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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Party Stamps Earned :)

We have got Two NEW Party Stamps added to our Stamp Books Today :) Out at Sea Sail away from the Island in a Boat (Members)

…and Path Finder Complete a Maze at a Party :)

…This is how they look like when they are earned :)

…I eared these Two Stamps at the Wilderness Expedition Party :) And now I have ALL 13 Party Stamps in My Stamp Book BUT I am sure that More Stamps will be available in the Future :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Expedition Party Log in Background :)

We have got a NEW Expedition Party Picture :) Members: Sail to uncharted lands at the Wilderness Expedition :)

See the First Log in Background for this Party :) Wilderness Expedition January 18 – 31, 2011 in Club Penguin :)

Forest Maze, Machine and Boat CHEATS :) Expedition Party Link Collection :)

Forest Maze, Machine and Boat CHEATS :)

How to Waddle through the Expedition Party Forest :) How to work the Machine :) How to Build the Boat :) And How to Find the Brown Puffle Cave :) In this Cheat Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial I will give you Help and Secrets for this Wilderness Expedition :)

Start at the Dock and…

…you will come to the Glade the beginning of the Wilderness Forest with the Tallest Trees :) Here you can pick up a FREE Expedition Hat :) And you will find a note :) Click on Note…

…I wonder where these Machine Parts are from? I’ll follow them…

…in this part of the Forest you will see a keyboard click on it to make it fall down and clearly showing the way :) You don’t have to click on Machine parts if you don’t want too BUT it looks cool when they falls down :) Right…

…Up this way :)


…Down Here :)



…Right and…

…you will come to a Cliff with a Strange looking Machine…

…AND Now you have earned the Path Finder Stamp: Complete a Maze at a Party :)

…Click on the Note at the Tree Trunk…Who or what built this Machine? How do I switch it on?

…I LOVE to use my Brain and this Machine is so Much FUN :) First click on the plug so the Machine can get Power then…

…click on the Coffee Beans, Click the Tap so Coffee can pour down, click on Coffee Pot…

…PINK switch, Green Switch, Yellow Button, PINK Button, Teal (light blue) Button, Purple Button, Blue Level and Play on the Piano by clicking on green, throw snowballs on fire and play Piano again until the Machine starts to play Music  :)

…click on Green Button then click on the Six Green Square Buttons, PINK Level, Teal (light Blue) Button, the wheel on the Air Tube, PINK drag down level and click on Hot Sauce, Water Tank, ventilation, toaster and then throw snowballs on the Target until Barrel elevator is up :)

…when you have solved this once members can click on the Red Button to get the Target if you are in a Hurry to next room :) Now it is time to take the Elevator down to the Beach :)

…Look! My Smile stays at the top…LOL :)

…I like this Place :) Look at all the Boat Parts :)

…Members can buy a Life Jacket for 50 Coins :)

…in middle of all the boat parts we have another Note :) Click on it…Notes: Wear a Life Jacket, Build the Boat, Must find out what’s across this Bay! ??????? This will be FUN :)

…To Build the Boat just click on and drag the Pieces to where you want to Place them this is how your Boat looks like when it is done :)

…This is as Far Non member Free Penguins can go in this Expedition…

…Time to go Onboard and sail Away :) Bye Friends I will tell you all about my Expedition when I am Back :) Detail: All Penguins names disappeared when I sailing away! And the the Penguins at the shore glides away too :)

…I reached the bay AND I earned the Out at Sea Sail away from the Island in a Boat Stamp :)

…LOOK I found BROWN PUFFLES! This must be a Brown Puffles Cave :) AND they Surely looks smart :) I wonder if they have built these Machines?

…Click on the Note and What a Find! I’ve been searching for a Brown Puffle for so long! Notes: Are those safety goggles? Did it build the Machine on the cliff? It looks like one will follow me. Exited to study these creatures :) HURRAY a cute Brown Puffle girl wants to be Adopted by ME! Click on Adopt :)

…You really look Smart :) Did you help to invent all this? The Brown Puffle started to Excitedly jump up and down…Now I know I will call you Inventor :)

…I got the Adopt card in my Mailbox so now Inventor is a Part of my Family :)

…If you exit the Brown Puffle Cave here…

…You will come to Cove :)

…And if you quickly want to go to The Puffle Cave just use the Boat here at The Cove :) You don’t need to have your Life Jacket on if you take this way to the Brown Puffle Cave…is that SAFE? LOL :)

…but for now let’s go home Inventor so you can meet your Brother and Sisters :) All my Puffles were so HAPPY to see a Brown Puffle and they immediately started to Play TOGETHER :)

Brown Puffle and Expedition Party is HERE :)

FREE Expedition Hat and Message :) CHEAT :)

Forest Maze, Machine and Boat CHEATS :)

Expedition Party Log in Background :)

New Party Stamps Earned :)

Postcard Update In Mail Catalog :)

FUN Detail :)

Membership Boat Sign ANIMATED :)

Brown Puffle Playing in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Wilderness Expedition Wallpaper :)

Membership Picture Update :)

Wilderness Expedition Party Banners :)

How to Find Brown Puffle :)

FUN Activities in Club Penguin :)

Invisible Penguins and Life Vest BUG!

No Boat at Cove for Non Members!

EPF Technology and Brown Puffle Experiments Reviewed by You :)

Brown Puffle VIDEO Wilderness Expedition 2011 :) YouTube :)

Expedition - Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin Times Issue 275 :)

Tallest Tree Sunrays BUG?

Wilderness Expedition Tour Guide :)

FREE item Brown Puffle House :)

Brown Puffle Card BUG!

Invisible Bug GONE!

NEW Field-Ops 31 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Boat BUG! FUN Detail :)

Happy77’s Expedition Scavenger Hunt :)

Brown Puffle Experiments and Puffle Story - Reviewed by You :)

Saraapril’s Brown Puffle Science Igloo :) FUN with Friends :)

Mix 'N Match Mini Figure Packs Series 10 :)

Brown Puffle - Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin Times Issue 276 :)

NEW Club Penguin BUGS!

Happy77 interviews a Brown Puffle Artist :)

FUN with Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

Life Jacket Test :)

Herbert sending Spy Phone Message!

More Life Jacket Tests :)

Wilderness Expedition Party is Over!

FREE Expedition Hat and Message :) CHEAT :)

Go to Dock and then Follow the Arrows :)

…FREE Item :)

…You have found a Expedition Hat Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Remember to click on the Note too :) I wonder where these machine parts are from? I’ll follow them

…If you need Help with the Expedition Party you find it here :) Forest Maze, Machine and Boat CHEATS :)

Brown Puffle and Expedition Party is HERE :)

The Expedition Party is here and so are the BROWN PUFFLES!

Brown Puffles and Saraapril in Club Penguin :)

FREE Expedition Hat and Message CHEAT :)

Forest Maze, Machine and Boat CHEATS :) Link Collection :)

Party Stamps Update soon :)

Right now Club Penguin Prepares for the Expedition Party and Two New Stamps will soon be added to our Stamp Book :)

…I really HOPE this Party will be Non Violent and FUN :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

UPDATE: NEW Party Stamps Earned :)

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