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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saraapril’s in Half Igloo Home :)

After coming home to the shocking sight of an Empty Igloo Saraapril’s EMPTY Igloo – My Stories and Adventures :) my Puffles and I started to redecorate our Igloo BUT so many items were gone that we decided that this was a Great Opportunity to move and we found a Brand NEW in Half Igloo that we purchased and TOGETHER we will now decorate this place :)

…I think it is so much FUN to Create my Furniture and I have bought one of each model of this couch from the New Better Igloos Furniture Catalog :) It is only one problem…This couch can’t be rotated just like the original model of this couch that came out August 29, 2008…

…that’s why I only have used the old couch in my Igloo two times! Here you can see Pictures of those Igloo Decorations Cream Soda Party! and Cinema Igloo :) Please Club Penguin can you fix this? And until then…back to storage!

…I like the wall that creates a Two Room Igloo BUT Nothing can be placed on that wall and I think that is sad…Please Club Penguin can you fix this too? It would be so much MORE Cool if we could Decorate there :)

…Here is a Perfect Place for my Skis :) I Wish Club Penguin made Cross Country Skis that we could use Together with other items on and that the skis left Tracks behind us when we skied around on Club Penguin Island that would be so Much FUN :)

…Done :) It is nice to have a Cozy Home again and I keep training my Orange Puffles :) Yes Orange THAT is Food…LOL  :)

…In the Newspaper I read an Article about the two Supportive Sled Race Fans Penguins :) I think they are AWESOME :)

…Thanks Inventor and FunnyHappy for inflating my Red Tube now I will waddle to the Ski Hill and Play Sled Race TOGETHER with Friends and meet the Sled Race Fans again :)

…But before I go…I still feel that something is missing in our Home…Now I know :)

…There! EVERYTHING looks better with PINK…LOL :)

…Here you can read about why I have so many Orange Puffles Orange Puffle Adoption – My Stories and Adventures :)

Spy Phone Message from Herbert P. Bear!

The Telephone is NOT Ringing (Bug) BUT I still have a NEW Message from Herbert. P. Bear!

February 13

Herbert P. Bear

Hello Easily Perturbed Fowl! Seems your system is well defended! So this week I’m trying something else. Just a minor test of your skills. MWA HA HA!

…Thanks EPF Secret Agent Landfish7 for telling me about this New Elite Penguin Force Message from Herbert :)  What is Herbert talking about? Is this about the New Level in System Defender OR is there MORE to come?

See Earlier Spy Phone Message from Dot!

Club Penguin and Internet Explorer 9 RC :)

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate is now available and the Good News is that Club Penguin works almost without any problems :) The Bad News is that just as in IE8 and IE9 Beta you can sometimes get problems to Play Club Penguin Games like Aqua Grabber, Puffle Rescue, Sled Race, Jet Pack Adventure, Cart Surfer, Dance Contest, Astro Barrier and Thin Ice that are controlled by the keyboard arrows!

…BUT if you use this workaround your “losing control” Problems with the Keyboard hangs or get Stuck (Sticky) disappear and the Games work :) How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer 8.0 and Internet Explorer 9 RC :)

For more details see Internet Explorer 9 beta and Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: February 13, 2011 This Text problem exists on many of Club Penguin’s web pages while viewing in IE9 RC the text height is stretched so it get clipped like this:

…This is how it is supposed to look like :)

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