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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Penguin Art in Book Room :)

Today we got New Pictures added to the Penguin Art wall in the Book Room :) Pizzatron 3000 :)

…Go Cadence :)

…Team Red vs. Team Green :)

…Hockey :)

EPF Puffles working TOGETHER to stop WheelBot :)

…Stand up Comedy at The Stage :)

…Brown Puffle’s inventions :) Saraapril’s Brown Puffle Science Igloo :)

…Puffles having FUN in Swimming pool :)

…Astronaut Rocket Penguin :)

…Hockey Game Day in Club Penguin :) GO YELLOW! GO BLUE! GO RED! GO GREEN :)

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I earned Cadence’s Stamp :) FUN with Friends :)

I was Tracking Cadence by Server hopping and Suddenly I got her Stamp! HURRAY! I found Cadence in Server Cloudy :) She was just on her way down to the Night Club :) Hi Deja111 let’s Follow Cadence and Lolz :)

…Cadence was as always so Fantastic Enthusiastic :) Having an Epic Dance Party!

…It was very hard to click on Dancing Cadence BUT I opened Users in Room and clicked on her there :) Cadence doesn't have a New Background this Time but LOOK! Here is the Background with her and the Purple Puffle Lolz she gave to me earlier Cadence’s Puffle Lolz :) My Stories and Adventures :) 

…Cadence was so proud of Lolz Cool Dance Moves and she introduced her to us all :) I have a Puffle ! A new Purple Puffle!!! Purple Puffle is Dancing with me!!! She is called Lolz!!! Because she makes me LOL! HA HA HA Say hi to Lolz Everyone! She is super Stoked!!! This Puffle Party is the BEST!!!

…It was hard to see Lolz in the crowd and I asked Cadence if she could come over to me…Cadence can you come over here please?

…Cadence is always Cool and Kind so she came over so I could say Hi to Lolz :) Thanks Cadence :) Hi again Lolz :) Then Cadence looked at me and asked Wheres your Puffle at? Purple is in my Igloo I would have LOVED to have her with me at this Party BUT the Problem is that every time I log off she goes back to our Igloo so when I Server Hopping she must stay at home…Please Club Penguin the EPF Puffle Flare stays with me when I log off just like items, Pins and Backgrounds do can you make ALL Puffles like that? That would be so AWESOME and Much More FUN :)


…Lolz and Cadence had to go...Bye Friends Thanks for all the FUN :)

…Hi Friend :) I am HAPPY to see you All :)

…Thanks Sosinek, Peter Cool2, Torres91592, Silvergold19, The Agent X1 and Wobbles109 it was so Much FUN to meet Cadence and Lolz TOGETHER with you :)

…I can’t add as my Buddy List is Full BUT if your Mailbox isn't Full I can send a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends :) This Room is way too crowded to send cards let’s go to Iceberg :)

…Postcards Sent :) HAPPY DANCING on Trampoline :)

…HAPPY JUMPING on Trampoline :)

…LOL this is FUN :)

…Bye Friends see you all another Time in Club Penguin :)

…I am so HAPPY that I found Cadence and earned her Stamp to my Stamp Book Collection :) This is how I have Decorated my Stamp Book :) How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

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Answer from Herbert in Spy Phone!

Herbert has ANSWERED Gary’s Question with a Spy Phone Message! (This time I got the Telephone icon :)

February 18

Herbert P Bear 

I helped you, but that doesn't mean we’re friends. Warm up the Island, end your noisy parties and maybe I’ll consider adding you to my buddy list.

2011-02-18 13.59.38 - Copy

…Why can’t we be Friends? I think it is time to stop all this Enemy silliness and Help Herbert to find a Place here on Club Penguin Island where he can be Happy just as I and Uncle Gary talked about: Playing with Herbert and Klutzy – My Stories and Adventures :) 

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Cadence’s Puffle Lolz :) My Stories and Adventures :)

Breaking News: Today I’m helping Aunt Arctic with some research for the Club Penguin Times Newspaper and I can report that Cadence will be at this Puffle Party and for the First Time EVER she will have a PUFFLE! I got a quick interview with her as she practiced some Groovy moves for a Puffle Dance-off at the Night Club roof and I asked her what her Purple Puffle’s name was? Lolz Cadence answered cuz she makes me laugh :) Cadence kept practicing TOGETHER with Lolz and I thanked her for the interview but before I left she gave me a Sneak Peek of her New Player Card :)

…WOW! THANKS Cadence I will find you later and Dance with you and Lolz but now I must hurry to back to Aunt Arctic and tell her about this :) Bye Saraapril remember to look for me in the Night Club and Dance Lounge too Dancing makes Lolz HUNGRY…LOL :)

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UPDATE: I earned Cadence’s Stamp :) FUN with Friends :)

Happy Room Stamp at Puffle Party 2011 :)

If you haven’t earned the Happy Room Stamp yet you can do that during the Puffle Party 2011 :) Happy Room Make 10 Penguins smile in a Room :)

…It is easy to earn this Stamp just Smile TOGETHER with other Penguins in one of these Rooms :) Puffle Feeding Area :)

…Puffle Show Room :)

…or Night Club Rooftop :)

…We can earn a Brand NEW Stamp on this Party too :) Puffle Party Stamp CHEATS :)

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Puffle Party 2011 CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough, Tutorial and Links Collection :)

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