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Monday, March 7, 2011

Buy a Super Toy :) Bug?

When I try to Buy one of the NEW Super Toys I get this Message: You already have this item!

…AND on My Puffles Play Card I already have ALL these items without Buying them? Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo :) Is this a Bug? If not…Why have items for sale in a Catalog if we get them automatically? Puffle Furniture Love your Pet Catalog CHEATS :)

UPDATE: This is NOT a Bug! When Club Penguin added the New Puffle card we got Toys for Free to the Puffles we already had adopted in our Igloo and as I have ALL kind of Puffles I got ALL Toys :) Thanks Awes Ome for telling me this :)

Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo :) ANIMATED :)

The NEW way to Take care of our Puffles is Here :) Click on your Puffle to Open the Puffle Card :) Here we can choose items to Feed our Puffle :) Detail: Look at the X…the Pizza Boxes should be there but they are NOT…BUG!

…If you click on Puffle Papers you can quickly read about your Puffle in the Puffle Handbook, See the Adoption Certificate How to Adopt a Puffle :) And if you want you can let your Puffle go…

…Are you sure you want to return IcePrincess to its natural habitat? NO! I just Testing here I will NOT…LOL :)

…BUT if you do you will get this message: Your Puffle was returned successfully :)

…here you see the Toys you have available for your Puffles to Play with just remember that all Puffles wants to Play with their Favorite Toys :)

…Choose a Toy and Hold it over The Puffle…If it is the right Toy the Puffle will Play with it in your Igloo! Look she tasting the Snow that is so cute :)

…Bubblegum's take you to the Igloo too…

…If you click on the comb icon to the right you can choose to bath, brush your Puffle. take it for a walk or let it sleep by clicking of the left icons :)

…The Puffle’s eyes follow your cursor…LOL :) I like that different Puffles get Different Fur Style :) I would LOVE if we could Bruch the Puffle’s Fur in the Igloo :)

…ALL Puffles have the Adoption Certificate in their own Color :) Look at my PINK Puffle Sweet Adoption Paper as she was Adopted Before March 7, 2011 her paper hasn't a date on it :) My Puffle is Old and Rare…LOL :)

…Time to EAT… BUT I liked it Much Better when Puffles ate and bath in the Igloo so I and my Friends could have FUN TOGETHER looking at them! Detail: The Puffle Fur is rounded just as the BROWN Puffles have…Happy77 Interviews a Puffle Animator :)

…I don’t like this update so much! I miss the Energy, Health and Rest Bars and the Puffle Picture that showed me how my Puffle was Feeling……With this NEW Features I have NO Idea how my Puffles feel or what they need! I think it is Extremely annoying that the New Puffle card takes up all of the window so I can’t see if anyone is visiting me in My Igloo! AND now only ONE Puffle can Play at the time earlier I could quickly open Puffle Cards and Lots of Puffles could Play at the same Time! You can see an example at that in the last Animation on this Post Puffles Plays with Toys :)  Last Month Billybob told us that this update was so we could interact more close-up with our Puffles If you like this I am Happy for you but Personally this makes me have LESS FUN with my Puffles! Please Club Penguin can you make a Feature so We can CHOOSE the Old way to take care of our Puffles too? Please?

Look how much FUN me and my Puffles used to have TOGETHER in our Igloo! See Orange Puffle Plays in Igloo ANIMATED :) and Brown Puffle Playing in Igloo ANIMATED :)

How to Adopt a Puffle :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin False Puffle Advertising and Bugs!

How to Adopt a Puffle :)

Waddle to The Pet Shop at the Plaza…

…and choose a Puffle :)

Adopt a Puffle :)

…If you don’t know what kind off Puffle you like to Adopt you can read more in the Puffle Handbook or take the Which Puffle is most like you Quiz :) Detail: I like that the Puffles not always are standing at the same spot when we open this Page :)

…Click on the Puffle of your Choice…

Please give your Puffle a Name :) Be sure you like this name. It can’t be changed later. Me and my 19 Puffles had a Family meeting earlier Today and TOGETHER we decided to Adopt one more Family Member :) As the White Puffle is little shy we decided that another white Puffle might help Snowflake to become more confident :) Hi little cute white Puffle would you like to be adopted by me? You Will! That is AWESOME :) You are so cute can I call you IcePrincess? The little White Puffle jumped up and down smiling…You like that name :) Great IcePrincess it is!

