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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Orange Puffle is HOME :)

Due to a Bug one of my Orange Puffles had to stay in the Pet Shop and I have visited Orange there EVERY Day since and take all my other Puffles there to visit too and Today I could ask the Question: Do you want to come Home?

…YES! YES!! YES!!!

…THANKS Club Penguin for fixing the Bug so ALL My 19 Puffles and I can be TOGETHER at Home again :) THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU!! THANK-YOU!!! Today is a Really HAPPY DAY!

…Read about why I had to leave one Puffle in the Pet Shop Adopt Puffle Problem! BUG!

Spy Phone Message from Director!

Elite Penguin Force Agents! You have a Message from the Director in your EPF Spy Phone!

February 9, 2011


Stay sharp agents. We suspect Herbert and Protobot haven’t given up their assaults on System Defender. Be ready for anything.

See Earlier Spy Phone Message from Rookie! I wonder what level Club Penguin will add next? System Defender Exclusive Sneak Peek of levels to Come! And Sneak Peek of System Defender Stamps! 

How to Play System Defender Game CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough Tutorial!

System Defender EPF Game Reviewed by Saraapril!

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