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Saturday, March 12, 2011

3D glasses Bug?

If you have the 3D glasses on and then dance the red and blue colors will switch places when you lift your right flipper! I think we should rename these glasses to Night Club Party goggles…LOL :)

Thanks Johnman65 for reminding me about this FUN Party Trick :)

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UPDATE: Thanks Arikichan for reminding me that all scarfs switch place when you dance and lift your right flipper too :) I have always liked that effect so Much and I wonder if this was added on purpose by Club Penguin or if it is a Bug they forgot to fix?

Don’t get Fooled by Get Connected Puffle Video!

Disney Club Penguin has made the Get Connected Video Commercial to Advertise and Show us how much FUN it is to Play in Club Penguin with Puffles hoping that we will BUY a Membership BUT these kids in the Video doesn't Play Club Penguin so Much or not at ALL!

…How do I know? Look at this detail in the Video…They Still have the OLD Spy Phone! The only way to have an OLD Spy Phone Today is to have created a Penguin and become an Secret Agent at least 30 days before PSA was Destroyed in May 2010 and then never to become an Elite Penguin Force Agent! And as Club Penguin working so hard to make ALL Penguins to be EPF Agents with Field-Ops and Spy Phone Messages it is very unlikely that you still have an Old Spy Phone if you actually PLAY in Club Penguin! Oops! Club Penguin Advertising Team…Busted…LOL :)

…Thanks Nayr11 for telling me that is is an Old Spy Phone in the Video you are an Observant Secret Agent :)

…See Disney Club Penguin Get Connected Commercial here Hats on Puffles Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin False Puffle Advertising and Bugs!

What to do now?

OH NO! The music didn't effect the Flowers at all BUT Rockhopper’s Tree have now lost MORE leafs! What is left to try? I know Puffles LOVES O’Berries maybe they are nutritious for Trees too? Let’s Try :)

…Thanks to Halo 200 for telling me that Rockhopper’s Flowerpot plants had changed again :) Will it help to Play Music?

Rounded Puffle Fur :) Sneak Peek?

Look at the Puffle’s Fur in this Picture from the “Get Connected” Disney Video They have ROUND tips of the Fur!

…our Puffles in our Igloos Fur are more spiked! I wonder if this will be something we will get in the Future?

…Thanks to Nayr11 for telling me about this you have a GREAT eye for Details :) These Rounder Fur Puffles looks a lot like the ones we saw around in Club Penguin during the Puffle Party 2011 :) And just as the Puffles now looks Like in The Pet Shop :)

Here you can see the Puffle Get Connected Video Hats On Puffles Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: Don’t get Fooled by Get Connected Puffle Video!

Win a Puffle Toy or Club Penguin Membership :)

To Penguins living in UK and Republic of Ireland :) This Contest News are for you :) At Club Penguin, there is a Puffle just right for you – and is giving 50 lucky winners the chance to have their very own playful pet Puffle. Not only that – each winner will also receive a gift certificate for 1, 6, or 12 month full membership absolutely free!

…First you need to answer this Question: What is a Puffle’s Favourite food? Pizza :) Cake :) or Puffle-O’s :) Click on Submit and fill in the information…

…Thanks to Spigos for telling me about this Puffles Contest :) Each winner will also receive a Club Penguin Gift Certificates :)  5 Penguins will win a 12 mouth Membership and 15 Penguins will win a 6 month Membership and 30 Penguins will win a 1 month Membership and these Memberships will be randomly distributed among the 50 winners. All the winners will get one of the 5 Puffles you can see in in the Picture you can not choose the one you like best you will just randomly get one!

This Contest is ONLY open to residents UK and Republic of Ireland and the competition closes 1pm on 21 March :) To enter this Contest go to Club Penguin Puffle Competition :)

Help and Support EVERYONE!

Many of you know about the 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami that has happened outside Japan! It is always sad when something like this happens and Yesterday I was Dancing in Town TOGETHER with other Penguins to show my support!

…If you want to show your support and that you care you can join in at a Support Dance Party or start your own :)

…another way to Show support is to add a Country Flag Pin on your Player card or dress up your Penguin :)

…In Club Penguin you will meet kids from ALL over the World and you never know if they have something sad happening in their Country or at home so Please Remember that during a stressful time some kids might want to play Club Penguin to take their minds off real life so Please be respectful to Penguins that doesn't want to join! A BIG HUG to EVERYONE that are affected of this Catastrophe and to ALL other Penguins over the world that right now need Support!

…If you feel sad or distressed and doesn't have a Grownup to talk to you can ALWAYS call Kids Help Phone they will ALWAYS be there to Help and Support you!

Rookie’s Newest Spy Phone Message :)

Once again we have a New Spy Phone Message!

March 12, 2011


You can count on me! I haven't given away any classified information for weeks!

…You should NEVER give away class…never mind…Keep up the GOOD WORK Rookie :) Thanks to EPF Agent Landfish7 for telling me about this Message :)

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How to get unlimited Igloo items :) BUG!

This Bug is not new it has happened to me before BUT now I know how to recreate it :) First click on Edit Igloo and open your view items box and…

…make sure to pick out items until you get 0 items left close your Igloo inventory and…

…go to any other room in Club Penguin :) Waddle back to your Igloo and…

…LOOK! I have –1 items! Now I can use that item to decorate too :)

…every time I pick out a negative Igloo items I get another one…

…I only bought 1 of this Super Hero Decoration BUT now I have 5 in my Igloo…LOL :)

…If you log out and then login again you will still have the negative items numbers BUT remove the negative items from your Igloo and your Inventory will go back to normal again :) Thanks to ALL of you that have told me about this Bug BUT the credit goes to rooks2 that was the first to tell me enough information so I could start investigate and recreate this Bug :)

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Saraapril’s St. Patrick’s Lucky Candy Igloo :)

I have Finished my Igloo Decoration for the St.Patrick’s Igloo Contest :) I think I’m Lucky if I get what I wish for and in my Igloo I have a Wishing well :) First I wished everyone well and then I wished for CANDY!

…it WORKED! My Puffles and I are eating so Much Sweets! And I have just learned that my Brown Puffle Inventor doesn't eat cupcakes BUT LOVES the Frosting…LOL :)

…in the end of the Candy Rainbow I have a Pot of Sugar to make MORE CANDY!!! Look at the Clover Decorations they are so GREEN and Environment Friendly :) I Feel so Lucky :)

…Time to Submit my Igloo :) Click on Igloo icon…Enter the St.Patrick’s Igloo Contest March 11 – 14, 2011 Would you like to Submit your Igloo to the Contest? Yes Please :)

…Thank You! Your Igloo has been sent to our contest judges. Note: Don’t change your igloo decorations until March 15 to make sure the judges see how it looks now. Winners will be announced March 25 and April 1 in the Club Penguin Times! Okay :) On this Post My Spring Clover Igloo :) You will find a GO GREEN Igloo and Links to Club Penguin St. Patrick's Parties 2008 and 2009 :)

…Oh…I almost Forgot…This is My St Patrick’s Igloo Decoration 2011 :)

…Here I am Playing a jig next to the Lucky Cupcake if I eat ALL of it I am Lucky if I don't get a Stomach ache...LOL :) Good LUCK in the Contest to EVERYONE!

…In the Pet Shop Tour Guide and Why? Post you will find a Picture of my earlier Igloo Decoration :)

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