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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wilderness Expedition Tour Guide :)

The Wilderness Expedition Party in Club Penguin is so Much FUN :) And if you have time I will now take you on a Guided Tour and show you some more details and Secrets from this Club Penguin Expedition Party :) Here at the Town and…

…at the Plaza you find signs with Party information :) Explorers Needed! Discover the Wilds…click on go there…

…Welcome to the Dock! Follow the arrow to start the Wilderness Expedition. Or play Hydro-Hopper and take a ride on a tube behind the speedboat is FUN too :) But this Guided Tour is about the Wilderness so let’s go :)

…A Glade :) I've never been here before! Grab your Expedition Hat and let's keep exploring. Hmm it looks shadowy and dark in there...Okay D6911 :) 

…These trees are so tall! What's this over here? Where did these things come from? Click on Keyboard and all other lost things you will find :) Every Forest Room has one thing to click on that will help you to clearly find the way through the Wilderness :) Let's keep going this way…

…Look there up in the Tree! More machine parts! It looks like there's a trail of them...

…Over here! I found some more! A Gear in the Tree Trunk! Maybe they lead somewhere...

…Over here Blue Stars97 and Rachelxm! More clues...I think we're getting closer...Let's keep going!

…It's dark in here isn't it? Maybe we'll get out of here soon…look, more pieces!

…Over here, I've found some more! Keep going where are these things from?

…Look! I think I see daylight. I feel like we're almost out of the trees :) This way Angelbaby149 :)

…I think we're lost! If you take a wrong turn DON’T Panic! Just click on the Note at the Tree Trunk: It seems I’ve lost my way…I’ll take one of these trails back to the start. I think we will start all over again…LOL :) Remember that walking in the Forest gives you fresh air and is good for your health…LOL :)

…We are out of the Forest and now we are standing on a cliff :) Hey look at this machine I wonder what it does? Help me figure it out! I think we need to plug it in first...DONE :) Let’s take the Barrel elevator down…How to be Invisible! 

…WOW! What a beautiful shore :) I wonder what it is over there at the other side? Let's use those parts to build the boat then we can cross the bay! Don't forget to wear your lifejacket we need life Jacket :) Detail: On the Wilderness Expedition log in picture the Explorers didn't have Life Jackets on! That is very UNSAFE! The Music here at the Shore is almost as the Festival of Flight Music :) Cool! My Boat is built now it is time to cross the Bay :)

…No water leaking in :) There is no Guided Tour Message here out at the Sea but I can repeat what I said on the Shore, talk or make an emote :) I got an idea let’s take time say all the Safe quick chat Messages: Let's explore! Look at this! I wonder where this path leads... I'm lost, Follow me! Help me start the machine! Presses button, pulls lever, we need to build this boat! Put on your lifejacket!Takes O'berry, Feeds Puffle :)

…HURRAY! We made it across the bay! Nice work! Look the Barrel elevator goes up and down that means that more Penguin Explorer are on their way to us :) Hmm...I wonder what's in this cave? Let's take a look!

Detail: We can’t take the Boat back to the shore again we have to move forward…

…Wow! Look at all the Brown Puffles! They seem to like these machines Do you think they built them Tour Guide Brownsquod? Click on the Note and you can Adopt a FREE Brown Puffle :) The Puffle will appear at your side after the Adoption :)

…ONE Brown Puffle can be adopted for now :) You have already Adopted a Brown Puffle :)

…It is so much to be a Tour Guide and you never know who you will meet :) Hi Santalun8000 let’s have a HAPPY Brown Puffle Dance Party :)

…Take to boat in the Puffle Cave and Yay! We made it all the way back to the Cove! Great job! It's been a long trip let's unwind by the campfire…

…and tell some Jokes :) Livy99 is GREAT at telling Jokes :)

How do you get out of the Forest? Make like a tree and leaf!
What do you call a penguin in the desert? Lost!
Why are igloos round? So that puffles can't hide in the corners!
What's black and white...and black and white...and black and white? A penguin rolling down a hill!
What can jump higher than a mountain? Everything because mountains can't jump!
What do scared pebbles want most? To become a little boulder!
What did the mountain climber name their Puffle? Cliff!
Which is the laziest mountain? Mount Ever-rest!
What books do climbers like best? Cliff-hangers!

…Thanks for taking the Wilderness Expedition Guided Tour :) For More Details and Pictures from this Wilderness Expedition Adventure see this Links Collection Post: Wilderness Expedition Party 2011 CHEAT Guide :)

Brown Puffle VIDEO Wilderness Expedition 2011 :) YouTube :)

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