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Friday, January 7, 2011

Music Update in Water Card-Jitsu Game :)

The Music we hear when we play Water Card-Jitsu is new :) I Like the ticking sound it makes me work faster :)

How to Play Card-Jitsu Water :)

Saraapril’s Archeological Exploration site Igloo :)

The Prehistoric Sabretooth Puffle Fascinates me and I have started to dig in an Igloo that I have heard is built on top of an ancient homestead and therefore might can hold some historical significant secrets :) TOGETHER with my Puffles I have already found a Statue and a Face Mask…LOOK! Here is something more a pergament…can it be? YES! It is a MAP :)

…Earlier I found a Greek colon and the marvelous architecture is for sure a proof of that Penguins traveled and got influenced from other places :) I wonder where the First Penguins sailed and what adventure they had? Time to dig some more :)

…old Seaweed! Interesting :) This might prove that this part of the Island has been under water earlier…

…and this Mummified Palm can be here because a Penguin travelled to a warm country and brought it here OR that it once upon a time was Much Warmer here on Club Penguin Island :) I am my Puffles have found so much things TOGETHER and I now will show you some of them :)

…This Old lantern proves that Ninjas has been around for long time on Club penguin Island :)

…I found something Scary…A Statue of the LIVING SLED! Gulp…can the legend be true? Night of the Living Sled Part 1, and Part 2 and Part 3 Animated…I don’t dare to think about that…Waddle On!

…I think History is so much FUN :) And every time I see old items and learn about old times I feel like I learn about myself and Penguins and Puffles around me :)

…ALL my Puffles likes this Adventure but it seems that the Orange Puffle has a special interest for artifacts :) I am not surprised as they are very curious and little zany :) Now I will see if I can find something more…

…a live FLOWER?


…LOL…I think my Puffles tries to play a joke on me :) Oh…they are HUNGRY that’s why they Playing Games :) I better feeding them but first I will put the Flower and Computer outside they don’t belong on this Archeological Exploration site…there…

…I wonder what I will find if I start to dig here…Yes! Yes!! FOOD FIRST…LOL :)

…Everyone Full? GREAT :) Let’s start to Explore this Tunnel TOGETHER I hope we can find something extraordinary in there…

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Strange Postcards BUG!

The Bug with the Postcards is still not fixed…Details and Bugs! And now I have got another Strange Effect…LOOK a SHADOW! I ONLY get this effect IF I already have the “can’t click on a card Bug” and it disappears when I turn a page in the Mail Catalog…

Iceberg Postcard BUG!

…This is so strange…can it be the shadow from a Ninja on a secret Mission?

Be my Buddy Postcard BUG!

…No it is just another Club Penguin BUG! Please Club Penguin can you fix this? OR make this Bug into a part of Club Penguins Ninja Mysteries? That would be FUN :) Ninja Shadows are Back!

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