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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Upload Coins BUG!

Usually I can transfer 2000 coins a day from my Herbert’s Revenge Game for Nintendo DS lite to my Club Penguin Online account BUT for some days it has Failed! this is the message I get: Coin upload Failed…Yesterday I thought the Problem was on my side BUT now I have got a comment from Winthrope that has the same problem so this must be a BUG! I wonder if Club Penguins Game Day for Wii has the same problem too?

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UPDATE: Thanks to A11766 I now know that Club Penguin Game Day has the same problem :) And I am sure that Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Game has uploading coins problems too! (I can’t test that right now as one of my cousins have borrowed that Game)

UPDATE: Upload Coins Bug Fixed :)

Saraapril’s EMPTY Igloo! My Stories and Adventures :)

Today when I came home from Life Guard training I saw my PINK Puffle Sweet sitting outside the door and she looked scared and concerned at the same time…

…Hi there I said what is wrong? Sweet didn't answer just looked Happy to see me…

…when I entered the Igloo it was Totally EMPTY! I was in Shock! What has happened here? My Orange Puffles was Playing with Boxes and FunnyHappy had made Sunshine to sit in a Wagon and all my other Puffles watched with Fascination…

…OH NO! I said to my Orange Puffles Did your EAT EVERYTHING?! BURP! was the answer I got and then all the Orange Puffles nodded Happily!

…Are you sick? Stomach ache? No they look totally fine…

…Well…I guess Orange Puffles shouldn’t be left alone for a Second…Now we have some redecorating to do…LOL :)

…Here you can see what my Orange Puffles ate… Saraapril’s Brown Puffle Science Igloo :)

UPDATE: See our NEW Home :) Saraapril’s in Half Igloo Home :)

Club Penguin Widget Bug!

On my Blog I have two Club Penguin Banners and right now The Big Banner doesn't work! If I click on the smaller one I get connected to Club Penguin but when I click Play Now on the Bigger one Nothing happens!

Thanks Mrlgortg for finding this Bug :) Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

Here you can see this Widget Animated Puffle Party :) Club Penguin Event Banners Update :)

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UPDATE: February 17, 2011 This Bug is now Fixed :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

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