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Friday, April 1, 2011

HURRAY!!! The Tree is Cured :)

HURRAY!!! LOOK! The Tree has LEAFS again! The Stardust Worked :) Now I just hope that the other plants will start to grow soon too they look Strong now :) GREAT Team Work Inventor from now on I will be extra careful around the plants while making Experiments :) Oops! Sorry Sprouting Spectaculus!

…Thanks Halo 200 for telling me the FANTASTIC News that Rockhopper’s Flowerpot Tree is growing again :) Read earlier Part of this Story How to Save the Plants? What about…

PINK Puffle Big Face Cushion :)

Today I found one more PINK Puffle Cushion :) This is what Disney say: Bring Club Penguin comfort to any chair, bed or sofa with this soft, fleecy character cushion, which looks just like a cheerful Pink Puffle with his friendly grin and fluffy hair.

Club Penguin PINK Puffle Big Face Cushion :)

Club Penguin PINK Puffle Big Face Cushion :)

Product Information:

  • Club Penguin character cushion
  • Fleecy polyester finish
  • Embroidery details and fluffy hair
  • H38 x W38cm approx
  • Suitable for children aged 12 months+
  • Exclusive to Disney Store UK

See More Puffle Cushions :)

Club Penguin Puffle Cushion :)

Disney Club Penguin Puffle Cushions Small :)

Red Puffle Big Face Cushion :)

Blue Puffle Big Face Cushion :)

Puffle Cushions Small :) PINK and White :)

17” Large Puffle Cushions :)

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Paycheck in Mailbox :)

Today EPF Agents and Tour Guides got their monthly Paychecks :) Date April 1, 2011 250 Coins for my Tour Guides Work :) And…

…350 Coins for my EPF Agent Work :)

…Thanks for the Coins Club Penguin :) Now I will waddle on and be Silly on the Silliest Day of the Year :)


April Fools Party 2011 CHEATS and FUN :)

Secret Box Dimension Portal Found :) CHEATS :)

During this April Fools Party 2011 Club Penguin is More Silly FUN than EVER :) And Today I found a NEW Secret! How to Find the Secret Dimension Portal: Have the Astro Helmet, Astro Suit and Astro Boots on and Waddle to the Space Dimension…Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

…Stand in the Middle Crater and Place the Planets like this and add a Star on top of every Planet and you will get the Secret Hidden Box Portal :)

…When you waddle Through this Box Portal Club Penguin will be upside Down!

…BUT the Stair Dimension is right now…or…LOL :)

…It looks so FUNNY when I makes Pizza Upside Down…LOL :)

…I feel so Sorry for all Non Members that can’t do this BUT if you turn your Computer screen upside Down you can see this too…LOL :)

April Fools Party 2011 CHEATS and FUN :)

UPDATE: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! I hope you all had FUN while Trying this :)

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