…But before the Adoption is legal I need to sign some Papers…Adopt I, Saraapril agree to Adopt IcePrincess for 800 coins. Ready to Adopt your new Healthy, Happy Puffle? Yes I am :)

Adopt Certificate This certificates that IcePrincess belongs to: Saraapril Adopted on: March 7/2011 :)

…Do you want to take IcePrincess for a walk or back to your Igloo? Let’s go home so you can meet your New Siblings :)

Detail: The 19 Puffles sign Bug is now Fixed and now we can read: Sorry, you can only have a maximum of 20 Puffles! Thanks CP for fixing that :)

…Welcome Home IcePrincess :)

Take Care of your Puffle in your Igloo ANIMATED :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin False Puffle Advertising and Bugs!

UPDATE: Adopt a Puffle Updates :)

QUIZ :) Which Puffle is most like you?

On the Wall Next to the Puffle House you will find the Which Puffle is most like you Quiz :)

…Which Puffle is most like you? Detail: This is just SOME of the Questions you can get :)

…Check the answer you like best :) I love to go to the: Penguin Stadium, Cove, Box Dimension, I like going to all these Places or I don’t like any of these places…

…I’d really like…

…I really like to: play in the snow, skip, pretend I’m a pirate, I don’t like to do any of these, I like to do all of these…

…One Stamp I like is: Ice Master, Puffle Power, Puffle Surfin’, I don’t like to do any of these, I like to do all of these…

…It’s important that my friends are: active, strong and silent, artistic, None of these, All of these…

…Now you will get the Answer of what Puffle that match your interests best :) Saraapril you make a Great White Puffle owner :)

…If you click on Find out more you will go to the Puffle’s Page you just got in the Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :) For more info read How to Adopt a Puffle :)

Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

In the Puffle Handbook you can read about Different kinds of Puffles and how to take care of them :)


Puffle Species

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Care, Games, Walking, Playing

What is a Puffle?

Puffles are small, round, furry creatures. They make great pets! Most species are native to the wilds of Club Penguin, although some have been discovered elsewhere.

Each Puffle is unique. Everyone can adopt 2 (red and blue). Members can adopt every color and up to 20.

Black Puffle :)

Although mostly quiet, sudden fiery outbursts show there is more to these intense creatures than meets the eye.

Personality Intense, strong Toys Skateboard Observed in the wild Bursting into flames after eating Puffles O’s Favorite Snacks Chips Best Game Cart Surfer Cool Fact Always burps after eating cookies

Blue Puffle :)

They’re known for their awesome team work. Few realize that each week, blue Puffles eat their weight in cookies.

Personality Loyal, content, team player Toys Ball, snowballs Observed in the wild Rallying teams together Favorite Snacks Cookies and milk Favorite Place Snow Forts Cool Fact Easy to care for

Green Puffle :)

Are experts on unicycles. They are also known for their love of April Fool’s parties.

Personality Playful, funny Toys Propeller Cap, unicycle Observed in the wild Vacuums up cookies with its mouth Favorite Snacks Jelly beans Best Game Jet Pack Adventure Cool Fact Laughs an average of 14.7 times a day

Brown Puffle :)

It is documented that the brown Puffle blinks more than all other Puffles. Its dreams have graph paper backgrounds.

Personality Super smart, inventive Toys Beakers, rockets Observed in the wild Superior machine building skills Favorite Snacks Astronaut food (dehydrated ice cream sandwiches) Cool Fact Afraid of balloons

Orange Puffle :)

This species has teeth strong enough to demolish petrified Puffle O’s. And everything else.

Personality Curious, zany Toys Box, wagon, truck Observed in the wild Making quick decisions Favorite Snacks Everything (eats Puffle bowl) Cool Fact Sleeps very deeply and drools…and drools…Favorite Place Pizza Parlor

PINK Puffle :)

It is said that the pink Puffle’s fur can hold 30 times its weight in water.

Personality Sporty, cheery Toys Skipping rope, snorkel, trampoline Observed in the wild Using bubblegum to float Favorite Snacks Veggies, fruits, Puffle-O’s Best Game Aqua Grabber Cool Fact Loves to exercise and swim

Purple Puffle :)

The flash of a disco ball transforms this stylish Puffle into a powerful dance force.

Personality Fabulous, particular Toys Disco ball, bubble want Observed in the wild Choosing just the right outfit for just the right occasion Favorite Snacks Very good chocolate Best Game Dance Contest Cool Fact Has a sleep mask

Red Puffle :)

From the wilds of Rockhopper Island, they love adventure. Puffle experts wonder what secrets they hold.

