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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Level Klutzy Attack BUG!

When you have Finished the Klutzy Attack in EPF System Defender Game you can replay the level if you click on Advanced and then…

…Select Level Klutzy BUT when you choose to Play the Klutzy Attack again you get Klutzy Level with the Protobot Dialog! Please Club Bug can you fix this?

Thanks to Agent WootWoot for finding this Bug :)

Klutzy Attack Stamp!

see MORE Club Penguin Bus and Glitches!

UPDATE: The Bots in the Game belongs to the Protobot Level too…

UPDATE: February 28, 2011 Thanks Halo 200 for telling me that this Bug now is Fixed and Thanks Club Penguin for Fixing it :)

NEW Puffle Postcards Update :)

Puffles are AWESOME and Today we got 9 NEW Puffle Cards to send in Club Penguin :) Here on Featured Postcards we have the First Three :)

…Bring your Puffles out to Play! From Saraapril :)

…Your Puffles are COOL!

…Best Friends for Life!

Friendship Postcards :)

…And Under Puffles Postcards we have six New Cards :)

…Come see my Black Puffle!

…Come see my Blue Puffle!

…Come see my Brown Puffle!

…Come see my Yellow Puffle!

…Come see my Orange Puffle!

…Come see my White Puffle!

…These Cards are COOL! BUT…BUT…What about the Green Puffle? Red Puffle?  Purple Puffle? And PINK Puffle? I want to see them Too!

Party Postcards :)

…Games Postcards :)

…Rooms Postcards :)

…and the FIRST Postcard in the Catalog is as usual the EPF Recruitment Postcard!

..and Under the Label Mail and Cards you can see Older Club Penguin Postcards :)

The Haunting of the Viking Opera is Back at The Stage :)

The haunting of the Viking Opera is Back at The Stage :)

…AHHH!!! RUN for your life!!! That Ghost named Sliddy 18 SCARED ME!!! LOL :)

…The Catalog Secrets are the same as before and you find them here Viking Opera Costume Trunk Catalog CHEATS :) The Super RARE Gold Viking Helmet can now be Bought by Members :) AND Remember to Pick up the Viking Ship Pin :)

Story and Actors :)

It’s the day before the opening of “The Viking Opera”, and things aren’t going smoothly. A mysterious “glowing ghost” has everyone too afraid to continue rehearsing. Helga, the leading Viking lady, hasn’t even practiced her solo! Can this mystery be solved in time? Find out in…

Hector the Director :)

A former Pizza Parlor manager known for his ingenious plays, Hector is two parts brilliance mixed with one part genius and a dash of amazing.

Helga :)

Prima donna of the Viking Opera Company, Helga can literally bring the house down when she hits the high notes. Her helmet isn’t just for show. Tips: Put the Helmet on and then Dance for Special effect :)

Viking Extras :)

No Viking Opera is complete without extra Vikings.

The Glowing Ghost :)

A menacing mystery. If you thought it was bad when the audience yelled “BOO!”, wait till you hear this spooky spirit! Tips: Put the Ghost Costume on and hold the Flashlight and then Dance…SCARY!!!

Inspector Bailey :)

The island’s top inspector, and an all around cheerful fellow, Bailey is here to stop any shenanigans. Can he get to the bottom of things before the Vikings call it quits?

Script :)

Hector: It's time for Helga's solo. From the top!
Helga: NO! NO! As long as the ghost is ghosting, I will not sing!
Hector: Helga, please! There's no such thing as ghosts!
Bailey: Now now, miss 'elga, nothin? to worry about. I'm 'ere now
Helga: But what if the Ghost throws a tomato?!
Bailey: I'll 'appily take a tomato for you any day
Helga: Alright. I'll do it. I'll sing
Hector: Wonderful! Everyone, places! Places!
Everyone takes their places.
Hector: From the top. One... Two... Three... Action!
Ghost: OOOooooOOOOoooooOOOOoooOOO!!!!!
Bailey: Yikes! That doesn't sound right...
Helga: It's not me! IT'S THE GHOST!
Ghost: OOOOooooOOOOOooOOOoooOOOO!!!!
Hector: Oh my goodness! The ghost is real?!
Helga: Don't just stand there, do something!
Bailey: I ain't afraid of no ghost! Let me 'andle this!
Bailey: You there! You're under arrest! Haunting is against the law!
Ghost begins to glow
Ghost: OOOOoooOOOooOOOoOO!!!
Bailey: On second thought, maybe I'll let you off with a warning...
Hector: Maybe if we ask it nicely, it'll go haunt the Mine or something...
Helga: Shoo, ghost, shoo!
Ghost: OOOOOooooOOOOOooooOOO!!!
Helga: Hmph! You call that a G flat? I'LL show you a G flat...
Ghost: OOOOoooOOOOooOOOO!!!
Hector: WHAAAAT?!!
There's a rumble, and suddenly a giant avalanche buries the Ghost
Helga: Now THAT'S how you sing opera.
Hector: It's not over until the hat-lady sings!
Bailey: Now let's see who's really behind the ghost!
Bailey removes the Ghost's costume
Hector: Why it's Moneek, our costume designer!
Moneek: Whoa, my head... What's going on here?
Hector: What were you doing in that sheet?
Moneek: Sorry, I got tangled in that sheet with my flashlight.
Helga: Then why were you yelling 'OOOOooooOOOO!!'
Moneek: Oh, it was too bright. It was hurting my eyes.
Bailey: Well, I'm glad we got that all cleared up!
Helga: And I finally got a chance to practice my solo!
Hector: Good show, everyone. Let's take it once more from the top!
Director: Vikings to the left!
Director: Vikings to the right!
Director: Start dancing!
Director: Viking waves!
Director: Row! Row! Row your longboat!
Director: Quiet on the set!

