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Thursday, January 6, 2011

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

I LOVE this Drawing :) The Penguin Band playing at the Iceberg and the Crowd goes WILD! And you have drawn Club Penguin Island too :) AWESOME ARTWORK :)

…Here are some of the Penguins that were on the Concert :) I like how you have used items on the Penguins that we can find in Club Penguin :) You have a Good eye for details :) GREAT WORK :)

…A HAPPY Penguin girl TOGETHER with lots of HAPPY Puffles that jumping around, Playing and having FUN :) Her FLOWER T-Shirt is so cute I wish I had one too :) WELL DONE :)

…I wonder where this Green Puffles will fly next? It looks like she has a plan…GREAT WORK :)

…A GREEN FIRE Ninja :) AWESOME I am sure that he is Environment Friendly :) The Flames on the suit are so COOL and the left shoe so detailed :) GOOD WORK :)

…It is so Much FUN to surfing in the waves under the SUN :) This Bright BLUE Picture makes me feel HAPPY :) AWESOME WORK :)

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I wonder…I think some of these Pictures are Reruns…If you know for sure let me know and I will add Links and credit in this Post :)

Penguins Around the World :)

Here are Aunt Arctic’s latest World Explorer Pictures :) The Orange Puffle is in CHINA! OR…Anyway I LOVE the Colors in this place look at the Cool Blue Roof :) I wish I had a whole Picture of that building I think it look like a Cake :)

…Cadence was photographed in Washington DC TOGETHER with the Statue of Abraham Lincoln at Lincoln Memorial :)

…Then Cadence made up a Special Holiday Santa Dance :) Slide to the Left jump to the Right…let’s Party until the Sky becomes Night! EVERYONE SHOUT HO HO HO right NOW!!!

…WOW! I LOVE the view the Black Puffles have from here it must have been AWESOME to stand up there TOGETHER with him :)

…Time for some FUN in the Snow :) The Yellow Puffle is FANTASTIC GOOD at making Snow Sculptures and they really look alike too :) Yellow Puffle making Snow Sculptures ANIMATED :)

…I wonder what’s in this building? It surely looks interesting from the outside :)

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Let it Snow Coloring Page :)

I LOVE Snow and now we have the Let it Snow Postcard with some adjustments as a Coloring Page :) HURRAY! I LOVE when my world is a Winter Wonderland and the snow Glittering in the sun :) It is so Beautiful and I LOVE the sound my boots make when I walk around :) I am so HAPPY that I live in a place where we get TONS of snow :)

You can PRINT out this Picture :) See Earlier Coins for Change Coloring Page :)

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

This week on Club Penguins Community Page Loulou2232’s Igloo is Featured! CONGRATS Loulou2232 :) I LOVE that you have a Holiday Party TOGETHER with your Snowmen Friends :) You have decorated with many items without making your Igloo look over decorated GREAT WORK :)

See Last Weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

New Year 2011 - Penguin Poll :)

Penguin Poll Time :) It’s 2011! I celebrated the New Year by…Throwing a party in my igloo :) Watching the fireworks :) Dancing at the Night Club :) It’s the New Year already? Did I miss something? LOL :) I think the last answer is so FUNNY :) I was watching the Fireworks :)

…What did you do? Please go and tell Club Penguin by VOTING here :)

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Club Penguin Banner Update :)

Today we got some Community Updates the Auto Event banners was Half updated…We still have the Big Holiday Banner for 2010…

…Please Club Penguin can you fix that as the Holiday Party 2010 is over? See earlier Holiday Party Banners 2010 :)

Orange Club Penguin Polo T-shirt :)

A Black Polo T-Shirt with a small Orange Puffle on is the Newest addition to the Orange Puffle series of Club Penguin items :) I LOVE the Orange Puffle but this is WAY too much Black for my taste! Littletias likes it and that even though he usually doesn't wear so much black either :)

Club Penguin Polo T-shirt :)


This is what Disney tells us:

Product information:

100% cotton
Machine washable
Exclusive to Disney Store
mock double layer.
Rubber badge.

Available at Disney Store UK :)

Club Penguin Twin Pen Set Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Filled Pencil Case Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Gadget Pencil Case Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Black Puffle Hooded Top :)

Club Penguin Wallet :) Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Lunchbag :) Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Backpack :) Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Trolley :) Orange and Black :)

Club Penguin Shoes :) Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Secret Journal Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Tuque and Gloves :) Orange Puffle Warmwear :)

Club Penguin Orange Puffle T-shirt :)

ORANGE Puffle Hooded Top :)

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Winter Wonderland Background BUG!

If you don’t have and try to buy the Winter Wonderland Background from the NEW Penguin Style Catalog right now…

…you get this Error Message: This item is not currently available…

…Thanks to smiggles67 for telling me about this Background Bug :) PLEASE Club Penguin can you fix this?

