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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is Saraapril doing Today?

Today I have had so Much FUN in real Life TOGETHER with Grandpa, Dad, Littletias and two of my cousins :) We went out to a Lake to Ice Fishing the sun was shining and we had brought our Ice Skates too and the Ice was smooth and FUN to skate on :) Grandpa doesn’t skate but he likes to slide around on the Ice with us :) Mum had made TONS of Sandwiches and HOT Chocolate for us and Coffee to Dad and Grandpa :) I LOVE to have Picnic outside :) I didn't get any Fish but one of my cousins, Littletias and Grandpa did and we will eat them Tomorrow for Sunday Dinner at Grandpas :) Now I will Play some Ice Fishing in Club Penguin :)

…Here I ALWAYS catch Fishes…LOL :) Waddle On!

How to Play Ice Fishing Game in Club Penguin :)

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