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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Puffles don’t need Food or Sleep BUG!

Usually Puffles show if they need to sleep or eat by emotions and speak Bubble in my igloo but since the Puffle Update my Puffles don’t get Hungry or Sleepy! This is not FUN at all! See how it looked like BEFORE the Update! Brown Puffle ANIMATED :)

…There are so many strange Puffle bugs in CP right now and I think Club Penguin should Test their new features more and make sure they work better before they add them to the Game! Please Club Penguin can you do that?

March 10, 2011 I found one Puffle Missing in my Igloo Puffle missing from Igloo Bug! I contacted Club Penguin about this but I still haven’t got a reply and my Puffle is STILL MISSING!

Puffles become WHITE while Playing BUGS!

See many more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

Club Penguin False Puffle Advertising and Bugs!

Disney Club Penguin use Advertising inside Club Penguin to get children to buy Membership and promises that as soon as you are a Club Penguin Member you will get More and have More FUN!

…Look at this cute Puffle Animation you get if you are a Non-Member and tries to buy a Member Puffle in the Pet Shop…This is so cute I want this so Much BUT…

…This is what you get after buying a Puffle! Where is the cute and colored Background with a Puffle Bed, Food and Water? Where is the Spotlight?

…For more details read this review Take care of your Puffle in your Igloo ANIMATED :) See ALL the 8 Puffle Animations Club Penguin use inside Club Penguin trying to convince you to buy a Membership!

…This can’t be seen inside the Club Penguin Online Game but is a commercial from Club Penguin on YouTube! I and many with me have been so EXCITED while waiting for the NEW Puffle updates and when I saw this SUPER COOL Club Penguin Orange Puffle Video I could hardly WAIT for the New Updates were released!

…BUT this is how the Orange Puffle eats Pizza in Club Penguin!

Orange Puffle eating Pizza in Igloo

…Not that Fun as in the Commercial Video! Club Penguin tries very hard to make their Product look much better and more Fun than it is for real and that is FALSE and DECEPTIVE Advertising!

…Add to this the Unreasonable amount of BUGS and Glitches Club Penguin has AND their attitude while you contact them BEFORE you consider to buy a Club Penguin Membership!

Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

Unlock Club Penguin items Online FAILED! What to do?

Fatal Error! Secret of the Igloo Contest Bug!

Club Penguins Login Problem STILL not Solved!

Ignorant and Unprofessional Answer from Club Penguin!

Club Penguin is not some small homemade online game where you can accept having this amount of bugs and it is not a beta version either! Club Penguin with Disney behind is a multimillion dollar company and We have the right to Expect better Quality and Professional Behavior from their side!

If you think it is time for Disney Club Penguin to start deliver what they promise, fix all the Bugs and give Members what they are PAYING for you can report Disney Club Penguin to the consumer agencies or consumer rights organization in the country where you live and then Club Penguin MUST start to Listen!! TOGETHER we can make Club Penguin BETTER :)

FUN with Friends :) And Puffles :)

It is so Much FUN to play TOGETHER in Club Penguin and here Hypersonic5 feeds my Yellow Puffle :) Thanks Hypersonic5 :)

…Ryanjs and I having FUN Playing Mancala BUT it is not totally fair as he have Help from his smart brown Puffle…LOL :)

…then we Played Card-Jitsu Fire and I earned my Max Energy Stamp :)

…Olivialove54 brought Music and TOGETHER we had a HAPPY PUFFLE PARTY :) 

…Dvivoni, Bibo900, Two Puffles and I met in the Town to Sing and Dance :)

…Leviky is GREAT at Card-Jitsu Water :)

…and Card-Jitsu Fire…LOL :)

…You are a Very Clever Ninja Leviky :) Let’s Play again :)

…Look at the Cool Stamps on Leviky’s Stamp Book :)

…Vera169, Pen61156, Puffle0731 and I like to work in the Recycling Plant to keep our Island clean and GREEN :)

…HURRAY!!! The Puffle Party 2011 is HERE :)

…One of the BEST Party Rooms was the Lounge where we could serve Food and Snacks to our Friends :)

…Don’t Worry Friends Cadence will come no matter if you are on the Metal or not :) I earned Cadence’s Stamp FUN with Friends :)

…CONGRATS Puffles ALL of you are so cute :)

…Congrats to your Puffle for winning the Obstacle Race Jedi4847 :)

…At the Dock I met Rubly Ru and TOGETHER we went to the Box Dimension TOGETHER with our Puffles to eat Cookies :) They were Super Yummy :)

