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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saraapril’s Tallest Trees Igloo :)

My Puffles and I like to take long walks TOGETHER in the Forest so now we have moved to a very airy Igloo…LOL :)

…I think the Tallest Trees from the New Better Igloos Catalog are so COOL and I LOVE how we can change them and make the sun Rays shine down :) I wish we had Forest sounds like wind and birds singing to add as Igloo Music…Please Club Penguin can you fix that? Thanks :)

…All my Puffles LOVES the Trees they think they are great as scratching Poles :)

…and FUN to run around :) Even my grumpy Black Puffle Speed LOVES to Play here :) Oops…Dizzy?…LOL :)

…Purple believes this is a Maple Tree…Sorry Friend…LOL :)

…If you have time to visit my Igloo Please play Hide and Seek with my Puffles they LOVE that Game :) You found me :)

…Now ALL Puffles Hide and I will look for you :) This will be so Much FUN :)

…See Earlier Igloo Decoration: Saraapril’s Archeological Exploration site Igloo :)

More Stadium Bugs!

There are lots of Problems with the Hockey Rink at the Stadium right now one is if you shoot a goal the hockey puck doesn't return to the center of the middle circle as it suppose to instead it goes to the top of the circle! Thanks Alex Yally for telling me about that :) Sometimes when I miss the goal it still counts as a goal and move the puck to the line of the middle circle…

…the puck can sometimes be shoot far outside the rink and sometimes I just waddle under the puck instead of be able to shoot it away…

…We can open the door to the Snacks Booth BUT we can’t enter that way…

…Actually the Booth is really hard to go into and it is only room for one Penguin can stand still and work in there…

…and the ice is STILL not fixed! Read more at Stadium Rink BUG! and Stadium Detail :)

THIS is the kinds of Bugs I would like Club Penguin to Fix :) See More Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: January 17, 2011 This Ice is now Fixed BUT we have Ice OUTSIDE of the Rink too…Can you fix that Bug too Club Penguin?

UPDATE: February 7, 2011 Club Penguin Details and Bugs!

NO System Defender Messages in Spy Phone!

I don’t get the Spy Phone Messages connected to the System Defender Game neither does any of my other Penguins no matter what Browser I use (I have tried EI8, Firefox and Chrome) and yes, I have cleared my cache but still no Messages! AND I have made a New Penguin to an EPF Agent, Solved the Field-Ops but STILL no Messages! This must be another Club Penguin BUG! Read more here No Messages from G or Director! 

I wonder if any Non member Free Penguins have got a Message?

January 16
Attention EPF. Surrender your computer mainframe. I need it’s parts to repair my core circuits. Comply, or face destruction.

Thanks Maloriar for sending me the Message from the Protobot :)

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Newspaper Archive Typo Bug!

In the Boiler Room’s Newspaper Archive we have a Typo Bug: Are Elete Agents Among us…LOL :)

…when you open the Club Penguin Times Issue 273 you can read the correct spelling: Are Elite Agents Among us?

…If you have time Club Penguin can you correct the Typo? Right now I am feeling so HAPPY knowing that I’m not the ONLY one that misspells words…LOL :)

Thanks to Mali Rdecko for telling me about this Bug :)

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Update Please!

Now when Club Penguin is occupied with Destroying Enemies they has been lazier than usual with updates! The New Years Fireworks stayed way too long on the Island before they were removed and we didn't get any Community Updates this Week…No Penguins Around the World, No Fan Art, No Featured Igloo, No Penguin Poll, No Coloring Page, Nothing new is added under Stuff to do or Stuff to get! The Auto-Updating Event Banner still Advertise the old Holiday Party that was between December 17-27, 2010!

…I guess Fighting in EPF System Defender WAR is the only thing that matters to Club Penguin these Days…

System Defender EPF Reviewed by Saraapril

Stadium Detail :)

We have got a little more space between the Rink and the Snacks Booth :) This is how it looked earlier…

…and this is how it looks like now the booth is moved further away from the Rink :)

…GREAT now we have more space to stand on here :)

…Sadly we still have a Ice Problem Stadium Rink BUG! This is not the first time we have this Problem…On a Secret Mission…Free the Puffles – My Stories and Adventures :)

Message 88888888 coins and Spy Phone BUG!

We have some old Bugs in Club Penguin that works on most Games did you know that if you open your Spy Phone…

…you can take it with you in a Game?

…BUT it will make it harder to Play…LOL :)

…if you want to leave the Game you can use the Spy Phone…choose a Room and go there :) This is Perfect for Secret Agents on a Mission…LOL :)

…Behind the Earn Stamps Message we have another Bug…close the Message and…

…you will get this error Message You’re earned 88888888 coins You’re total coins: 888 888 888 LOL :) This is just a BUG you will not get the coins on your account! Do you remember that we got a similar message sign when Card-Jitsu Water Started? FUN with Friends :) Card-Jitsu Water is HERE :)

Thanks to Adry, Flatmat and everybody else that have told me about these Bugs :) 

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