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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puffle Party 2011 Bugs and Details!

It is so Much FUN going on at the Puffle Party right now BUT we have some BUGS too! When I Server Hopping to Track Cadence and Lolz I often get this sign: Sorry the Room is currently full! I click on Okay and…

…I get the Map so far so Good BUT here is the Problem…There is no X I can click to close the Map so I have to choose a location on the map and waddle up to the Night Club Lounge again…This make it much Harder to quickly Track Cadence! Thanks Dorian1453 for reminding me about this Old Bug :)

…Here among the Safe Messages I found more Bugs Mouse over Activities…Colors…and you you find the Everyone Turn a Color Messages…

…and Club Penguin have added this again! LOL :) Click on Hello…Colours! Everyone turn brown! Is added :) Detail: Color is spelled Colours here :)

…It is so Much FUN to take Puffles and Play on the Obstacle Course at the Puffle Show Room :) I looking forward to let my EPF Puffle Flare Play here too :)

…BUT The Elite Penguin Force Puffle CAN’T Play here! Thanks Agent ococnam for telling me about this :)

…Here is some HAPPY News for Non Member Penguins :) Due to a mistake from Club Penguin ALL Penguins can Play in the Only Member Party Rooms :) If you use this link you will login DIRECTLY to the Puffle Show Room :) Thanks Perie101 for reminding me about this :) Sadly you can NOT bring a Puffle with you…

…and if you want to Play on the Night Club Rooftop login with this link :)

…if you leave any of these Two Party Rooms and tries to Waddle there again Non Members will get this sign: OOPS! To Dance with your Puffle on the Roof-Top, you need to be a Member. We’d love to have you join! To go back into the Member Party Rooms again just log off and Login again with the Special Links :) Thanks Littletias for helping me with the Non Member Penguin Pictures :)

…If you are on the Night Club Rooftop you can change the Music! Just click on Mute Music and then when you start Music again you will get the PUFFLE PARTY MUSIC! LOL :) Thanks Waaaazuuuup for telling me about this :) To stop The Puffle Party Music just click on any of the Music Maker 3000’s Tunes :)

…If you get a “OOPS! Become a Member Sign (only Free Playing Non Members get these signs) while trying to enter The Night Club Roof Top or Puffle Show and you click on Become a Member you will end up with this Message Uh-oh! It looks like you have taken a wrong turn…Thanks Perie101 for finding this Bug :)

…BUT the sign INSIDE the Puffle Show Room that Non Members can’t enter if they don’t use the link in this Post works fine and take you to Club Penguin’s get a Membership Page…LOL :)

…See More Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

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