Script Update!

ALL Penguins can buy the Viking Background for 60 coins :)

Viking Opera Special Effects switchboard 3000 – The Stage :)

Happy77 interviews Play Writher of The Haunting of the Viking Opera :)

NEW Club Penguin Pins :) CHEATS :)

Today Club penguin added THREE NEW Pins!!! You find one here inside the Dojo :)

…You have found a Green Puffle Pin would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

…and one here at The Recycle Plant :)

…You have found a Black Puffle Pin would you like to Pick it up? It’s looking little grumpy…but…Yes Please :)

…and one here inside The Stage :)

…You have found a Viking Ship Pin would you like to Pick it up? This is the Pin we Voted for :) Yes Please :)

see Earlier Pins Blue Puffle Pin and Red Puffle Pin :)

Club Penguin Times issue 280 :)

Puffles Want More! And Let Your Hair Down :)

Puffle behavior is encouraging big changes on the island.

We’ve heard interesting new reports on Puffle behavior this week. PH, the island’s resident Puffle expert, has this to report:

From what I’ve observed at this party, Puffles want to do more with their owners. These critters really want to express themselves!”

“If we want to help our pets tell us how they feel, we should try making some changes. So let’s start with the Pet Shop!”

“My orange Puffle seems more excited than usual,” said one designer. “She’s so happy she’s chewing everything.”

“My black Puffle is definitely more enthusiastic,” a construction worker commented. “He actually SMILED today. That’s unbelievable!”

“The Pet Shop is the Puffles’ main turf,” said PH. “Let’s try doing some updates, and see if the Puffles respond.”

All construction workers and designers: please head over to the Pet Shop on March 1 to help out. WAIT look at that Picture PH is PINK what Happened here? Club Penguin EPF Nintendo DS

Let Your Hair Down :)

New wigs transform your look.

One of the island’s top wig makers revealed details from the new Penguin Style catalog coming next week.

“There’s a look for everyone. And by that I mean EVERYONE.”

“Artists will be able to match a wig with a smock and a paintbrush,” she said.

“There's a stylish hat which should provide some seriously creative ideas.”

Musicians can look forward to locks to jam with.

"Bands have been asking for hair that looks totally rockin’ onstage,” she said. The longer the better.”

"There’s also a wig called The Boho for stylish dancers. It has red hair which will really stand out in the Night Club.”

Check out the new wigs when they come to the Gift Shop, March 4.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Squid and seaweed make tasty toppings!

Dear Aunt Arctic, How do I become the ultimate pizza chef in Pizzatron 3000?– Pepe Ronnie

Dear Pepe Ronnie,
Becoming an ultimate pizza chef takes practice—be prepared for a challenge.

Working the Pizzatron 3000 takes quick reflexes. You’ll also need to know your  ingredients well.

Tasting everything is the best way to learn. Squid and seaweed make a delicious combination. And fish just goes great with everything

When a meal rush happens—and trust me, it will—you might feel a little overwhelmed. But keep your cool, and everything will be under control!

The more pizzas you make, the closer you'll be to becoming an ultimate chef.

Good luck in the kitchen. Next time I order pizza, I hope you're making it.

Secrets – Heads up Pin Collectors :)

The Haunting of the Viking Opera is back at the Stage this week... with a new pin!

Pins are only available for a short time, and do not return. Vikings should be hiking to the Stage as soon as possible.

See Earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 279 :)

Message from Rookie in Spy Phone!

LOOK! The Spy Phone signal that I have a NEW Message!

February 24, 2011


AHH! Help! System Defender! Alert! Attacking! Bugs! Red Alert! All hands on deck! Scramble! Move it! Hurry! Gadzooks!

…The Klutzy Attack Stamp is just released so I guess Club Penguin wants us to Play System Defender AGAIN! No comment…

See earlier Spy Phone Message: Message from Protobot in Spy Phone!

Klutzy Attack Stamp!

In our Stamp Book the System Defender Game has got a New Stamp added…

…Klutzy Attack! Protect the EPF mainframe from Klutzy!

…BUT Klutzy is so KIND and Helpful! Why is He ATTACKING EPF? He Doesn't If Gary the Gadget Guy had take a little more time to investigate he would quickly had learned that Klutzy thought he was playing a Game Klutzy didn't mean any Harm at ALL!

…THANKS to ROOKIE and his AMAZING communication and Diplomatic skills we SAVED the Computer Mainframe! HURRAY for Rookie that can TALK us out of Problems! You are my HERO :)

…Klutzy Attack Stamp Earned! And I earned a Medal too :)

…And Now Klutzy’s Level is added too Select Level :) The EPF Faces one of its toughest challenges when it’s attacked by…Klutzy? Challenge level: 54/100 BUT right now it is a BUG here! Level Klutzy Attack BUG!

...This is how the Klutzy Attack Stamp looks like in My Stamp Book :)

How to Play System Defender Game Cheats Guide and Walkthrough Tutorial!

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Login Bug!

Right now I can’t Login to Club Penguin I get stuck in the Forever loading BUG AGAIN!!! Sigh…

See more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed Thanks Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin goes BLACK! BUG!

If you log into Club penguin right Now EVERYONE is BLACK!

…And we can’t change Color on our Penguin!

See more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed Thanks Club Penguin :)

Stuff to Get icons disappearing BUG!

I have Tested this in Chrome, IE9 and Firefox and in all Browsers I get this BUG! If I mouse over the icons Comics, Wallpapers or Banners and Widgets they Disappear! And I have to Refresh the Page to get them back!

…But don’t worry just click on were the icons should be and you can still go to that Page :)

…Weird but FUNNY…LOL :)

See More Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: March 2, 2011 This Bug is now Fixed Thanks Club Penguin :)

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