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Friday, March 18, 2011

Puffle Launch BUG!

Sometimes when I play Puffle Launch level 7 I get stuck in this Never ending Bug Loop that happens when I fall down from the Sky and hit the Green Balloon BUT it only happens sometimes not every time…notice how the Green Balloon is impossible to hit! It is no way to get out of this Glitch! The only thing you can do if this happens to you is to close the Game on X…

Puffle Launch Bug

…This is how it should look like…

…Thanks to ??? for telling me about this Bug so I could test it :)
(If you read this Please resend your Message so I can add credit to you here…Thanks :)

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New Penguin Art in Book Room :)

Today we got NEW ART in the Bookroom :) Skating around at the Ice Rink Stadium :)

…Home Sweet Home :)

…Secret Agents at Work :)

…Party in the Sky :)

…Feed a Puffle :) This Picture is on FAN Art too :)

…Pizza and Carrots to the Puffle :) Love your Pet Catalog :)

…It’s Raining PUFFLES :)

…Puffles Having FUN Playing in Pumpkin Igloo :)

…Puffles at Home :)

…Ice Princess :)

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Message from G in Spy Phone!

The Spy Phone indicates a NEW MESSAGE!

March 18, 2011


We've discovered an important clue in Herbert's plans. He may have more crab accomplices working for him than just Klutzy. More info soon.

…Yes I have seen other Crabs in the Puffle Launch Game…They collect Puffle O’s!

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