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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Club Penguin is DOWN! BUG!

Right now I can’t log into Club Penguin! I am sure that Club Penguin Team working on the Problem right now and Hopefully they can fix this soon…I can get the Home Page and other CP Pages but if I click on Play Now…

…Club Penguin goes Blue!

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UPDATE: Some of you report that you can log into Club Penguin now  :) Good for you :) But I can’t…I get the Loading content and then…

…Club Penguin is Blue!

UPDATE: Now I got loading Communication too but then BLUE Screen again…sigh…

UPDATE: HURRAY!!! I can Login Again :) THANKS Club Penguin :)


UPDATE: I have cleared the Cache and reinstalled the Flash Player and I STILL can’t login to Club Penguin! I have No Problem at all to play other Online Games so this Bug is on Club Penguins end! I really hope they working on it…in the mean time I will go and have FUN Playing another Online Game :)

UPDATE: March 4, 2011 I have now been able to Login to Club Penguin BUT I don’t know if I can login again if I log off…I will try to stay Logged in just in case…LOL :)

UPDATE: I logged off and now I can’t Login again! Please Club Penguin can you FIX this soon? Please?

UPDATE: After 18 Hours I still have Problem to Login to Club Penguin I have contacted Club Penguin 7 Times about this without get any response…Are they working on this?

UPDATE: Club Penguin Login Problem Still Not Solved!

UPDATE: Ignorant and Unprofessional answer from Club Penguin!

FACT UPDATE: March 3, 2011 I got the login problem bug and March 8, 2011 Club Penguin posted that the pesky login bug is squashed but that was NOT TRUE! And Today March 13, 2011 the login bug is STILL not solved! BUT Club Penguin doesn't seem to care at ALL!

Puffle FUN for Members in March 2011 :)

Membership means more new experiences with your Puffles!

This badge is your key to unlock exclusive items, games, parties and events. Check out what you can access with your badge in March:

  • Launch you Puffle into more levels of a new game for Puffles Club Penguin Times Issue 281
  • Check out the new Puffle adoption experience – and find the perfect Puffle for you  Adopt a Puffle Catalog
  • Help out at the renovated Pet Shop with the Pet Shop Apron (??? I can FEED my Puffles with that Apron but renovate? You need a different Apron or hard Hat for renovating)
  • Hunt for out of this world surprises at the April Fool’s Part… Starting in March!

…I think this will be PUFFLETASTIC FUN :)

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Club Penguin Times Issue 281 :)

Get Ready to Shop with your Puffle and NEW Puffle Game is Coming!

Get Ready to Shop with your Puffle :)

New food and toys are coming to the Pet Shop!

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, Puffles are getting lots of extra attention this week. Now that construction is in progress, toys and food will be delivered to the Pet Shop on March 8!

“The Pet Shop is getting a fresh new look,” leading Puffle expert PH told us. “I’m excited to see how the little critters react to the new treats.”

“Anticipation is building for pet owners.I can’t wait to go shopping with my brown Puffle,” said one shopper. “I hope there’s a rocket for him.” The Future of Puffles by Billybob :)

Soon Puffle fans will be able to surprise their pets with tasty treats like Puffle O’s, carrots and pizza. Puffle Food Sneak Peek :)

“I’m excited to stock up on fresh carrots when I’m at the Pet Shop. I’ll bring them home to surprise my orange Puffle. Maybe it will stop her from eating mine!”

On March 8, owners and their Puffles can check out the new surprises in the Pet Shop!

New Puffle Game is Coming!

Prepare you Puffle for the new Pet Shop game. Puffle Launch Game Sneak Peek :)

Following advice to play more with our pets, Puffle handlers will soon reveal plans for a new game in the Pet Shop.

“What I think they’d really benefit from is more excitement,” expert PH told us. And I think I’ve got the answer!”

Construction will begin on a giant cannon in the Pet Shop. A few brave red Puffles will be test-driving it this week.

“Those critters are already familiar with the ins and outs of fleeting flight,” said the expert. “Nevertheless, they’re going to be wearing safety helmets. And soon other Puffles will have a chance to get in the air and train.”

“Puffles need to be measured, blueprints need to be followed... we have to build this cannon right!”

Construction starts on the new game on March in the Pet Shop.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Every Puffle has its own unique personality.

Dear Aunt Arctic, Why do Puffles have different smiles? – Flora Ryde

Dear Flora Ryde,
You’re very observant! Different species of Puffles have individual smiles.

Pink Puffles like to smile with their whole mouths. Orange Puffles always grin with their teeth showing.Black Puffles may not smile often—but when they do, you know they’re very happy indeed.

One surefire way to keep your Puffles smiling is to give them the care they need.

I bet that if you take your Puffle shopping, your pet will give you its brightest smile.

So stop by the Pet Shop on March 8 to check out the goodies. You’re sure to find a toy that suits your Puffle—and some tasty treats too!

I’m sure the more time we spend with our pets, the more they’ll be smiling.

