cache” instead of being responsible and FIX the Bugs THEY have created and that ONLY can be solved once and for all by THEM! ALL these Bugs make Kids Sad, Frustrated and ANGRY!

So WHY did Disney Club Penguin lose the BAFTA Awards 2011? What do you think?


Fishandfries said...

See, this is why I'm gonna work at Club Penguin when I grow up. I could teach them to NOT ignore people and to actually READ emails. Plus I want to work in a place with a game room.

Rooks2 said...

Saraapril cp now has -1 days left is the party going to end?

Vanilite said...

The reason why they dont get to the point in a email is because they probably have email bots to answer it for them or they have set things to say. They should actually read it with their EYES not a bot so they can be lazy. :( this is not fun at all

Penguincombi said...

SO CP is so ignorant as you said they deserve this. Example when i sent them an email about the Sensei adding bug or the field-op they sent me another answer but Jessica from CP staff tells me the truth sometimes.

Dorian1453 said...

LOL! Back in 2007, Club Penguin actually answered their emails with reasonable answers, so everyone who played back in 2007 would know that! :) Now I get random answers about clearing my cache or restarting my computer... Like that will help... LOL :) Please CP, hire more game testers, or Dave, be more attentive! XD We aren't paying memberships for nothing... Or are we???

Saraapril said...

@Dorian1453 Yes back in 2007 the Support team was AWESOME and we had very few bugs! NOT anymore...

Anonymous said...

I started my blog March 11th 2010, Still i think Disney really doesn't really care about CP, they just want money. Don`t you agree Saraapril

Flare51 said...

Ikr Saraapril! The game's full of bugs and for 2 whole weeks (which means I missed the WHOLE of the Card Jitsu Party) I couldn't even log into Club Penguin! And I was really looking forward to the Party! This is why Club Penguin lost the Bafta awards. This Server glitch has happened to my friends too! Why won't Club Penguin just test the Partys and servers and stuff before they come out! No, they can't do that because they're too lazy! That's why they've got email bots!

Je45rry said...

I agree with the comments... CP was my favorite online game when I created my penguin in August 2009. Before, I sent CP e-mails and mostly of them where kind and comprensive. But now they don't even answer me :l These bugs are really crossing the limit. How can we feel "the magic" in a game if there are bugs that ruin our feelings! Club Penguin KNOWS that they have millions of fans all around the world with thousands of blogs about them. They should work more in their fan - comprehension!

Puffguy3 said...

Hey, Saraapril, I made a post about this about a month ago when the new bug list came out! Oops, I mean buddy list... maybe... I sent an email to CP and I specifically said in my email that I had already cleared my cache several times, in the reply email, I received instructions on how to clear my cache in Chrome which is the web browser I use. I think that if I said that I cleared the cache, I think I know HOW to do it!

Dsung said...

Oh god, do you want to know the reason why membership prices went up?
They raised them up because there was once a problem with their domain, and they lost thousands of players. They are money makers!

mixi said...

Draco6 and Vanilite, I don't really think clubpenguin has email bots. that's not possible

Feey1 said...

I think all these bugs are connected to the fact that Rsnail quit the CP Team. He's really good with HTML, Javascript, CSS, and more. Maybe when he left, the CP staff completely forgot how to fix bugs and other things. Rsnail could have been the only person holding Club Penguin together, after he left Club Penguin EXPLODED!!!

Pigyofdahood said...

I so agree! Once when I was trying to change my password, you wont believe what they said!!! They KEPT asking me to give them the e-mail I created my penguin on, but I already told them I don't remember! Oh, Club Bug! It never stops :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with feey1. Once Rsnail left, Club Penguin went down. The support team doesn't isn't the same anymore. :( I joined clubpenguin January, 2007!! It was so much more fun, and bug free world!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with everyone! i joined cp in new years 2010 it was ok but i didnt like cp then. in june 2010 i went back on and it was fun but i dont like bugs. _Pinksuu

Fairycl said...

Dear Saraapril if u go into the petshop its playing halloween music! BUG!And on the home page it says -2 days!ANOTHER BUG!

Bubsey Good said...


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