Personality Adventurous, extreme Toys Bowling pins, cannon Observed in the wild Hunting for buried treasure Favorite Snacks Stinky cheese Best Game Catchin’ Waves Cool Fact Originally from Rockhopper Island

White Puffle :)

It may be smaller than all other Puffles, but its power is unmeasurable

Personality Shy, powerful, gentle Toys Propeller Ice skates, snowflakes Observed in the wild Freezes liquid at will Favorite Place The Dojo Cool Fact Slightly smaller than other species

Yellow Puffle :)

It is rumored that the yellow Puffle creates artwork from food and furniture.

Personality Creative, spontaneous Toys Paintbrush, easel Observed in the wild Makes music that gets everyone dancing Favorite Snacks Cheese and crackers Best Game DJ3K Cool Fact It puts a beret on before it paints

Caring for your Puffle :)

Your Puffle will let you know when it is happy, sad, tired or hungry. Click on the Food tab to Feed it, the Plat tab to get its Toys, or ask your Puffle to sleep. if you want to look at the Handbook or read/print your pet’s Adoption Certificate, click ‘Pet Papers’. if you care for your Puffle. it’ll be in your Igloo. If it isn't happy and healthy, it will return to its natural habitat.

Walking :)

Puffles love to walk with you (one at a time). It’ll even dance when you do! When you’re done waling, click your player card and the Puffle.

Playing :)

Your Puffles love playing. Try getting Puffle furniture items for your igloo.

And that’s not all..there’s lots to discover about your Puffle. Enjoy your pet! Take Care of your Puffle in your Igloo ANIMATED :)

Playing Games :)

Taking some Club Penguin Puffles into games can help you earn more coins! AND Stamps “) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

Red Puffle Catchin’ Waves :) Purple Puffle Dance Contest :) Yellow Puffle DJ3K :) Pink Puffle Aqua Grabber :) Black Puffle Cart Surfer :) Green Puffle Jet Pack Adventure :)

How to Adopt a Puffle :)

Construction at Pet Shop and New Puffle Features LINKS Collection :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin False Puffle Advertising and Bugs!

UPDATE: NEW Puffle Handbook :)

Puffle Furniture Love Your Pet Catalog CHEATS :)

The Day we have waiting for is HERE! After lots of planning and Construction the Pet Shop is ready to start sell Puffle Food and other Puffle items :) As always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items Without Ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

Toys :) This Furniture will inspire your Puffle to Play!

…Mouse over this Page to find the Hidden Secret Puffle Condo 280 coins :)

…The Super Toys are ALL New items :) Treat your Puffle to a Special Toy! Important: Each Puffle species will only play with its own Toy. To Play, drag each Toy to Your Puffle :) Red Puffle’s cannon 200 coins, Blue Puffle’s Bouncy Ball 200 coins, Green Puffle’s Propeller cap 200 coins, Purple Puffle’s Disco ball 200 coins and Yellow Puffle’s Director’s Chair and camera 200 coins :)

…Black Puffle’s Hot Sause 200 coins, White Puffle’s Skate 200 coins, PINK Puffle’s Trampoline 200 coins, Brown Puffle’s Rocket 200 coins and Orange Puffle’s Wagon 200 coins :)

Houses :) Give your Puffle a comfy spot to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy Igloo :)

…White House 500 coins, Red House 500 coins and Grey House 500 coins :) For the first time the Brown Puffle House it for sale and cost 500 coins :) Earlier this was a FREE item at the Wilderness Expedition Party :) FREE item Brown Puffle House :)

Bedzzz and Food :) Give your Pet a soft area to snooze. They’ll find sweet dremzzz in these Bedzzz :) Watch your Puffle devour their dinner and drinks with the gift of gourmet gadgets and food :) The Brown Puffle Bed 250 coins is a NEW item :)

…White Bed 250 coins and Grey Bed 250 coins :)

…ALL these Puffle Food are NEW :) Bunch of 5 carrots 20 coins, Bunch of 10 Carrots 40 coins, Pack of Bubble Gum 50 coins, Box of Cookies 100 coins, Box of Puffle O’s 200 coins, Box of Pizza 40 coins, 2 Boxes of Pizza 80 coins and 3 Boxes of Pizza 120 coins :) UPDATE: ALL Penguins can buy Food for their Puffles and non Member Free Playing Penguins can buy Super Toys for the Puffles they have Adopted :) Thanks Superqami for telling me this :)

…and that was all for this Time Have FUN TOGETHER with your Puffle :)

Construction at Pet Shop LINKS Collection Post :)

Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo :)

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