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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Green background on Stamps BUG!

I have done some Testing of System Defender and found this “Green Background on Stamp” Bug! Here I got it on the Klutzy Attack Stamp

…and here on the Master Mechanic Stamp!

…Please Club Penguin Bug Team can you fix this? Thanks :)

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Tree Talk :)

Sadly my Big Tree has lost more Leafs! When I and Inventor visited Aunt Arctic earlier she gave us the advice to Talk to the Flowerpot Plants and see if they would respond positively so Today I have dresses up as a Tree and Talked to my Tree for Three hours!

…Time will tell if this Experiment will be successful…LOL :)

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Saraapril’s Puffle FUN Igloo – My Stories and Adventures :)

My Puffles and I had just moved to a Candy Split Level Igloo and I was on my way to begin to organize to decorate our Home when my Puffles made it clear that they wished to do all the decorating! Sure I said why not?

…My Brown Puffle wanted to take me for a waddle and after I changed my clothes we waddled away TOGETHER :)

…Inventor was very Excited she wanted me to meet a Brown Puffle Friend of hers in the Pet Shop :) TOGETHER with some of the Pet Shop Puffles we sang and Danced and it was so Much FUN :) Where does the Brown Puffles come from?

…But I got a feeling that some of the Puffles were planning something…What are you talking about? I asked…

…Inventor hurried to push me outside the Pet Shop before they could answer!

…then she jumped away and I had to follow her she was so Excited to show me the Machine she and other Brown Puffles had work so hard to build TOGETHER during the Puffle Party Preparations : ) Brown Puffle Party Preparations My Stories and Adventures :) The Machine Operator was very kind and changed to Dessert Arcade as soon he saw me…how did he know that I LOVE Cake…LOL :)

…This Machine is AWESOME I LOVE all the Yummy Food :) GREAT WORK Inventor :) Brown Puffles Party Room Secrets ANIMATED :)

…After eating TONS of Cake, Pizza, Popcorn and Ice cream we had so much FUN Playing Thin Ice TOGETHER with other Brown Puffles :)

…You and your Friends are so SMART building all this but Don’t Play with the Elevator Inventor…LOL :)

…HAPPY Rooftop Dancing :)

…Look the sign encouraging Penguins to walk their Puffles just as we do right now :)

…The Obstacle Course is so Much FUN :) GREAT WORK Inventor :) Puffle Party Show Room on YouTube :)

…LOL You look FUNNY :)

…I am so Proud of you!

…You and your Friends Baked ALL these Cookies for the Orange Puffles Party Room in the baking Machine! AWESOME :)

…Inventor and I went inside the Lighthouse and looked at all artwork that the Talented Yellow Puffles had created there :) Their Theater Show was FUN too and TOGETHER we Laughed at the silly Storyline :) Then my Brown Puffles insisted to have my Portrait Painted…Sorry Yellow Puffle I do my BEST to Stand still...LOL :)

…At the Beach we saw more Puffles that were Talking but Inventor was in a hurry so I couldn't stay and listen to them…

…She wanted me to say hi to an Old Friend of her from the Puffle cave :) Hi Inventor’s Friend I am HAPPY to meet you :)

…HAPPY Puffles Snowball Fight! WOW! They are really good at aiming…RUN…LOL :)

...So Many HUNGRY Puffles I will do my Best to Feed them ALL!

…Suddenly I heard a Beep! Astonished I looked at my Puffle when she picked up a Telephone and talked to someone then she texted HOME! And jumped away! What’s the Hurry I shouted after her but she was already gone! Well…I guess I will waddle home too…Bye Hungry Puffles I hope more Penguins will come by and Feed you soon OR Help yourself to the O’Berry Bushes :)

…Standing outside the Igloo Door I felt a little apprehensive what kind of Home will I have when I enter? Slowly I opened the door with my eyes closed and took a couple of steps inside when I opened my eyes again I saw LOTS of Puffle Toys…A Puffle FUN Igloo what a GREAT Idea :)

…My Puffles were so HAPPY that I liked the Decorations and then they showed me something Special…The Portrait of ME that the Yellow Puffle Painted in the Lighthouse was hanging on the Igloo Wall TOGETHER with the Puffle Portraits :) Oh…That’s why you hurried home Inventor! My Brown Puffle nodded enthusiastically THANKS ALL of you this is a Lovely Surprise :) You have ALL done a FABULOUS work decorating our Igloo Home THANKS THANKS THANKS :)

…By the way is it any of you that knows what all Puffles around Club penguin talks about? Suddenly all my Puffles smiled and jumped away suddenly very busy to start Playing…

…Hmmm…I thought I think I know your secret but for now I will Play along and pretend I don’t just like my Mum sometimes does when I’m planning a surprise :)

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Message from Klutzy in Spy Phone :)

Once again I didn't get the Telephone Icon that indicates a New Spy Phone Message…

February 27, 2011


Click click click click. D=Click clickety click click. Q_Q Click clikka-click! ^_^

…Thanks for the Apology and Explanation Klutzy I understand that the your Attack of EPF Computer Mainframe was a Misunderstanding I know that you are Nice and Kind and NEVER would do something like that on Purpose :) Clickety Click Click clicka Click :)

Thanks EPF Agent hsm3rocks33 for telling me about this Spy Phone Message :)

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Server Names Error BUG in French and Portuguese!

On the French and Portuguese Servers we have got some weird Server names…I have added the Correct Names over the Pictures :)


Aurore Boréale, Canoë, Crème Glacée and Enneigé…

…Glace Sèche, Glacière, Glaçons, Patins à Glace, Scarabée and Thé…


Antártida, Botas de Esquimó and Chá…

…Frapê and Patagônia…

…Pólo Sul, Saca de Café, Sibéria and Teleférico…

…The server name is also incorrect when you loading the Server…

and here on Settings!

…More Work for Club Penguin Bug Team…LOL :)

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UPDATE: March 2, 2011 This Bug is now Fixed :) Thanks Club Penguin :)

Pizza BUG!

I and Pizza Chef Tachia worked TOGETHER at the Night Club lounge making Pizza BUT nobody wanted to eat them so we decided to try for ourselves Tachia said the Pizza tasted Strange…

…Really? I will try too…

…EWWWW!!! This Pizza is AWFUL…LOL :) Is it Machine oil in it?

…Please Club Penguin can you fix this Bug so Penguins wants to eat of the Pizza again just as they do with all the other Food on the Tables? Thanks :)

Brown Puffles Party Room ANIMATED :)

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