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Monday, January 24, 2011

Boat BUG! FUN Detail :)

Earlier some Penguins at the shore were gliding away toward the Rocks when you left Shore…look at Iceys4359 and Megmag03…

…Today I got another Boat Bug Jakob4800, Sunpeanut, Wackeybump and the Brown Puffle followed me out to the Sea…WITHOUT LIFE JACKETS…LOL :)

…Where did they go? I can’t see them…I hope they didn't drown…

…there they are still swimming around :) I better contact the Life Guard Penguins so they can pick them up :) LOL :)

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Unlock Dancing with Cadence Book added :)

Club Penguin has added the Dancing with Cadence Book to their Unlock your items Online! Choose your Book from the list below Page :)

…I LOVE to Dance :)

Saraapril dressed as Cadence :)

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

NEW Field-Ops 31 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

ATTENTION! ALL Agents answer your Spy Phones! Click on Spy Phone…Field-Ops 31 EPF :)

…New Field-Ops Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders…Go there :)

…Click on Field-Ops Monitor :)

…Hi Gary :) Hi Saraapril and all other Agents – Ultimate Protobot has returned. But who rebuilt it? And where is it hiding? We need Answers! We must beguine our search. Work Together to scan the wilderness for enemy signals. Be on alert for emergencies. Okay Uncle I will :)

…Somewhere in the Wilderness…Here it is :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

Field-Op 31 EPF :)

…Signal Detected! Break the Code! Scan symbols to find the right combination! Green = Symbol is correct :) Yellow = Symbol is in the wrong spot…Red = Symbol is Wrong! Click on Engage to start the Mission :)

…Status Code Confirmed! HURRAY! I DID IT :)

…CONGRATS Agent Saraapril you have earned one more Medal AND you Intercepted an enemy signal. Here is the decoded message: “I can’t finish the UP10K without the final circuits, and the Elite Penguin Fools have them! Looks like it’s up to ME. Never send a robot to do a GENIUS’S job”

…Thanks Uncle Gary :) Now when I finally found you I wonder one thing why have you created Machine Guns  to use in the System Defender Game you used to be so Smart and Innovative? System Defender EPF Game Reviewed by Saraapril! Suddenly the connection was broken and the Spy Phone was dead! This is Not Good! NOT GOOD at ALL! What is WRONG with Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy?

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Invisible Bug GONE!

I really don’t understand Club Penguin! The FUN Invisible Bug is now Fixed and I wonder WHY? There are so many annoying bugs that NEEDS to be Fixed in Club Penguin but instead of fixing them Club Penguin takes away the FUN Bugs that we all enjoy Playing with!

…It was the Same with the FUN Original Color Bug! Please Club Penguin can we get the FUN Invisible bug Back and Please you can concentrate on fixing some of these Bugs that creating problems in Club Penguin instead? Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

Brown Puffle Card BUG!

When I opened my Brown Puffle Inventor’s Play Card it showed a ORANGE Puffle instead!

…Please Club Penguin can you fix this Bug? AND right now we can only have 18 Puffles not 19 as Before…Please Club Penguin can you fix that too?

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UPDATE: January 27, 2011 This Bug is now Fixed Thanks CP :)

UPDATE: February 7, 2011 The BUG is BACK! Club Penguin Details and Bugs!

FREE item Brown Puffle House :)

Members can now Pick up a FREE Brown Puffle House at the Brown Puffle Cave :)

…You have found a Brown Puffle House :) Would you like to pick it up? YES Please :)

…Inventor likes to sleep in here :)

…Thanks Club Penguin for this Cool Brown Puffle House and THANKS for letting us pick up as many we want :) Right now I have 100 Brown Puffle Houses :)

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Brown Puffle Playing in Igloo ANIMATED :)

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