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Friday, February 4, 2011

Medal Total BUG!

Today after Littletias solved the Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops 32 he got this Bug! ALL Littletias previous earned Medals are GONE! Now he just has ONE! OH NO!!! OR…

…when he opened the Elite Gear Page he found his 14 Medals again :) I am so HAPPY for that :)

…Thanks Littletias for helping me with these Pictures and for finding the Total Bug :)

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Maximum of 10 Spy Phone Messages?

Rookie’s Spy Phone Message that he sent us Today was the 11th Spy Phone Message and the first Messages from G was deleted! I don’t think this is a Bug I think the Spy Phone only can hold 10 Messages at the same time…

…Thanks to ryanjs for telling me about the missing EPF Message you have a GREAT eye for details :) Here is the Deleted Message:

…In other News…LOL :) Today we got a NEW Field-Ops EPF 32 and after finishing it I had 11 Medals! Gary must have given me an extra Medal for defending the EPF just as he promised to do Message from Gary February 2! BUT I have NOT played the System Defender Game after that Message but he said he forgot to tell us when it started to work so I guess I earned that Medal without knowing it…LOL :)

…I have a Career Total of 33! BUT it has only been 32 Field-Ops so far…is defending EPF a Career? If it is when did I earn that Career and Medal? Was it at the same time I earned the Herbert Attack Stamp? More info here My Spy Phone Works 27 January! OR is the Extra Career a BUG?

New items at Gift Shop by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

We received a lot of great comments on yesterday's Reviewed by You question. Sounds like lots of you really like the brown puffle!

Speaking of brown puffles, we've seen a lot of you wearing the new brown puffle t-shirt over at the Gift Shop. Glad to see you supporting your pets! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the new catalog and let us know what you think.

What's your favorite item in the catalog?

In other news... The team has some big plans for puffles after the Puffle Party. We'll have more info for you on the blog over the next month, so stay tuned!

Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

On this Post Penguin Style catalog CHEATS you can read about my Favorite items from this Catalog :) BIG PUFFLE PLANS! That sounds AWESOME! I wonder what it can be…I can hardly WAIT!

Puffle Party 2009 LINK Collection :)

Puffle Party 2010 LINK Collection :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie!

ATTENTION! All Agents it is a Message in your Spy Phone!

February 4, 2011


Hey Everyone! I have a theory - I think Herbert and Protobot may have helpers! Something with a tire...Maybe some kind of evil wheel barrow?

Thanks to Agent Cheda1234 that was the first to tell me about this Message :) Hmmm…is it possible that Herbert has got his paws on Gary’s Robot ?

…OR is the Answer the Robot found among these Sneak Peek Stamps? Keep your Agent eyes open for clues…

See earlier Spy Phone Message: Herbert Message in Spy Phone!

UPDATE: Thanks Je45rry for reminding me that we can see a wheel barrow in Herbert's Cave :) You find the picture here among the Special Sneak Peeks Billybob sent to some Bloggers :) Sneak Peeks from Herbert’s Revenge :)

NEW Field-Ops 32 EPF CHEATS :) 2011 Club Penguin :)

RED ALARM! ALL Elite Penguin Force Agents answer your Spy Phones! Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Ops Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders…but, but, but I am in the middle of dancing ballet! Oh well…I need to talk to Uncle Gary anyway…click on Go there…

…Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…Hi Uncle Gary How are you? Why did the telephone get disconnected last week and WHERE have you been? You MISSED SUNDAY DINNER! Hi Saraapril I am so sorry I will try to answer some of the Questions later but first I need your Help! Ok Uncle What’s up? Herbert’s back – and he’s claiming HE rebuild Protobot. This is extremely serious. They may be trying to invade systems other than ours. Check any citizen electronics for infection. You are right Uncle G this IS Serious! I will do my Best! Let’s think now…I think I heard a strange sound when I was dancing at the Night Club……

…YES! Here it is!

…click on Spy Phone…

…System Alert! Repair the system! Enter directions for the repair bot. Lead it to the corrupted systems. Be precise – you can only send five sets of commands. Click on Enter…

…two done and one more to fix…THERE! Problem Solved :)

…The Field Op Complete! Well Done Saraapril you have earned another Medal Excellent work Agent! You fixed a computer system infected by Protobot. If my calculations are correct, Protobot has not yet been fully rebuilt. We still have time to stop Herbert from finishing it. Stay on alert. I’ll have more information for you soon.

…Thanks Uncle G. Do you have time to answer some questions now? Yes I will try…What happened last week why did you hang up the phone? See earlier Field-Ops 31 :) Sorry for that Saraapril Klutzy came and took the Phone from me!

…So THAT’S the EPF Spy Phone Herbert use to send the messages on! Herbert sending Spy Phone Message! and Herbert Message in Spy Phone! But why did you build Machine Guns in the System Defender Game that is so unlike you?

…I’m not sure…one day I woke up with a horrible headache and the System Defender Game was built! I must have built it but I can’t remember doing it…I still have problems to remember things that’s why I missed Sunday Dinner this week…

…I am so Sorry to hear that Uncle G is it any way I can help you?

…I don’t know…have you seen my glasses?

…hmmm…yes Uncle G they are on your beak!

…they are? Good! Now I must try to find my glasses Bye Saraapril…the Phone went disconnected…

…Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy is so confused! This is NOT GOOD! Can he have hurt his head again so he suffer from some kind of amnesia again? (Club Penguin EPF) I must try to find a way to help him! Time to investigate!

Elite Gear Catalog :)

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

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