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Sunday, February 6, 2011

FUN with Friends :)

Today I will post some of the things me and my Friends have done TOGETHER in Club Penguin :) I LOVE to waddle around and in Town I met Pengi67676 and TOGETHER we had a FUN Dance Party :)

…and in the Coffee Shop Cupcake1124 and Purplecow142 worked hard to make sure that everyone could get yummy cake and something to drink :) THANKS for the Chocolate Cake and Lemon juice it was Delicious :) Secret Agents Ruben1013, Brei54394, P89091927 and I had a meeting…What is was about? Sorry that is Top Secret! Waddle On…

…TOGETHER with another group of EPF Secret Agents Hard we managed to track down Herbert! When he saw us he started to run and we chased him all over Club Penguin Island…

…in the end we found him in the Hologram Room! This was NOT GOOD! How would we get Herbert out of there before he could cause any Problems? I suggested that we should make a NOISY PARTY and my Fellow Agents agreed so we all started to Sing, Dance and use our Whistlers! Herbert screamed STOP I can’t stand all that Noise you Puny Pesky Penguins and then he picked up his stolen Spy Phone and Teleported away! We hurried to secure the HQ so he couldn't come Back :)

…Once again we have Peace on Club Penguin and we all earned a Medal :) Good Team Work Everyone :) TOGETHER we will keep Club Penguin SAFE!  Bye Agents :)

…Hi Tooly228 :)

…My Old Friend 1w34e and I had a FUN Iceberg Dance Party under the Fireworks TOGETHER with our Flare Puffles :)

…At the Top of the Ski Hill I met Icey 24635 :)

…Race You :)

…We both crossed the Finish line at EXACTLY the same Time :)COOL! That doesn't happens so often we BOTH WON :) CONGRATS to US…LOL :)

…TOGETHER with Dylan97543 and Iceeman234 we had more FUN Sled Racing and then it was time for DANCE PARTY :)

…at the cove we had FUN swimming and Splashing around in the water :) Suddenly Icey 24635 saw a cookie floating in water and we ALL wanted to eat is…BUT a fish came and swallowed it…LOL :)

…I hope your wish will come true soon Dylan97543 :)

…in my Archeological Exploration site Igloo we did an Amazing Discovery we found a Golden Puffle!


…Carefully we placed the Golden Puffle among the other Artifacts :) THANKS Icey 24635, Dylan97543 and Iceeman234 TOGETHER we have found what so many Adventures Penguins have been looking for…LOL ;)

…Hi P149462998 I am HAPPY to meet you :)

…The BIG Stone at the Cove I found Njlg6 and Paris104 :) Hi Friends :)

…Njlg6 and I played Card-Jitsu TOGETHER :) First Njl6 gave me a diving lesson…LOL :)

…I answered with a Aqua Driver lesson…LOL :)

…THIS is NOT FAIR! You SCARED ME! This doesn't counts…LOL :) On my YouTube Channel you will find these and other Card-Jitsu Cards as Videos :)

…CONGRATS Friend you have GREAT Card-Jitsu Cards :)

…I like the way you have created different rooms in your Igloo :)

…we sat down to talk and see a Hockey game on TV :) I can never decide what Team I like best they ALL are so GREAT :) GO BLUE! GO RED!

…Njlg6 got an AWESOME idea! Let’s Dress in Blue and Red for BOTH the Teams :)

…and GO YELLOW! and Go GREEN! TOO!

…Njlg6 has decorated her Stamp Book with Pins :) COOL :)

…and !w34e’s Stamp Book is Decorated with COOL Ninja Stamps :)How to Decorate your Stamp Book :)

…will a snail on a Green Sled win a Sled Race over Penguins on PINK Sleds?

…maybe…LOL :)

…My Puffles were HUNGRY so we went to my Tallest Trees Igloo :) THANKS Njl6 for helping me to feed all my Puffles :)

…Oops…Brock757 and Picupink O’berries are NOT for Penguins…LOL :)

…Suddenly we saw that HERBERT is in this Forest!

…ALL my Puffles hurried to HIDE! They were afraid to get captured again! On a Secret Mission…Free the Puffles – My Stories and Adventures :) 

…Then we saw Klutzy too…LOL :)

…Soon they both were captured by the Smart Agents :) Surrender Now Agent Picupink said! Why do I have to? Herbert whined…The Agents told him about respecting private properties…Then the Smart Agents invited Herbert and Klutzy to stay for…

…a Dance Party! Klutzy was so surprised but HAPPY when Herbert grumpily said…Oh well Puny Penguins I will Dance THIS Time! And then Herbert DID that :)

…My Puffles LOVES to Play Hide and Seek and they were so HAPPY when we all did that TOGETHER :) Right now Picupink looking for us but I, 1w34e and Naomi1636 are Good at Hiding so this can be hard…Oh…the PUFFLES looking for us TOO…Now we will loose…LOL :)

…Time for a Costume Party :)

…Tree Music FUN in the Forest :)

…Zanebob and I had a HAPPY Friends Dance Party in Town :)

…Soon…Soon…The Wilderness Expedition Party will start and I and Spongebob524 are so EXCITED! Here you find ALL about the Wilderness Expedition Party 2011 :)

…Superpacman1 and I having FUN Playing with the Invisible Penguins Bug :) Yes I am still here…LOL :)

…Party at the Iceberg :)

…Oops! LOL :)

…CONGRATS Shirtisred :) Well Done my Friend :)

…Boon23 and I had so Much FUN Playing Hockey :)

…and Sled Race :)

…Good Game! Synchronized HAPPY Dancing :)

…Waiting for the New Penguin Style Catalog Party in Gift Shop :)

…Remember to Support Australia Saraapril’s Support Australia Outfit :)

…Thanks Bella46710 so are You :)

…In Town Beyonce18801 and Louise89131 selling Popcorn and Test Dizzy and I LOVE to have some :) Popcorn Please…pays…eats…Yummy…This is the BEST Popcorn EVER!

…Now I selling Popcorn too :) You are Welcome Pennypwaddle :)

…That was all Fun with Friends Pictures for this Time :) THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played with in Club Penguin you are ALL AWESOME :)

For more Fun with Friends click on label FUN with Friends :)

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