…Spongebob524, Bxpingu and I having FUN talking about the Puffle Party :)

…Thanks Sevalbar for showing me your Puffle FUN Igloo :) I LOVE the way you have decorated with the BIG Orange Puffle eating Food :)

…LOUD and HAPPY Puffle Party at the Ski Hill! This was so much FUN I hope we didn't disturb Herbert…LOL :)

…FUN with Find Four :)

…Rich Girl 62 and I had a HAPPY Dance Party while sailing around on the Water :)

…Hi Friends:)

…Cineva2 has met many Famous Penguins :)

…I LOVE all the Puffle Stamps on Nickolause’s Stamp Book Cover :)


…Andy125, Cineva2 and I are so Proud over our Puffles and we keep telling them that so they don’t forget how much they mean to us :)

…Time to Race :) GO! GO!! GO!!!

…CONGRATS White Puffle belonging to Andy125 You WON!

…COOL! Andy125 has met Cadence too :)

…Ready…Set…THROW SNOW!

…If we run very FAST the Puffles can’t hit us or…LOL :)

…Feed a Friend :)

…my PINK Puffle is Hungry too :)

…Cineva2 got an Idea! And invited us all to…

…A Puffle Party in his Igloo :)

…I am so Hungry…

…Pops7777 tried to warn me! LOL :)

…Dancing and talking at the Night Club Rooftop :)

…Thanks for the special CD now let’s DANCE to ALL Puffle Party Music Tunes that are mixed into one song…LOL :)

…I LOVE Skipping Rope both Online and Offline :)

…We LOVE Puffles :)

…Time to take a Break and get something in out Stomachs :) Hot Chocolate and…


…Thanks for inviting us to your Puffle Igloo Pops7777 :)

…Hi Chill57181 how are you today? You look like you feel HAPPY just like me :)

…It is so Much construction work that needs to be done and I LOVE that we can work TOGETHER here in the Pet Shop :) Construction at Pet Shop and New Puffle Features :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Dancing :) HAPPY LADDER DANCING :)

…Babyboo2006 always take so good care of the Pet Shop Puffles and told us that all our Noisy Singing and Dancing Scared the PINK Puffle…

…Sorry Pink Puffle…and THANKS Babyboo2006 for telling us :)

…Sled Race FUN :)


…Time to work some more :) Hi Pinklala9949 :)

…TOGETHER we will Build the Best Pet Shop EVER!

…My Friend wanted to say Hi to My Puffles so we went to My Igloo :)

…Look! Johnman65 has made a copy decorating of my Igloo! WOW! This is so Cool and feels like home to me :)

…This is Anthonyfusco Home :)

…THANKS for the Yummy Cake Anthonyfusco :)

…Hi Sweet03 you look like a Duck :)

…Now we are Duck Twins :) I have almost copied you…LOL :)

…It was so much FUN to meet Polly5648 in Town and TOGETHER we started a Dance Party :)

…Hi Flipper11728 and Cpn1000 :)

…Yes I like your Igloo :)

…We wanted to Play Dance Contest TOGETHER BUT as so often we got the Hold up! Connection has epic failed! Message…

…we tried several times but we couldn't get the Game to work…I wonder when Club Penguin will fix this Bug? Dance Contest Random Bug!

…we decided to Play Sled Race instead…WOW! Flipper11728 is GREAT at this :)

…Good Game CONGRATS Friend :)

…Rassbert and I played Music and Danced an Irish jig in the Forest :)

…suddenly Rassbert could smell GOLD with his sensitive Leprechaun nose…

…LOOK! We have found the Pot...I mean Cave of GOLD!

…So Much GOLD!

…GOLD! GOLD!! GOLD!!! I got GOLD FEVER!!!!  But Luckily I was cured when the cold water from the waterfall hit my head and then I HAPPILY shared the Gold with Rassbert…LOL :)

…We are so Excited waiting for the NEW Puffle Upgrades :)


…Look at Sword566678’s Stamp Book :)

…and this is Bxpingu’s decorated Stamp Book Cover :) How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

…The NEW Puffle Launch Game will be so Much FUN too :)

…Malmute and I Played Find Four TOGETHER :)

…There are many kind of cute animals for sale at the Pet Shop I found a Girly Bee and a Dog :) Oops! Speedy57503 Suria1215 are HUNGRY! Don’t worry I have Food you you :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) Waddle On! See you again another day :)

FUN with Friends  :)

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