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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Puffle Launch for Non Members Reviewed!

When I as a Club Penguin Member Play Puffle Launch I unlock the Levels one by one and then they got Saved so Next time I play I can start on any of the unlocked Levels :) This is a GREAT Feature that make the Puffle launch Game so much More FUN :)

……but sadly Non Member Free Playing Penguins don't have this Feature as soon they close the Puffle Launch Game they lose all the Unlocked levels and next time they want to Play…

…they have to start over and unlock all the levels again! This is not Good! Please Club Penguin can you fix this so Non Members levels and progress get saved too?

…I like that Non Members can Earn the Cannons too :) BUT…

…as is it a Furniture item they can’t use the cannon and Play from their Igloo! I understand that Furniture items are for Members BUT Please Disney Club Penguin can you make an exception to the Rule this time? Non Members have worked hard to earn this item and it would be nice if they could use it and I think that would make them very HAPPY :) Thanks KingKarios for telling me about your problem with the Puffle Launch Game:) And Thanks Littletias for the Two Pictures with your Penguin :)

…I am Glad that Non Member Penguins can have the Stamps they earned in the Puffle Launch Game in their Stamp Book :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

…The 12 Levels in Blue Sky are open for Non Members to Play and if they click on Soda Sunset or Box Dimension they will get this Buy a Membership Advertising Message: Explore More! We’d love to see you take off on the next Puffle Launch. First you must become a Member. As a Member you can: Explore New Levels, Collect more Stamps, Launch Puffles from your Igloo!

…This is how the Animation looks like :)

Puffle Launch buy a Membership ad!

…If you don’t have a Puffle and this goes for both Members and Non Members don’t worry a Red Puffle will be HAPPY to Play with you anyway :) Thanks pigyofdahood for telling me that :) If you want to Play the FUN Puffle Launch game just waddle to the Pet Shop or to a member Penguins Igloo that have a Cannon I hope you and your Puffle will have lots of FUN TOGETHER in my New FAVORITE Club Penguin Game :)

Puffle launch Game CHEATS :) Help Guide, Walkthrough Tutorial :)

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