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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saraapril’s Brown Puffle Science Igloo :) FUN with Friends :)

Since I found and Adopted a Brown Puffle from the Puffle Cave my life has been filled with FUN, interesting, Experiments :) Brown Puffle Playing in Igloo ANIMATED :) For some strange reason my Penguin color keeps changing between PINK and Peach…LOL :)

…Just like the White and Orange Puffles the Brown Puffles tongue get the wrong Color while sleeping in a soft Puffle bed…that is so strange…or not it is a Bug…LOL :) Thanks Blue92713 for reminding me about this detail :)

…This equation is very strange I LOVE Math but this make no sense…this must be Puffle logic…LOL :)

…It looks like the Brown Puffle gets lots of ideas while sleeping and right now we are trying one out :) We make Experiments trying to make a Cake that taste sweet and sugary BUT that only is made by healthy and Nutritious ingredients :)

…I think we did it :) Interesting idea Inventor you believe that a Fan will make the candles burn down faster…

…I have an idea too :) Let’s invite some friends and see if they like this Healthy Cake :)

…My Brown Puffle Inventor looked Happy over this idea and immediately went to sleep…I wonder why?

…Hi Blue92713 and Brown Puffle Welcome :)

…Very soon more Happy Friends that wanted to taste the Nutritious Cake come to our Igloo :)

…Mkmatthewmk LOVED the Cake :)


…The Dimension Room is a Perfect Place both for Experiments and for a PARTY :)

…Time to sit down and wait for the Orange Box Dimension Puffle :) It is hard to speak with a mouth filled with Popcorn…LOL :)

…Yes Greenybean27 :) This is so Cool :)

…Thanks for coming and testing the Cake Friends and Thanks for the FUN Dimension Party :) See you all soon again :) Suddenly Inventor run away…Where did she go?

…there you are :) I have found that my Brown Puffle likes to sit under the Lab table and think :)

…now she has a NEW Idea :) What are you doing?

…did you spill? OR is this a part of your Experiment? I guess I will find out later now it is time for me to go to the Pet Shop and Pick up all my other Puffles from Puffle Daycare :)

…I like when ALL of my Family is Home sadly one Orange Puffle is MISSING! Sunshine, Purple, Blueberry and Gosig tries to help Inventor by dreaming up new ideas and all the other Puffles helps out with different Experiments :) I wonder what interesting inventions my Puffles will create TOGETHER :)

See earlier Igloo design: Saraapril’s Tallest Trees Igloo :)

Adopt Puffle Problem! BUG!

While I and my Brown Puffle Inventor made Experiments in our Igloo my other 18 Puffles were in the Pet Shop Daycare BUT when I went to the Pet Shop to take them home again I run in to some Problems…First the Yellow Puffle Shakespeare could not longer have that name…

…Sorry this name is not available Please try again! Why? Shakespeare has ALWAYS been named Shakespeare so WHY is that name suddenly not available?

…here is a Picture that PROVES that the Yellow Puffle was named Shakespeare when it went to Pet Shop Daycare!

…Here you can read about Why Shakespeare moved to my Igloo :)  Now to Next Problem…After picking up 11 of my Puffles I tried to Pick up my 7 Puffles named Orange but I could only pick up 6 of them…read more at Orange Puffle Adoptions – My Stories and Adventures :) Sorry, you may only have a maximum of 19 Puffles! Do I really have 19 Puffles in my Igloo? NO I can only Adopt 18 Puffles including the Brown Puffle right now! Brown Puffle Card Bug!

…So one of my Orange Puffles is still at The Pet Shop Daycare and Shakespeare’s name is misspelled on the Puffle Card…

…Please Club Penguin can you fix these Bug’s as fast as Possible? Thanks :)

Club Penguin BUGS and Glitches!

UPDATE: Orange Puffle is HOME :)

UPDATE: Shakespear is named Shakespeare again :)

Spy Phone Message FAILED Again!

Today a NEW Spy Phone Message came to some Penguins:

January 26. 2011

Agent Dot.

It says 'Update: the newspaper source that revealed us was not the Protobot. I'm sure of it. Whoever it was already knew about us. Still investigating.

Thanks to Orang0 for telling me about this :)

Yesterday I sent this email to Club Penguin

January 25, 2011from Saraapril to Club Penguin:

So far I have not received any of the Spy Phone Messages that you started to send out in January. My Avatar is a Member and I have earned all the stamps in System Defender. None of my Non Member Penguins have received the Messages either. Some of them has played part of system defender some not. Some have done the Field-Ops some not but it doesn't seam to matter. I have tried different Browsers and cleared the cache many times but still no messages. Due to all email I got about the problem I am not the only one that doesn't receive these messages. 
Can you take a look at it?

Today I got a reply From Club Penguin to Saraapril:

Hi Saraapril,
It's good to hear from you again. We've recently been hearing from some players that they are not able to view any messages on their EPF phone. This is a cache error and will require you to clear your cache and restart your web browser.
To clear your internet cache, please follow the steps for your web browser located at this link:
Once you have finished clearing your cache, please completely close your web browser to make sure all of the old files are removed.
Thanks, and have a wonderful day!
Kind Regards,
Club Penguin

It is rude how Club Penguin answer without even bother to read my email I CLEARLY wrote in my email that I HAD cleared my Cache without result!

Today I have sent Club Penguin a New email From Saraapril to Club Penguin:

Why did you not read my email? I HAVE cleared my cache! It still does not work!
So how will we go from here?

Once upon a time it was FUN to be a Secret Agent in Club Penguin these days it is NOT Fun at ALL! Club Penguin replaced the smart and FUN PSA = Penguin Secret Agency with EPF = Everyday Phoning Failure and System Defender Machine Guns…Thank-You soooo MUCH!!!

Club Penguin Spy Phone BUG Strikes AGAIN!

I still don’t get Messages from EPF! BUG!

NO System Defender Messages in Spy Phone!

No Messages from G or Director!

UPDATE: My Spy Phone Works!

Brown Puffle Experiments and Puffle Story - Reviewed by You :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins! 

Yesterday we mentioned you can get a free Brown Puffle House on the Expedition. FREE Item Brown Puffle House :) Looks like Scoobyzyx has been to the Brown Puffle Cave already:

Speaking of brown puffles, last week we asked what experiments you're conducting with your brown puffle and Mumble01360 said:

My brown puffle is the new Sir Isaac Newton! He often conducts experiments with any spare nuts and bolts lying around. Mudd will fly his airplane (that he built in under 10 minutes) everywhere around CP. With all of the experimenting he does, he barely has time to sleep!

Very cool, Mumble01360! This week we want to know - if you wrote a story about puffles, what would it be like?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We'll post one (50 - 75 words, please) in next week's Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I have made lots of Puffle Stories you find them and other Club Penguin Stories under the label My Stories and Adventures :)

Wilderness Expedition Party 2011 LINK Collection :)

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