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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :) February 2011 :)

Puffle Party is soon Here and in this Catalog you will find Puffle items to wear :) As always I will help you to find all the Hidden Secret items without Ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Mouse over this Page to find the Hidden Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Close and open again three times and then open again…

…Gadzooks! You have discovered the super-secret Blue Viking Helmet! That’s Amazing! Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…and now some NEW items :) The Ebony Hair Wig 300 coins, Green Polka-Dot Dress 350 coins, PINK MP3000 400 coins, The Tuned In Hair Wig and Headset 400 coins, Flare Hoddie 350 coins :)

…I Heart My Red Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins and I Heart My Blue Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins :)

…I Heart My Black Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins and I Heart My Green Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins :)

…The Fancy Free Hair Wig 300 coins, I Heart My PINK Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins and I Heart My Purple Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins :)

…I Heart My Yellow Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins, Khaki Rocker Cap and Hair Wig 300 coins and I Heart My White Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins :)

…Brown Puffle Hat 200 coins, I Heart My Brown Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins and I Heart My Orange Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins :) That was all NEW items and I think they all are AWESOME!

…Here is another Secret item Hidden :) Big White Scarf 175 coins :)

…This Month’s Penguin at Work is The Popcorn Vendor :) Read more here Popcorn Vendor – Penguins at Work CHEAT :)

…And on these Pages you will find more Secret Hidden items :) The Flutterby 300 coins, Blue Buckle-Up 450 coins :)

…Puffle Pullover 400 coins :)

…Blue Fuzzy Hat 250 coins :)

…Yellow Toque 200 coins and Black Whirlpool Snowsuit 600 coins :)

…Candy Cane Wing-warmers 100 coins :)

…Blue Mittens 100 coins :)

…Blue Striped Scarf 175 coins :)

…Blue Earmuffs 250 coins :)

…Snowman Head 550 coins and Snowman Costume 400 coins :)

…Gingerbread Costume 400 coins :)

…Snowboard Boots 275 coins :)

2011-02-03 21.22.44 - Copy

…Brown Teal Cap 300 coins and Green Vest 450 coins :)

…Blue Designer Scarf 150 coins :)

…Pink Designer Scarf 150 coins :)

…Blue Striped Scarf 150 coins :)

…Divers Helmet 650 coins, Divers Suit 500 coins and Green Flippers 200 coins :)

…I LOVE that ALL penguins can buy the Player Card Backgrounds :)Would you like to buy Pile of Puffles Background for 60 coins? Yes Please :)

…Would you like to buy Neon Paint Splatter Background for 60 coins? Yes Please :)

…That’s all Secrets for this catalog and I think Club Penguin has done a Terrific work with all the Cool and cute Puffle T-Shirts :) I would LOVE to have one of each for Real Life :) The Fancy Free Hair Wig is my Favorite hair right now and I have hairband with Flowers in real life looking almost exactly like that :)

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Popcorn Vendor - Penguin at Work CHEAT :)

If you LOVE Popcorn and People this Work as a Popcorn Vendor might be just what you looking for :)

…Would you like to buy Popcorn Tray for 200 coins? Yumm…YES Please :)

…How to sell Popcorn? Just put the Popcorn Tray on your Penguin and then Dance :)Penguins at Work Popcorn Vendor :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :) February 2011 :)

Club Penguin Times Issue 277 :)

Celebrations for Every Puffle and Puffles in Style :)

Celebrations for Every Puffle :)

Prepare to party by getting to know your Puffle!

The Puffle Party’s just weeks away, and pet owners are asking how to best prepare. Planners shared a few tips about getting ready to party!

Play Habits:
Find out what toys and games your Puffles like most.
Try some pet furniture for your igloo. What will your Puffles do?
Dance Style:
Learn more about your pets by discovering their dance styles!
Party Construction starts Feb. 11:
Get ready to take your pet to help set up for the party.

A Puffle handler added, “If you are thinking about getting new pets for the party,  spend some time with them in the Pet Shop.”

Remember, just like penguins, all Puffles are different from one another. But all of them (even the grumpy-looking ones) love to be adopted.

Check back next week for an insider’s look at the Puffle Party rooms. The celebrations begin February 18.

