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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Message from Protobot in Spy Phone!

Time to take a look at the Spy Phone! We have got a NEW Message!

March 26, 2011


Impossible. You had only 0.1 chance of stopping my signal. The polar bear's calculations were incorrect. Retreating for now.

…Thanks Yoyosam7 for telling me about this New Spy Phone Message :) I am glad that we could stop the Protobot this time BUT I am sure it will be Back! See earlier Message from Director!

Earth Hour 2011 :)

Some of you that have read my Blog for a long time might remember one of My Stories and Adventures -  Talking with Herbert about Earth Hour…everything well that ends well :) And Today it is Time to shut down as much light and Power as Possible between 8.30 and 9.30 PM your local time :) This year me and my Family will go down to the Town Center and Celebrate this Hour TOGETHER with other People in our Community by lighting candles eating Popcorn and other Food that will be sold there while the Town is Powered down as Dark as Possible :) I really looking forward to this and it is so COOL that People from ALL OVER THE WORLD will do similar things to Help and Save the Environment Today :)

Saraapril Celebrates Earth Hour :)

…Here you can Read more about Earth Hour and what you can do :) What is Earth Hour and How can I take part? Next Year I hope Club Penguin will join in too :)

Rookie in Club Penguin?

Right now the Rumor is that Rookie is waddling around in Club Penguin! And Penguins asking HOW can I find Rookie? Where is Rookie? The thing that started all this was two lines in the April Fools 2011 Safe Messages: Where’s Rookie? Hi Rookie!

…so is it time to work TOGETHER with Server Hopping and Tracking Rookie in the Box Dimension? Well...You can Try BUT sadly Rookie is NOT in Club Penguin! If he was as Rookie is a FAMOUS Penguin his Stamp would have been added under Characters in the Stamp Book but it’s not! This proves that Rookie not is waddling around in CP right now…

…IF this change I will Blog about it :) BUT right now I am dressed as Rookie so if you see me you can say I met Rookie in Club Penguin…LOL :)

Silly Scavenger Hunt and April Fools 2011 LINKS Collection CHEATS :)

UPDATE: March 28, 2011 Rookie Stamp in Stamp Book :) and Rookie Background Sneak Peek :) Now it is Time to start work TOGETHER with Server Hopping, Tracking so we can find Rookie our EPF Agent Friend :)

UPDATE: March 30, 2011 I met Rookie and earned his Stamp and got his Background :) FUN with Friends :)

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