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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Herbert sending Spy Phone Message!

I was waddling around in Town when my Spy Phone started to ring…

January 30

Herbert P Bear

Hello, Error Prone Fumblers! Did you miss me? I see you’ve already met my latest reinvention: Ultimate Protobot! Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

…Thanks to Agent Spongebob524 that was first to tell me about this Message :) HERBERT AGAIN! Well…I agree that we EPF Agents are little less smart than the PSA Agents were BUT…TOGETHER with a couple of old well trained and very SMART PSA Agents I will soon catch you again :) And with skilled Computer Programming we will use our brains to outsmart you and Block you out off our Communication System once and for all!                                   

Herbert Attack Stamp added in Stamp Book!

My Spy Phone Works!

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