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Friday, January 14, 2011

System Defender EPF Reviewed by Saraapril!

Elite Penguin Force System Defender is Club Penguin’s Newest Game and sadly this Game is Destructive and nothing more than a lame Excuse to KILL! KILL!! KILL!!! I am so Disappointed in Club Penguin and I can’t understand why they have added a WAR Game to Club Penguin!

Club Penguin has up till now been a FUN Place and all about worldwide Friendship and HELPING each other now with the new EPF System Defender Game Club Penguin has taken en dark and destructive turn!

Gary the Gadget Guy that always have been a kind, helpful, creative and super smart inventor has gone totally out of Character and is now aggressive and EVIL!

When we had PSA Secret Agents used their Brains to solve problems in a Constructive Smart and Positive way and I LOVE the Missions we had back then :) I was so PROUD when I had solved a Mission and it was so Much FUN to work in the HQ and Help fellow Agents :) Sadly Club Penguin decided to take the Missions away from us and add them to Nintendo DS all to try to earn more MONEY to Disney! When they did that they took away a big part of what made Club Penguin FUN and Unique!

Trying to make the dialog in System Defender cute by letting Rookie say “I thought the jar said Computer HUGS...” is a LAME attempt to make the game to look Child Friendly…Mostly the dialog is about DESTROY! DESTROY!! DESTROY!!!

So Lane Merrifield aka Billybob this must be one of the Educational Game you Promised to add to Club Penguin Club Penguin goes Educational :) What do you think we learn from this game?

With all these Machine Guns sound effects how do you feel Billybob after playing the System Defender Game? Happy or stressed and Aggressive?

The System Defender has nothing to do with computer viruses or bugs this is just a Shoot and Kill WAR Game in disguise! My question is WHY do we have Automatic Machine Guns in Club Penguin?

WAR what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING! There must be a better way!

SAVE Club Penguin ideas!

1.Redo the System Defender Game! Instead of blowing bots up let us use our brains to find a way to stop them with smart ideas!

For Example: Let’s throw slime balls at the bots and Robots to Slow them down and Glue Orbs to make them stuck and Super strong Environment Friendly Water that make them collapse! Then we can take the tiny parts to the Recycling Plant and recycle them and make something Peaceful and useful of them :) THAT is a Game I would like to Play :)

2.Bring back NEW FUN Missions like we had in PSA earlier and an Online Version of the Grapple Game from Herbert’s Revenge Game :)

What is the Biggest Threat to Club Penguin?

Billybob asked us earlier what the Biggest Threat to Club Penguin was and now I have found out the Answer: The Biggest Threat to Club Penguin is Club Penguin themselves!

How to Play System Defender EPF Game CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial!

System Defender Exclusive Sneak Peek :)

In the Future Club Penguin plans to add more levels to the EPF System Defender Game! Right now we have 2 levels, level 1 and level 5 and 4 more levels are planed and prepared for!

Level 1: Enemy bots are attacking the EPF mainframe computer. But who is responsible? Challenge level: 38 / 100

Level 2: Herbert is back to destroy the EPF. Can you stop him in time? Challenge level: 47 / 100

Level 3: The EPF faces one of its toughest challenges when it's attacked by... Klutzy? Challenge level: 54 / 100

Level 4: The Test Bots are attacking all at once. Can you outsmart all three? Challenge level: 73 / 100 Member level

Level 5: RED ALERT! The Ultimate Protobot is attacking the EPF mainframe. Battle stations! Challenge level: 96 / 100 Member level

Level 6: SURVIVAL MODE - How long can you last against the Director? Challenge level: 99 / 100 Member level

…This EPF System Defender Game has now Replaced all the FUN Missions we used to have in PSA I think that is a SHAME!

One Question to Club Penguin: Do you want us to KILL Herbert and Klutzy?

How to Play System Defender Elite Penguin Force game CHEATS!

Field-Op Complete Message Update :)

Club Penguin has Updated the Message Part after you have finished a Field-Ops :)

Gary the Gadget Guy: Good work Agent! Thanks to you and your fellow agents, the new Communication System is online. You will now receive messages from EPF command through your Spy Phone.

…Thanks Littletias for helping me with this Picture :)

Field-Ops 30 CHEATS :) 

EPF Under ATTACK! And Spy Phone Update :)

New EPF Class by Billybob

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins! 

This message is classified. Important EPF information to follow.


Good job, Agents! We've seen lots of you protecting the island with System Defender. 

Many Agents have also joined the new Tech Class. New Elite Gear Tech Class :) Remember - you can trade badges for gear in your phone. Agents earn badges by completing Field-Ops

In other news, have you noticed your phone's new communication app? Keep watch for important messages from G! EPF under Attack! And Spy Phone Update :)

Now that Elite Gear has been released for the Tactical, Comm and Tech classes, we want to hear from you. Which EPF Class do you belong to and why?

Let us know in the comments!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I am not sure…do any of the Classes work to keep Peace?

System Defender by Billybob :)

How to Play System Defender EPF Game CHEATS :)

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