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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puffle FUN in Puffle Launch Game :)

I LOVE the New Puffle Launch Game :) It is so Much FUN to quickly calculate the way the Puffle should fly and then Launch it away in the Air :) I like that the Puffles are flying away so Fast and their Cool, cute and HAPPY Puffle expressions :) I can tell that my Puffles are having a Blast Playing this Game TOGETHER with me :)

Puffle Launch in Pet Shop :)

…My SUPER HAPPY Purple Puffle Purple has a Disco Ball Decorated Helmet :)

…Look at that Goofy smile on my Green Puffle Gosig :)

…My cute PINK Puffle Sweet is HAPPY FREE FALLING :)

…and Blueberry my Blue Puffles’s Helmet is Decorated as the Puffle Ball Toy :)

…ALL the Orange Puffles, HappyCrazy and FunnyHappy are Having so Much Zany FUN EATING their way through the Sky…LOL :)

…Snowflake my shy White Puffle LOVES this Game too and I LOVE her cute Snowflake Decorated Helmet :) I wish IcePrincess was here to Play too…

…Look at this Cool Paint Splattered Helmet :) The Yellow Puffles Sunshine and Shakespeare are Totally fearless  GERONIMO!!!

…I am not sure…is it a smile? YES IT IS! My Black Puffle Speed thinks something besides skateboarding is FUN! Stop the Presses…LOL :)

…Oops! Chillie my Red Puffle will hit the water any second BUT that is FUN too :)

…Look at my Brown Puffle! It looks like Inventor has got TONS of new Ideas :)

…Warning! We are not alone in the sky…someone wants BIG O’s!  Can it be HERBERT that once again plans to kidnap our Puffles? OH NO!!! Don’t let the Crab Scare you…LOL :)

How to Play Puffle Launch Game Cheats and Help Guide :)

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