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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Polar Bear ATTACK! My Stories and Adventures :)

The Elite Penguin Force Agency is surely busy these days and I know for sure that we are under attack and still Gary hasn't contacted me this week…I wonder why I better go to the Command Room and see if I can find Gary the Gadget Guy for an update on the Safety situation on Club Penguin…

...Uncle Gary isn't here but what is this? A Note in the trashcan…picks up…

…To ALL EPF Agents: We are in BIG Problem we have found out that Herbert is Training other Polar Bears so they can help him to take down EPF! This Secret Video shows unique pictures from his Secret Training Camp…

…ON NO! Now I understand why Uncle Gary hasn't contacted any Agents for a Field-Ops Assignment this week he can’t contact us! I MUST find a way to contact Gary the Gadget Guy before ALL cameras and Elite Penguin Force Equipment are DESTROYED! ATTENTION! Be on  HIGHEST ALERT EPF Agent we need to find a way to Defend our System! On January 10 we might get some answers…

More about this: Warning: System ERROR! and Secret Message from the Director in Club Penguin Times :) and What’s New in January by Billybob :)

UPDATE: Special EPF Sneak Peek :)

FUN with Friends Holiday Party 2010 and New Year 2011 :)

TOGETHER with Friends I has so Much FUN during the Holiday Party 2010 and HAPPY NEW YEAR Party 2011 :) Here are some of the FUN we had :) High up in the Sky on Santa’s Sled I met Jade72677 and Little Ronna :) TOGETHER we delivered TONS of Gifts trough the Chimneys :)

…Santa left a Message Happy Holidays :)

…I LOVE Coins for Change :) THANKS Santa Spike 612 for Donating :)

…LOOK how much coins we Already have collected TOGETHER :)

…I had so Much FUN TOGETHER with Gian125 she pretended to be a Toy from Santa’s Toy Shop that I bought and suddenly she became ALIVE and it was so Much FUN to have a Living Penguin Doll :)

…I LOVED to decorate the Tree Room :)

…Koopa Troppa started a Christmas Decorations Fight…LOL :)

…Koopa Troppa has earned many Cool Stamps :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…Time to Donate Coins in Koopa Troppa’s Holiday Decorated Igloo :)

…in the lighthouse I got coins on my Head…LOL :)

…Koppa Troppa told his family that coins falling from the sky and they first didn't believed it but wished it was true BUT then he PROVED it by showing them the lighthouse :)

…it is so much FUN to run up and down the coin Mountain :)

…if we ALL work hard TOGETHER I am sure that we can Help Rockhopper to fill the whole lighthouse with coins :)

…HAPPY Figure Skating :)

…Stare Fire, Funkyawesome and I having FUN skating around TOGETHER :)

Dancapanca, Elle11102 and Sally8888 had a Sing and Dance Party at the ??? Room :) Cupcake2046 has a lovely voice she sings like an angel :) Then we all had a Pizza Party at the Parlor and ate lots of Pizza and CAKE :)

…Libby56571 and I working TOGETHER at the Treasure Hunt to earn more coins to Donate :)

…Friendly Snowball Fight under the Northern light Star filled Sky :)

…I and Jedi4847 making Presents :)

…I wonder where Rockhopper and Yarr are?

…We didn't find Rockhopper BUT we joined a SUPER FUN TIP THE ICEBERG PARTY :)


…SING to TIP the Iceberg…LOL :)

…THANKS to EVERYONE that took Part in this Party I had a GREAT Time :)

…Then I met Rockhopper I met Rockhopper in Server Ascent :) and I met Rockhopper in Ice Shelf :) After that I had a FUN time at the Send a Gift Party :) AND then I met Rockhopper AGAIN! I met Rockhopper in Server Alaska :) Then I met my Friend Wisewizard41 :)

…I found Laurypeace99 and Veec33 sitting under the Christmas Tree waiting for me :) Hi Friends :)

…Laurypeace99 bought me a yummy cup of Hot Chocolate at the Coffee Shop :) Thanks you so Much :)

…I LOVE to talk with my Friends and in Laurypeace99’s igloo we had so much FUN talking and laughing :) Kassia00 had her cute Red Puffle with her :)

…Holiday Party 2010 is Over and now it is time for Fireworks and NEW YEARS PARTY 2011 :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

…Hi Saltwater07 :) Look at the Pretty Puffle shaped Fireworks :)


…In Town I met Africa223 :)

...and TOGETHER with Pusiu1 we had a FUN Sing and Dance Party to Celebrate the New Year :) Shakespeare sang lots of HAPPY songs TOGETHER with us :)

…Punky Pengu5, I and Salace dance Exactly the Same…LOL :)

…Africa223 and I had so much FUN Playing Find Four and Card-Jitsu :) Oops! The EPF Puffle Power card…On this Post you find links to MORE Water Card-Jitsu Power Cards Videos :)

…CONGRATS! You have Cool Cards :)

…EPF Agent Spongebob524 and I are on a Mission looking for a Bug :)

…We couldn't recreate it this time BUT we had a FUN Water Dojo Dance Party :)

…HURRAY the New Penguin Style Catalog is Here and I am trying out all the new outfits to see how they look like :) Hi Minti56 and jedipolley1 I like your outfits :)

…I was looking for Secrets and Cheats in the New Catalog and when I closed it I found Penguins waiting :) Let’s have a Mini Party :)


HAPPY Dancing at Gift Shop :)

…Laurypeace99 has a New Outfit too :) GREAT! Now we are Ready for the New Expedition that will be so Much FUN :) I can Hardly WAIT! What's New in January? by Billybob :)

…THANKS to ALL AWESOME  Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with :) Waddle On!

Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin is HERE! Link Collection Post :)

Coins for Change 2010 Link Collection Post :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 from Saraapril :)

For more FUN with Friend see look under the label FUN with Friends :)

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