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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saraapril’s Support Australia Outfit :)

Yesterday when Billybob told us about the Flooding in Australia I added the Australian Flag on my Player Card to show my Support :) I have heard some about this Environment Catastrophe on TV and today I did some more research this is what I found:

THIS IS NOT GOOD! I feel so Sorry for all People that are effected by this!

In a comment yesterday smudgiepie told me an idea to dress her Penguin in Australian colors to show support :) GREAT IDEA :) This is how my Support Australia Outfit looks like :)

…Do you want to show your support too? Send me a Picture of your Penguin Player Card with the Australian Flag Pin and a Support Australia Outfit and I will add some of the Pictures here on this Post :) My email is:

Thanks Littletias for Showing your Support for Australia :)

…Hey there Saraapril! here’s MY picture of how I’m supporting! Red for Rockhopper, the popcorn, the glasses, and the shoes. And a Blue shirt that shows I care about the world and my Favorite hair! Thanks Waddle80457 for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Easyman78 for Supporting Australia :)

Hey Saraapril! :) Check out my outfit! It's a rockstar outfit! I love this outfit so much because I love music! So I've been getting my friends together in the light house to perform in dedication to the flooding! I've also changed my pin! Thanks Red2120 for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Granddaughter I choose to wear Green and Gold as it’s the traditional team colors of Australian national sporting teams. Thanks Grandpa Gary for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Spongebob524 for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril Heres My Queensland Support Photo. The blue items stand for water and green and yellow are the Aussie colors. I hope Queensland can get back on there feet soon. Thanks  Alex Yally for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks  Ultra Ben 10 for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril, this is my Support Australia Outfit. I am wearing gold and green for the sports colors. Thanks  Arikichan for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks  Greenybean27 for Supporting Australia :)

hi saraapril heres my penguin to help australia Thanks  Molly TC for Supporting Australia :)

Hello Saraapril! Look at my "Supporting Australia Outfit"!! I combined red and of course blue! I have that CP Body item to let them know that they aren't alone and CP supports them!! Guillermo102 :-) Thanks Guillermo102 for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Anonymous173 for Supporting Australia :)

Here is My Outfit for Aussie Support. Thanks Wackybump for Supporting Australia :)

I am showing off my support to Australia right now. They really need our help, and just through words - we can do many things to help Australia. I am not from Australia, but I am proudly showing off their colors. May God bless the people lost in the floods, and Australia. Thanks Edster12499 for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril, Heres a Pic of my penguin. He is wearing a blue Shirt and blue hat for Australia. Hes also wearing red shoes and glasses for Australia. He has a mop to mop up all the water. Your doing a really nice thing. Thanks Jewelbird for Supporting Australia :)

Dear Saraapril, I was very worried and distressed to hear about Cyclone Yasi in Queensland, Australia as I was born in Brisbane and lived there till I was 8. My family now live in New Zealand although my older brother still lives there (luckily in Perth ). It saddens me to think of all that Queensland has been through in the last two months and what they are about to endure. The storm is set to hit some time tonight or in the early hours of tomorrow morning. I hope that we can all rally together and show our support for the flood victims so far and all the damage that Cyclone Yasi will create. My Australia Support Outfit is attached below. I'm wearing Australian colours and this is my flood rescue outfit with rope to help pull people out of the water. From a faithful reader and concerned Queenslander Thanks Twifan7136 for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Blue92713 for Supporting Australia :)

I hope you choose to show my outfit so that I can show my support. I chose to wear green and gold as these are popular Australian sports colors. My umbrella is a symbol of defense against the rain that is about to hit. The rope is not only green and gold but it also represents hiking and camping which is called "waltzing matilda" which is one of Australia's most popular songs. Thanks Dark Falkner for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Pinkrockette for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Gary80000 for Supporting Australia :)

Hey there Saraapril! I just wanted to send you my CP aussie support outfit! I'm wearing my favorite wig and sunglasses, and the rest of the clothing is to support the grief that everyone has had. The background is for the floods and you know what the pin is for! (: Waddle on! Thanks Mr Waffle8d for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril! I am in Australia and I donated to increase relief to the people who re suffering from this chaos!! Here is my support penguin Thanks Pengi67676 for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Yilbo for Supporting Australia :)

Hey Saraapril , this is my picture of my penguin player card , I think everything will be okay on Australia , the people need all our support...this is how can I help ! Thanks Cineva2 for Supporting Australia :)

Here my support to australia:) Thanks Flamofire for Supporting Australia :)

i feel sorry for queensland cause the only thing perths basicly gotten was mentioned in cyclone biancas route but queensland first floods then cyclone anthony or andrew i cant remember THEN CYCLONE YASI A LVL 5 CYCLONE Thanks Smudgiepie for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Superpacman1 for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril! I wanted to support Australia just like everyone else so here's my picture...P.S. A quote I know is "Those who help a friend in need, are truly friends indeed" and one more is "A friend of a friend" Thanks Wisewizard41 for Supporting Australia :)

Hey Saraapril, Dvivoni support Australia Thanks Dvivoni for Supporting Australia :)

I'm with those in Australia and hope that everything will be fine there. I want everythingbetter! Thanks Ady125 for Supporting Australia :)

P.S. Australia, in case you think we don't care, here's a little message: We care a lot. -From everyone on Club Penguin :) Thanks Chill57181 for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Djumerka for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril I love your idea of wearing Australia colors!! Here is my support Australia outfit Thanks Girliegrl24 for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril! As you may see, my Cap is blue, color that Australia's flag contain. The Rainy Day Background means the storm that is hitting Australia. My Life - rescue thingy symbolizes "Help", because we can do something to help them. And my Flag icon is, well, Australia. Go, Australia Thanks Je45rry for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Ellzolo for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks David 22 for Supporting Australia :)

Hi Saraapril me and my puffle want to help Australia only want to say... Good luck Australia :) Thanks Max 375 for Supporting Australia :)

Heres my support to australia:) Thanks Cowmilker1 for Supporting Australia :)

Thanks Sarahzil for Supporting Australia :)

I'm Wearing Australian colors, and My Water helmet symbolizes the storm that hit them. But my background symbolizes a Nice Clear day, showing that Australia can get through this. My pin is the Australian Flag. Go Australia! Thanks Shirtisred for Supporting Australia :)

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UPDATE: The BIG Storm is now over but the Damage from it is severe and it will take time and Money to rebuild…THANKS to ALL Penguins that Showed their Support to Australia during Tropical Cyclone Yasi You are all Kind and Caring Penguins :)

Field-Ops 31 EPF UPDATE :) CHEATS :)

When the Wilderness Expedition Party 2011 was removed so was the location for the Field-Op and the opportunity for EPF Penguins to complete their assignment disappeared! Now Club Penguin has fixed this bug! Here in the Forest you will find the New Wilderness Location :)

…Time to answer the Phone…

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Paycheck in Mailbox February 2011 :)

Today Tour Guides and EPF Agents :) Date February 1, 2011 To Saraapril :) Thank you for giving tours of Club Penguin 250 coins have been added to your account. Well done for your hard work :) How can I be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin?

…Agent Saraapril Amount: 350 coins Thank you for going beyond the call of duty to keep Club Penguin safe. Secret Message on Elite Penguin Force Paycheck Decoded :) and How can I be a EPF Agent?

…Thanks Club Penguin for these Coins I will save them so I can buy Puffle inspired items later in February :) Read more at Club Penguin Times Issue 276 :) 

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