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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What’s New in April and May? by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billlybob:

Hello Penguins!

The April Fool's Party is over for another year. We're glad to hear that so many of you liked it! Here's a sneak peek at the next party the team is working on --- the Earth Day Party!

Plus here are some things to watch out for in the next few months:

What are you looking forward to most? Send us a comment and let us know what you think!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

WOW! This sound AWESOME! I LOVE that Club Penguin Celebrates Earth Day :) And the Medieval Knight’s Quests are Super FUN too :) It will be FUN to have Hats for my Puffles and I hope we can make Peace with Herbert soon :) I think April and May will be FUN in Club Penguin :)

Here you can take a waddle down Memory Lane and see Club Penguin Earth Day 2010 :) and Earth Day Tour Guide 2010 :)

Jet Pack Guy has sent a Message!

We have a NEW Spy Phone Message AGAIN! I think Club Penguin spamming us with all these messages…

April 6, 2011

Jet Pack Guy

Took a look into this crab guy in Puffle Launch. Spotted him, but he got away. All I know for sure is that it's NOT Klutzy. 

...Of course! I know Klutzy is nice so he wouldn't take O’berries from our Puffles :)

See earlier Message in Spy Phone from G!

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