Puffles in Style :)

Look to the Gift Shop for Puffle-themed clothing.

Puffles are the name of the game for this month’s Penguin Style. And design experts are encouraging penguins to express Puffle style to the extreme.

No matter your style—if you like Puffles, there’s something for you this month.

“These shirts rock!” one shopper told us. I have all the different Puffle species as pets. So I’ve decided to get all the shirts.”

A new Elite Puffle Hoodie has also sparked excitement as secret agents get into the spirit of this Puffle-filled party.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Think there are no vehicles on the island? You might be surprised!

Dear Aunt Arctic,Why doesn’t Club Penguin have cars? –Horace Power

Dear Horace Power,
Great question! There is indeed a car on the island. You might have even seen it— the Bean Counter’s delivery truck!

Most areas in Club Penguin are ‘waddle-only.’ That’s why you won’t see it driving around the Town Center. Cars aren’t really needed because everything is within walking distance, and your map makes traveling around very simple.

The Bean Counter’s Truck is useful for hauling heavy loads of coffee beans and anvils. But with all those penguins in the streets, cars would have a tricky time moving around. There’d be traffic jams all over the island!

So for the time being, I don’t think we’re likely to see penguin cars. However you could try out a jetpack, a mine cart, or a speedboat instead—those are lots of fun!

Secrets – Special Dances :)

Do you ever see penguins doing special dances, and wonder how they do it?

Special dances are moves possible only with certain items. Wear or hold the special item (and nothing else) then press the ‘D’ button! Here are some examples:

  • Popcorn Vendor: Pass out popcorn to hungry customers
  • Puffle Apron: Pour some Puffle Os for your hungry Puffle
  • Headphones: See musical notes as you dance
  • Hard Hat: Start jackhammering!

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FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

So much is Happening on Club Penguins Island all the Time and I LOVE how this Picture shows three different things that happened at the same time :) A very smart PSA Agent has captured Herbert! At the same time the Pizza Parlor is buzzing with activity and at the Beach a Constructor Penguin working with a Jackhammer :) AWESOME WORK :)

…Sensei is Training Puffles to be Water, Fire and Snow Ninjas :) The Twin Penguins dressed in Blue and Red looks in amazement :) GOOD WORK!

…This Explorer Penguin has found a Brown Puffle :) I like the way you have highlighted the Penguins hair and how you have rounder Puffle Fur on the Brown Puffle GREAT WORK :)

…This Drawing is FILLED with details and HAPPINESS :) It was so Much FUN to Help Sensei collect all the Water :) WELL DONE :)  Saraapril’s Water Igloo – My Stories and Adventures :)

…a HAPPY Jester Playing around in the Sun and make everyone Laugh :) AWESOME WORK :)

…Party Preparations :) TOGETHER we will make this Party to the BEST Party EVER! I LOVE all the Colorful Balloons and the cool Party Hats on the Excited Penguins heads GREAT WORK :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

Aunt Arctic took a Picture of Cadence and the Purple Puffle when they watered this Plant :) Here are some more Pictures that my Aunt sent me this week :)

…The wind is blowing so hard from the ocean but the Puffles found a place to seek shelter :)

…Some of the Penguins helped Uncle Gary with an Experiment :) WAIT! Did Gary CLONE himself? LOL :)

…The Rescue Squad Penguin and her Faithful Puffle worked hard to make sure the snow pile was SAFE :)

…Time to Fly to a New Place :) It is so COOL to see cloud from above :)

…Soccer Time :) Let’s cheer so the GREEN Team will WIN :) Detail: On the left side of the Picture we can see the tip of a finger from the Person that took this Picture…LOL :)

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Puffle Cave Entry Coloring Page :)

I like this Picture our Wilderness Explorer has just found the Brown Puffles and they are so HAPPY :) Later Today I will Color and Glitter Glue this Picture :)

You can PRINT out this Picture :) See Earlier Forest Snowball fight Coloring Page BUG!

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATS Abou Zouz! Your Igloo is Featured on Club Penguins Community Page this Week :) I like the cool green waterslide and I think that the waterfall is AWESOME! I would LOVE visit you and Play in this Adventure Park Igloo :) WELL DONE :)

See earlier Community Featured Igloo :)

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