Catalog Secrets :)

Take your time flipping through new catalogs. There are always hidden items to uncover.

Click around the Better Igloos and Penguin Style and watch your cursor as you do.

If the arrow changes into a hand, your mouse is hovering over a secret item.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :) March 2011 :)

Club Penguin’s NEWEST Fashion Catalog is Here :) On this Post I will Help you find ALL the Secret Hidden items Without Ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Mouse over this Page to find the Hidden Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times and them open again and…

…You have found the Super Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :) If you are looking for the GOLD Viking Helmet you will find it hidden right now at The Stage :)

…We have got NEW T-Shirts to Create :) Custom T-Shirt 250 coins :)

…We have some NEW items in the Catalog too :) The Violet Beret  and Hair Wig 350 coins, Blue Patched Bag 200 coins, Jazzercise Top 330 coins, Blue Canvas Shoes 200 coins, The Sweep hair Wig 360 coins, Neon Grid Jacket 500 coins and Green Checkered Shoes 300 coins :)

…The Ocean Blue Hoodie 400 coins is New :)

…and on this Page we have MORE NEW Items :) The Boho Hair Wig 375 Coins, Black Vest Outfit 400 coins and The Overgrown Hair Wig 375 coins :)

…Blue Flower Sandals 160 coins :)

…The Puffle Feeder’s Pet Shop Apron is Back under Penguins at work and costs 100 coins :)

…The Flutterby 300 coins and Blue Buckle-Up 450 coins :)

…Big White Scarf 175 coins :)

…Puffle Pullover 400 coins :)

…Blue Fuzzy Hat 250 coins :)

…Candy Cane Wing-warmers 100 coins :)

…Yellow Toque 200 coins and Black Whirlpool Snowsuit 600 coins :)

…Blue Striped Scarf 175 coins :)

…Blue Earmuffs 250 coins :)

…Blue Mittens 100 coins :)

…Gingerbread Costume 400 coins :)

…Snowman Head 550 coins and Snowman Costume 400 coins :)

…Snowboard Boots 275 coins :)

…And we have a NEW Background that ALL Penguins can Buy :) Would you like to buy Pet Shop Puffle Background for 60 coins? Yes Please :)

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Server Hibernate BUG!

Right now it is a BIG BUG in Server Hibernate if you log into that Server lots of weird thing will happens first you will get the Club Penguin Getting Started info…

…and when you are in the Game Everyone has gone BLUE!

…ALL my coins are GONE! AND I have lost many Stamps!

…EVERYTHING is missing from my Inventory!

…AND I am SUPER OLD! 15036 Days old WOW! I hope my Mum still will recognize me…LOL :)

…I tried to go to my Igloo and check that my Puffles were okay but I couldn't connect and had to log off…Is my Penguin LOST?

…If this happens to you don’t worry just log off Sever Hibernate and choose another Server and Everything is Back to Normal again :)

Thanks to Trainman1405 for finding this Bug :)

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UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed Thanks Club Penguin :)

NEW Field-Ops 34 EPF CHEAT :) Club Penguin :)

RED ALERT! The Spy Phone is ringing and Gary wants ALL EPF Agents to Answer as A.S.A.P!

…New Field-Ops Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders…

…Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…Hi Saraapril We have evidence that Herbert and protobot are using citizen computers for their plans. We must act quietly. Work Together to search citizen computers for unusual programs. I have a new tool ready for you to use. Ok I will do my Best :) A Citizen Computer…Hmmm…

…Here it is at the Recycling Plant :)

…click on Spy Phone…

…HURRAY! It is a NEW Field-Op mini Game to Solve :) Passcode Required! Decrypt the Passcode! Match the shape on the right to decode the security. Be quick – the system will lock you out in thirty seconds!

...Access Denied! Oops! LOL…Try Again :)

Access Denied!

…Don’t let the colors confuse you it is the SHAPE you are looking for :)

…There :) And…

Field-Ops mini Game Passcode Required :)

…DONE! Field Op Complete You have earned! New Medal and you have a Total of 55 Medals! WHAT!!! That is not right Uncle Gary is it another BUG? Hmm…Yes it is Saraapril…Okay Uncle G can you Please try to fix that? And Look…

…here the Number is correct I have Total 15 Medals save right now :) Wait! Herbert is on the Line! I don’t think this secret message was meant for us on EPF too see! I will read it for you G…Herbert P Bear Esquire To: UP10K “Protobot! We’ve wasted enough time attacking the EPF’s System Defender! Those fowl fools are better than I thought. We need a new plan. Send the wheelbot to my lair, I need its design. Oh and stop calling me ‘polar bear’!

…Interesting it looks like Herbert might will think up something NEW! I hope this will bring us back to a SMART Secret Agent Mission like the once we had back in PSA :) What do you think Uncle Gary? Me? Oh I like Orange and Red Flowers…must go see you later Saraapril…Gary was disconnected! What? Flowers? Gary acting so strange! My investigation about what is wrong with my Uncle is still ongoing…

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Elite Gear Catalog :)

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

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