See More Club Penguin Glitches and Bugs under the label Bug!


Elite Agents Wanted. Are You Ready? ATTENTION! EPF Agents we have a Problem! Click on the EPF Banner on the Community Page…WARNING: System ERROR!

System report: critical bugs detected.
Error code: //UP10K//
Threat Level: High. Be on alert.

…click on Report for duty and…

Error Code EPF!

…you will go directly to the Everyday Phoning Facility Are you Ready for your Agent Test? OR are you already an Elite Penguin Force Agent?

EPF Secret Agency Backgrounds Log in Pictures :)

Elite Penguin Force Banner :)

How to get a Perfect score at EPF Test CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Members FUN for January 2011 :)

Membership means more Mysteries this month :)

This badge is your key to unlock exclusive items, games, parties and events. Check out what you can access with your badge in January:

  • Defend the Elite Penguin Force in a challenging new game.
  • Earn exclusive EPF gear and technology.
  • Join the expedition into unexplored parts of the island.
  • Find surprises in the wilderness.

Member FUN January 2011 :)

…I think the NEW Expedition will be so Much FUN :) Here you can see Sneak Peek Pictures from Billybob :)

Club Penguin Members FUN for December 2010 :)

What’s New in January? By Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins! 

Some of you have been wondering what surprises we've got planned for the new year. The team can't wait to show you what's coming up!

Here's a sneak peek at what we've been working on for January:

What do you think the pictures are hinting at? Leave us your best guesses in the comments!

We've got even more top secret stuff planned for the coming months. Let's just say puffle fans won't be disappointed...

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

WOW! I think the First Picture can be a part of the New Expedition and the third Picture is EPF it looks like a NEW Elite Gear Outfit :) BUT what is it on the middle Picture? Hmmm…a Monster? One of Gary’s inventions OR a Super PURPLE and ALIVE Cactus…LOL :)

Read MORE at Club Penguin Members FUN January 2011 :)

UPDATE: Special EPF Sneak Peek :)

Penguin Style catalog CHEATS :) January 2011 :)

HURRAY! We have NEW Clothes and items to buy from the Penguin Style catalog that came out Today and I have already found my FAVORITE Item :) On this Post I will help you find all Secret and Hidden items Without ruin Your FUN to look for them :)

...If you mouse over this Page you will find the Secret RED Viking helmet 750 coins :)

…open and close Three times…open again and…you have found the Super Secret BLUE Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…On this Page we have Three NEW items :) PINK Sparkly Snowshoes 350 coins, Checked Crop Coat 400 coins and The Twister Hair 450 coins Guess which item is my Favorite…LOL :)

…and on this Page we have SEVEN NEW Items :) Blue Toque 80 coins, Gray Beard 150 coins, Lumberjack Look 500 coins, Lumberjack Boots 350 coins, Paddle 150 coins, The Explorer Hair and Goggles 450 coins and Canoeing Outfit 400 coins WOW! This is so COOL! I wonder if we will have use for these items on the New Expedition? I think it would be AWESOME if we could Paddle in a Canoe just like Pocahontas :)

…Somewhere on this Page you will find the Hidden Secret Big White Scarf 175 coins :) Tips: Old Saying…Sometimes You can't see the forest for the trees…LOL :)

…On this Page we got One NEW item :) Blue Buckle-Up 450 coins :)

…Puffle Pullover 400 coins :)

…Blue Fuzzy Hat 250 coins :)

…Yellow Toque 200 coins and Black Whirlpool Snowsuit 600 coins :)

…Candy Cane Wing-warmers 100 coins :)

…Blue Earmuffs 250 coins :)

…Blue Striped Scarf 175 coins :)

…Blue Mittens 100 coins :)

…Gingerbread Costume 400 coins :)

…Snowman Head 550 coins and Snowman Costume 400 coins :)

…Snowboard Boots 275 coins :)

…Brown Teal Cap 300 coins and Green Vest 450 coins :)

…Blue Designer Scarf 150 coins :)

…Pink Designer Scarf 150 coins :)

…Blue Striped Scarf 150 coins :)

…Divers Helmet 650 coins, Divers Suit 500 coins and Green Flippers 200 coins :)

…Penguins at Work features the Coffee Shop Waiter this month :) If you like serving Coffee an Apron is all you need :) Coffee Apron 100 coins :)

…Frankenpenguin Head 250 coins :)

Frankenpenguin Costume 450 coins :)

…Crook and Flail 300 coins :)

…We have NO NEW Background in this Catalog BUT ALL Penguins can buy the Backgrounds that are for sale for 60 coins each :) That was ALL Secrets in this Catalog now I will waddle around in my Pretty PINK Sparkly Snowshoes :) Sadly they don’t Sparkle at ALL…Please Club Penguin can you fix that? Thanks :)

See earlier Penguin Style Catalog :)

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