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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy77’s Expedition Scavenger Hunt :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins! 

The Expedition finishes January 30 and we don't want you to miss anything!

  • Glade: Did you grab your free Expedition Hat yet?  
  • Wilderness: How many machine parts have you seen? I spotted one that looks just like a red lollipop! 
  • Mysterious notes: How many of these did you find? I found 5! 
  • Cliff: Check out the crazy machine! It's a coffee maker, a music player and a toaster - all in one! Just remember to plug it in. 
  • Shore: How fast can you build the boat? The first time was hard - now I can build it in less than a minute! 
  • Brown Puffle Cave: We found brown puffles!! I've just got mine a Brown Puffle House. Have you picked one up yet?

Did I miss anything? Tell us what you and your friends have discovered on the Expedition!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I LOVE EVERYTHING about this Party and the Machine on the cliff is one of my Favorite Parts as it reminds me about PSA and all FUN we had back then :)

…The Wilderness Party was suppose to be between January 18 – 31 so I hope Happy77 just made a Typo when she said it will end January 30 :)

To make sure you don’t miss anything read this Wilderness Expedition 2011 Party LINK Collection Post :)

Club Penguin Spy Phone BUG Strikes AGAIN!

Today some Penguins got a Spy Phone Message from the Director while me and Many Other Penguins didn't!

Thanks Blue92713 for sending me the Message:

January 25,


"No new incidents of Protobot's activity have been reported. Remain on alert- we believe it was not working alone."

So far I have got NONE of the Spy Phone Messages no matter what Browser I use or how many times I clear my Cache neither have any of my Non Member Penguins!

…I have contacted Club Penguin and asked them to find out what is wrong I hope they will come back with a reply and a solution soon :)

I still don’t get Messages from EPF! BUG!

NO System Defender Messages in Spy Phone!

No Messages from G or Director!

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