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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy77 Interviews a Puffle Animator :)

This is a Message from Happy77 :)

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. As Billybob mentioned last week, puffles are going to be doing a lot more stuff starting in March...

To get you more of the scoop, I interviewed a puffle animator and asked her a few questions:

Q: Tell me some your favorite puffle facts.

A: My favorite puffle facts, hmmmm...I love how crazy they go over puffle O's and how they'll do anything to get 'em. Even jump into a cannon! Another of my fave facts is how puffles looove to dance. If you dance they'll be dancin' right beside you!

Q: RayToolbear wanted to know: What kind of creativity do you need when you animate puffles?

A: Great question Ray Toolbear! When I'm animating puffles I love to sketch out hilarious pictures of how they would react. This helps me to pull out the funniest, off the wall expressions from each puffle. Sometimes when I'm in need of creativity I get my friends to make funny faces and I draw their expressions :D

Q: Jackcol9 asked: What new tricks will puffles be able to do?

A: Thanks for your question Jackol9. New tricks you ask... Well, puffles will be expressing themselves more!They love to have their hair brushed into crazy styles, they'll jump for joy over treats you feed them, and let you know what they like and don't!

Sweet! Hope that answers some of your questions. Let us know what else you'd like to know about puffles in the comments.

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I would like to know if we ever will be able to walk more than one Puffle at the time? I think it would be so Much FUN to walk ALL my 20 Puffles at the same time…LOL :)

See More at Puffle Sneak Peek from Happy77 :)

17” Large Puffle Cushions :)

Disney Club Penguin has released the BIGGEST Puffle Cushions so far…LOL :) For more information about Puffle Cushions look at the Links at the Bottom of this Post :)

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Cuddle up anywhere with this loveable Puffle cushion. Made of 100% polyester, and measuring 43cm by 43cm (17 by 17 inches).
The Disney Club Penguin Large Puffle Cushion is suitable for kids aged 3 and up. Weight: 0.36Kg.

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Aunt Arctic’s Problem – My Stories and Adventures :)

I was Working in the Pet Shop when I got a Spy Phone Message from my Aunt Arctic!

…Hi Saraapril! I'll send the postcard as soon as I can to Rockhopper. But the question is how can I do it? How can I send the postcard to him when he's well away from Club Penguin? Read more about Aunt Arctic’s Postcard here Club Penguin Photo Mashup :)

…Don’t worry Aunt I Messaged back I ask my Puffles and TOGETHER we will find a way :)

…Thanks Saraapril I know I could count on you so I dropped the card in your mail box earlier Today :)

…I waddle home and looked in my Mailbox…Yes here is the card but ewww what is that smell? I think my Aunt has drenched this card in Perfume…poor Rockhopper…LOL :)

…Now I need an idea I asked Inventor and she immediately went to sleep trying to dream up an idea…

…You think we should use your Airplane and Fly to The Migrator! That is an interesting idea but how will we find Rockhopper before you have used up all the Fuel?

…My Brown Puffle jumped out of the Airplane and started to think again…My PINK Puffle Sweet was jumping up and down trying to get my attention! Thank You so Much for volunteering but it would be a way too long and dangerous swim for a Puffle to find Rockhopper…

…BUT now I know My Friend Kraken might help out :) All my Puffles jumped Excitedly up and Down :) I took the Postcard and rolled it so it fitted into a waterproofed Bottle and then I changed to my Diving Suit and waddled to Iceberg…I swam out in the water and started to sing…I wonder if Kraken will hear me?

…Kraken DID! Hi again Friend I am so Happy to see you :) I wonder if you can help me to deliver this Bottle to Captain Rockhopper on the Migrator from Aunt Arctic and if you can hug him and Yarr from me? My Mysterious Friend didn't answer but gently took the bottle from my Flipper and then the Giant Squid smiled and waved and soundlessly swam away…

…Kraken will have no Problem to Find The Migrator and Deliver the Postcard to Rockhopper :) Aunt Arctic will be so HAPPY when I tell her this :)

…When I enter Aunt Arctic’s Igloo I found her sitting on the Floor eating Pizza! She immediately asked if the Postcard Problem was Solved and I told her everything! My Aunt was so Thankful and HAPPY but it was something I wanted to ask her…Why are you sitting on the Floor while eating Pizza?

…Oh That my Aunt Answered I just training for the simple life just in case Rockhopper one day will invite me to sail with him that would be a Good Article for the Club Penguin Times you know…

…Aunt Arctic ALWAYS becomes so Silly when she thinks or talks about Rockhopper why would he want her to sit on the Floor? Hasn’t she seen Captain’s Quarter and the Treasure Hunt Game? Rockhopper can afford to buy an extra chair…LOL :)

The End!

Question to ALL Helpful and Creative Penguins: I am sure that Aunt Arctic wants to send more Messages to Rockhopper in the Future and just in case The Giant Squid isn't around I would like to have different ways to Help her :) If you can think up another idea to contact Rockhopper when he is out on the Ocean Please leave a comment on this Post and I will tell Aunt Arctic about it :)

On the Label My Stories and Adventures you can read More of my Original Club Penguin Stories :)

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